The Tyumen craftsman creates paintings from moss launches the project Self-employed: 10 Success Stories. Craftsman Tyumen Christina Belonozhkina creates unusual paintings – from stabilized moss. Such mosses do not dry out over time and remain as alive to the touch as in nature. Used as decoration in apartments and cottages. It looks very impressive: a panel in the shape of a tree and a green clock with a tiger are simply enchanting and the image looks like a primitive forest, only in miniature. Christina told about an unusual hobby and that how much she earns from her hobby as a self-employed person.

“I am a lawyer by profession, but I have always been a creative person: I painted, I studied in music school,” says Christina. – I saw online courses for creating compositions – florariums. I became interested and decided to study. I had no intention of making money from it later. Only for the soul. I started to study and I was particularly interested in stabilized plants: reindeer moss, moss. “Ecodecor is now very popular inside offices, shops, apartments, although in the West they have been involved in indoor gardening for at least 50 years.”

When creating an ecological decoration, neither plastic nor “chemistry” is used. The moss is dyed, but with the help of food coloring. It may seem to the ignorant that the craftsman herself collects moss in the forest and then somehow preserves and paints them. In fact, Christina orders all the materials for the painting and other decorative elements from her suppliers all over the country. Finding moss in the forest is not a problem, it is much more difficult to stabilize it so that it does not lose its natural appearance for many years. This is a special art and teachers do not share recipes for plant stabilization.

According to Christina, she tried to stabilize the plants with glycerin, but failed. Stabilized moss, depending on its type, costs from 15 to 25 thousand rubles per square meter. Moss and reindeer moss are already painted.

The painting, which Christina made to order, used seven species of moss collected in different parts of the country. The image is assembled like a mosaic, from soft pieces, glued to the base. And gradually a harmonious landscape emerges. The draw was agreed in advance with the customer. According to this sketch, an image is created. When sticking moss, you need to look carefully at the direction of plant growth, otherwise it is easy to get confused and stick the “roots”.

The Tyumen craftsman creates paintings from moss

The craftsman admits that she likes to create images of moss, for her it is something like meditation: all the movements are performed slowly so as not to damage the material and the moss itself is pleasant to collect and the end result is enchanting. When I watched the process, I saw first hand how the master puts his soul into his work. Christina has no doubt that the client will be thrilled. The image is collected in a few days.

“Images of stabilized moss leave no one indifferent, especially children love them,” says Christina. “And some adults think it’s plastic until they touch it.”

Is it possible to make money from it?

Christina is sure that yes, but here we need not only diligence, but also a creative series. If a person knows how to design, it will be much easier for him to master this art or he will have to learn basic skills. The end result also depends on the suppliers, so Christina does not make contacts with those who deal professionally with plant stabilization. Each master develops such a base on his own.

The Tyumen craftsman creates paintings from moss

The girl’s income from the construction and sale of ecological decor is now 1/5 of her salary as a lawyer. He hopes that profits will only increase, as products with stabilized moss are in demand, interest is growing and there are not so many craftsmen. They also buy from other cities. There was a case where a panel was ordered from a neighboring area in Christina. The office staff decided to make an unusual gift to their boss, time was running out, so the customer also paid for the air delivery, which was equal to the cost of the panel itself.

Where to get ideas?

Christina looks at the work of other teachers, but does not copy them, but tries to make them even better. There are already some ideas. For example, he dreams of creating a world map with mountains, deserts, forests from various natural materials. Something big will happen.

How practical is ecodecor?

Of course, as in any object, dust can settle on the ecological decor, so it is best to place it in a vertical position, that is, the dust will sit much less on the same boards, panels or clocks. Stabilized moss does not need special care.

The Tyumen craftsman creates paintings from moss

Before saying goodbye, I discovered the cost of a tiger-shaped moss watch. He likes it painfully. It turns out that only 4 thousand rubles. If you are looking for a gift, make a note.

The material was prepared with the support of the regional government and the Tyumen branch of OPORA Russia.

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