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US gift to Russian President Vladimir Putin irrelevant, as Russia develops its own coronavirus vaccine

MOSCOW, June 7, FederalPress. The US is trying to take advantage of the Ukrainian crisis to maintain its hegemony over the world. Bulgaria is not ready for EU sanctions against Russia. The Biden government is set to deliver to Russia and China one of the greatest technological achievements of the United States in the 21st century. Finnish actor Ville Haapasalo, best known for his films “National Hunting Peculiarities” and “Cuckoo”, has closed Davai Davai’s restaurant in Helsinki.

US military assistance has far exceeded the original goal of helping Ukraine win this conflict with Russia. The United States has taken its national interests into account and its military assistance to Ukraine is in line with America’s strategic goal of fighting for world domination, Xu Liang, an associate professor in the School of International Affairs at the International University, told Global. Beijing. Times.

“The United States is trying to take advantage of the Ukrainian crisis to maintain its hegemony over the world. “He was always trying to manage the situation behind the scenes and reap all sorts of benefits for nothing,” suggests the Chinese expert.

Sophia was not ready in the EU sanctions against Russia, which greatly affect the country’s economy, said Plamen Pavlov, an expert from the Bulgarian Gas Association, on the radio program Bulgaria ON AIR. According to him, now the country is refusing long-term supplies from the Russian Federation, trying to conclude new ones, and will initially be more expensive.

“Europe seems to be guided by the principle ‘the main thing is not that we have, but that they do not have’.” Therefore, we will buy at a higher price “, the expert believes. He was supported by his colleague Boyan Rashev, who believes that countries such as Canada and the United States, which have their own oil and gas production, can be sanctioned by the European Union, “punishing whoever buys, punishes himself.”

If Russia stops “Nord Stream – 1”, then the whole of Central Europe will be left without gas, said energy analyst Vladimir Stepan in an interview with Czech radio Universum. At the same time, Russia will not become poorer if it supplies a third or even half to other countries, as restrictions on Russian supplies of oil, gas, coal and anything else actually lead to the fact that the prices of these goods are rising by three with five times .. Therefore, it is enough for the Russians to sell a third or a half and their income will be higher than under normal circumstances when they sell one hundred percent.

US Presidential Administration Joe Biden is going to give Russia and China one of the greatest technological achievements of the USA of the 21st century and even for free. New York Post reporters are thus concerned about the WTO agreement to waive the copyright on COVID-19 vaccines developed by US companies Moderna and Pfizer.

“They are [вакцины] created as a result of years of research, billions of dollars of public and private resources have been spent on them. “But if the WTO votes yes at the June 12 summit, our strategic and economic opponents, who have made no effort to develop vaccines, will be able to enjoy the greatest tip of all time.”

Quotas imported by Russia Fertilizer exports will lead to an even greater rise in world food prices, writes The Hill. At the same time, the West wants to impose sanctions on Moscow and gain access to its agricultural products.

“Without fertilizer supplies, people will produce less,” said Maximo Torrero, chief economist at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. “That’s why we say that over time we may have problems with food availability and access.”

The expert points out that Russia is the world’s leading exporter of additives containing nitrogen, as well as phosphate and potash fertilizers – all of which are by-products of the country’s giant energy industry.

Finnish actor Ville Haapasalo, known for the films “Peculiarities of the National Hunt” and “Cuckoo”, closed the Davai Davai restaurant with Soviet cuisine in Helsinki, writes Helsingin Sanomat. The reason for the closure of the restaurant, which operated for only six months, was a special operation in Ukraine. As the actor explained, the idea of ​​an institution serving Soviet cuisine and using Soviet posters inside proved to be unsolicited in the current political situation.

Photo: Kremlin Pool / Global Look Press

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