In the Novoduginsky area, a dude tied a dog in the woods and let it die

A post appeared on the social network that a resident of the area killed a dog.

In April, the dog’s owner, a 42-year-old woman, asked a friend to kill the animal. After that, a 36-year-old resident of the area who had been previously convicted took the dog to the forest and tied it to a tree. As a result, the animal died.

According to the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Smolensk region, a criminal case was filed against the man. The flyer faces up to 3 years in prison.

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06/08/2022, 02:13

In Smolensk, in the industrial area, 9 ASA cans were burned in two days

Plastic containers were burned in container areas located on Sokolovsky Street, 11.11A, 18/1. Probably the cause of the fire is…


06/08/2022, 01:46

A kindergarten will appear in Milovidovo

The application of the Smolensk region for financing the construction was approved by the regional development committee. According to Explain. Smolensk region, the kindergarten will be designed for…


06/08/2022, 01:12

A 67-year-old man disappeared in Smolensk

Today, June 8, PSO “Salvar” volunteers reported the search for the missing Anatoly Ustinov. On June 6, the man left on his Aist bicycle with …

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06/08/2022, 12:43

Udarnikov Street will be repaired in Smolensk

Currently, work on the installation of the lower layer of concrete asphalt pavement has been completed at the facility, according to the Smolensk Oblast Transport Department. Except,…


06/08/2022, 12:21

In the Khislavichsky area, rescuers evacuated the entire entrance

On Tuesday night, June 7, in the village of Korzovo, the entire entrance of a three-storey apartment building was evacuated. An old woman was washing dishes in the kitchen …


06/08/2022, 12:04

In Smolensk, 24 bundles of drugs were seized by a young man

At Smolensk station, near the railway tracks, a guy was arrested, from whom a package with 24 parcels was confiscated during the inspection. To them…


06/08/2022, 11:45

There was a terrible accident in Roslavl

On Tuesday, June 7, at approximately 15:50 on Engels Street near house number 9, an accident occurred with the victim. The driver, driving the car “Lada …


06/08/2022, 11:44

In Smolensk, a man is suspected of killing a roommate

The Investigative Committee opened a case against a 41-year-old man. In late April, the suspect drank with his partner. During the celebration…


06/08/2022, 11:30

Drug dealer convicted in Smolensk

Last July, a man sold marijuana for 5,500 rubles, weighing 21.04 grams. The other drugs that Smolyan kept at home …


06/08/2022, 11:18

A truck with 8 million cigarettes was arrested in the Ershichsky area

In the area of ​​the village of Kardy, while crossing the border of the Russian Federation, a border guard arrested a small bus. During the inspection of the car in the luggage area, they found 145 …


06/08/2022, 10:56

A gazelle accident occurred in Smolensk, Leninsky district

Today, June 8, an accident occurred on Gagarin Avenue. According to eyewitnesses, a passenger car and a GAZelle collided. The truck was probably parked …


06/08/2022, 10:52

The government has launched a monitoring moratorium on inspections

The Russian government has launched a service through which businessmen and citizens can report breaches of the moratorium in inspections. Report violation …


06/08/2022, 10:38

In Gagarin, vandals mutilated a playground

This time I got a site in the city park named after Fyodor Solntsev. On social media, a local resident shared photos from a playground that…

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06/08/2022, 10:11

In Smolensk, the repair of Rylenkova Street is scheduled to be completed in September

During a business trip to the regional center, Governor Alexei Ostrovsky inspected the repaired section of the road along Rylenkova Street. Head of Department for…

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