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This year, Amur tour operators have prepared a large number of interesting offers for the residents of the Amur area. Residents of Amur can choose an interesting option for a weekend getaway or take a summer vacation tour.

Rest in the Amur area can be different. For a long time it has not been limited to hiking in the forest or rafting on the rivers. The inhabitants of Amur can choose excursion programs, dive into the history of the city and the region or, on the contrary, discover big companies in the context of industrial tourism.

And of course nature. We were lucky with the beauties of the Amur area – many rivers, mountains, nature reserves and taiga, along which tour operators arrange interesting routes with meals on the fire and accommodation in winter areas.

All you have to do is choose the right option and you can go on a trip!

Event tourism

On June 12, the inhabitants of Amur are invited to a vacation with the Cossacks. The Trinity will be celebrated in the Kumar stanitsa area next Sunday. The program includes round dances, songs, games and folk entertainment, as well as master classes on making amulets and weaving wreaths. The holidays will take place in the village of Malinovka, in the Shimanovsky district. Phone for questions: 8-924-443-06-80.

In addition, many festivals are organized for the people of Amur in the summer: the musical “Meetings at Zaimka” in the Blagoveshchensk region, honey in the Arkhara, lotuses in Raychikhinsk, Evenk in Ust-Urkim, the Tyndinsky region and more. You can see the full program of the planned events on the website of the Tourist Information Center of Amur Region.

Habitats of wild animals and birds

On June 11, the first excursion of this season in Muravyovskiy Park will take place with a visit to the agricultural museum in the village of Tambovka. And on June 21, the people of Amur are invited on a tour of the stable with animal feed and horseback riding. Phone for questions: 8-962-284-85-35.

You can go to the park as part of the excursion groups throughout the summer. Departure is already scheduled for 9, 16, 23, 30 July 6, 13, 20, 27 August. Phone for questions: 8-914-554-35-20.

You can visit Muravyovsky Park on your own. Visitors will learn about the migration of Japanese cranes and their cultivation. You can look at the birds in the cages or hike in the park lakes, where you have the opportunity to see the Dahurian cranes and the Japanese, the Far East stork in nature. Guided tours for groups of four are available. You can read more about the park at

Amur residents also wait in nature conservation centers where elk, red deer, deer and roe deer live. List and contacts here.

Industrial tourism

On June 11, for the first time, Amur residents are invited on a tour of a dairy farm, where robot assistants work. Tourists will have the opportunity not only to get acquainted with the farm, but also to buy fresh dairy products. Phones for information: 317-771, 213-360, 89145570918.

For July and August, registrations are made for the Vostochny catwalk excursions. The pass is issued in 21 days, so the registration is in advance. What objects of the only political cosmodrome in Russia are already open to tourists, read in our material. Phones for information: 317-771, 213-360, 89145570918 and 518-383.

Excursion programs

  • On the 14th of June there will be a night tour of the botanical garden and a scheduled day tour for the 18th of June.
  • The “Wives of Famous Men” tour will take place on June 17 with dinner in the restaurant and a visit to the rooftop of the Mercure Hotel, which offers a panoramic view of Blagoveshchensk.
  • On June 18, Amur residents will be able to learn about Alexander Tikhomirov’s mosaic.
  • On June 19, there will be an excursion to the Patriots Park with a field lunch.
  • On June 20 there will be a tour of Friendship Park with a visit to the toy museum.
  • On June 25, Amur residents are invited to collect lilies.
  • On June 30, there will be a walking tour of the orchard.

Phone for questions: 8-962-284-85-35.

The lotus bloom will start in July and excursions will be organized to the lakes of the Amur region, where you can see these plants. Phone for information: 518-383.

Water routes and mountain peaks

Every day, at the base in Belogorye, Amur residents can rent juices and take a boat ride to a quiet spot on the Zeya River. On June 25, group rafting is scheduled at Sap. Phones for information: 317-771, 213-360, 89145570918.

Every weekend you can also go for a group kayak on the Zeya River. Amur residents are offered one-day and two-day overnight camping campsites with a beach tent and meals already included in the tour price. Phones for information: 317-771, 213-360, 89145570918.

If you can spend three, five or more days rafting, you can choose one of the long sea routes. For example, the rafting on the river Ulma will take place on June 16-19. Many days of kayaking, rafting and rafting along Tom, Zeja and Amur are also scheduled for the summer months. Phone for questions: 8-924-671-55-31.

The Tukuringra mountain range in the Zeya area has already become one of the favorite places for tourists who go there to take a break from the culture. Magnificent taiga, mountain peaks, blooming tundra, food by the fire and overnight stay in taiga houses – this route is available throughout the season. Many routes are planned each month, via, across the ridge with three nights in winter or short, with one or two nights.

Phones for questions: 8-914-594-48-93, 8-962-284-40-37.

A less extensive, but no less impressive route is also offered to the Temple Mount in the Bureya area. The next dates are June 11-12. Phone for questions: 8-929-476-95-29.


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