Ecological volunteering: how people save the planet

Ecological volunteering is becoming as popular today as any other type of aid. In the context of large-scale fires in Yakutia and other parts of Russia, even people far from activism are beginning to get involved in the environmental agenda, help raise funds, sign reports and participate in volunteer events.


We collect garbage

Larger and at the same time simple environmental campaigns are associated with the cleaning of parks and forests. Sponsors and organizers of such actions are both NGOs and large companies. For example, this year McDonald’s is launching a large-scale #MyEcoDay campaign in more than 30 Russian cities this spring and fall, with subbotniks and plogging – a trend now for jogging. You can find the nearest #MyEcoDay volunteer hotspots on the + 1City project map. You can also see which subbotniks are planned in your city or region in the near future on administration websites, as well as in local communities on VKontakte and Facebook. It is enough to take part in a subbotnik once to never leave rubbish on the street again, so if you have children, we advise you to involve them in such actions, they are very disciplined.

Planting trees

Recently, every spring and autumn, tree planting in various areas has become very popular. Such landings are not always associated with fires. Hurricanes, droughts, and insects such as beetles decimate trees every year. The most famous and verified non-profit organizations that plant trees: the PosadiLes project together with the ECA movement and the Rusklimatfond. You can view the schedule of upcoming landings and sign up for them using the links below:



Get rubber boots and join the volunteers, a day spent outdoors with good company, even in bad weather, is very energizing.

Helping Animals

Not only forests and parks need our help, but also wild and homeless animals. Moreover, if it is enough just not to disturb wild animals, which is often beyond the power of one person, then homeless, ex-pets can not live on the street in our climate. Today, there are many funds to help homeless animals, the most famous of which are the funds: RAY and Dobro together. The local animal shelters that are systematically supported by such funds regularly need volunteers to walk dogs, clean cages, sew soft bedding, etc. Of course, institutions also need financial support, but even personal time and voluntary help help a lot.

Links for volunteer research:


welcome together

Anna Gudarina, environmental volunteer: “Recently, I started going to nature quite often and I saw how consuming a person treats the world around him. And if in the city we are used to the fact that the city services clean up after us, then there are no such services in the forest and all the garbage we leave continues to rot there … Apart from the negative human impact on the environment, the forest areas are also constantly threatened by fires and pest infestations. We must all realize that it is our duty not only to use natural resources, but also to replenish and protect them. Environmental volunteering is a way of contributing. For example, in the spring and fall I help nonprofits plant dead woodland with new seedlings and in the summer I go to clean up the areas. The example of volunteers from the Yakutsk region, who planted a million trees in areas affected by forest fires, is very inspiring. When you see such news, you are very happy that there are many people who are not indifferent. Ecological volunteering is a small but important step towards nature, which is available to everyone.

Volunteers take part in reforestation on a cloudy autumn day. A group of people restores a pine forest that burned a few years ago

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