Why are diets the worst enemy when trying to lose weight?

Do you find yourself on strict diets over and over again, but after a while you give up on this idea and start absorbing what catches your eye uncontrollably? First of all, admit that your problem is not the lack of willpower at all, just diet is not always the best solution. Let’s talk today about how to get rid of extra pounds peacefully, without declaring war on your body.

Sitting on another strict diet, we usually swear to ourselves this time to definitely endure to the end and finally find the body of our dreams. However, over time, the motivations weaken, life is filled with stress and now we completely drown our emotions near the refrigerator, so that after a series of regrets and self-flagellation, we promise ourselves again to “return to the true path” “. that is, make a new diet. Clinical dietitian Tali Nahum tells you how to break this vicious circle.

When you can not, you want more

Diets usually include a set of rules, including lists of foods that are allowed or forbidden to be eaten. At first, most people responsibly comply with the requirements, but at some point the ban on certain foods begins to create a sense of punishment, causing the desire to reward yourself with something tasty to redress the imaginary injustice. Such deviations from the rules are inevitably accompanied by remorse.

The so-called “breaks” also happen often on holidays, at various events and on weekends, when it is especially difficult to stop in front of a wide variety of delicious food. As a result, a person eats heartily, and then comes face to face with remorse, thinks he has a weak character or lacks willpower, since he could not overcome the temptation.

Prohibitions increase the need for certain foods

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The situations described above only reinforce our need to classify foods as “good” and “bad”, which in no case should we bring home, because otherwise you can come off, eat them and feel lost. Diets have taught us not to trust ourselves, to consider ourselves weak and weak, although this is not the case at all.

It is when we allow ourselves what control and choice give us back. Usually, when people hear it, they start fantasizing that in this case they will only eat ice cream and chocolate. However, the truth is that once we stop thinking about diets and restrictions, one understands that the choice of food depends not only on momentary desires, but also on the needs of the body.

The importance of hunger and satiety

When dieting, the most commonly used menu is based on a certain number of calories or points. But this does not guarantee that the food consumed will meet the needs of the body, will relieve the feeling of hunger and will offer a feeling of satiety. As a result, some of us start drinking too much black coffee or tea to skip the next meal.

In the description of various diets, one can also often find a recommendation to eat in small portions to avoid the feeling of hunger. In fact, hunger is not an enemy to us, but an important component of life. Our body has a natural mechanism, the function of which is to regulate the amount of food consumed and adapt it to the needs of the body, informing us about it through the feeling of hunger and satiety.

When we stop paying attention to these emotions, we lose contact with the body and can no longer consume the amount of food we really need. During a diet, there are often times when the body tries to tell it that it needs food, while we ignore these signals, trying to stay on the menu. Eventually, this behavior can lead to the body “taking over the command”, and we begin to absorb uncontrollably what comes our way.

War against the body

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Getting rid of excess weight for many is like a war, where the main enemy is our own body. We feel that in order to win we must mobilize all the power of the will, control the desires and needs of the body and much more.

However, the truth is that our body is an integral part of ourselves and even if there is something in it that we do not like, in the end, it is with us for a lifetime. It turns out that when we declare war on being overweight, we are actually at war with ourselves, which inevitably worsens our quality of life.

The only right decision here is to follow a healthy lifestyle, with respect and care for your body. So, for example, proper nutrition will help him to be healthy, to move freely and to get enough energy. And yes, you can trust your body and its signals 100%, and your body will trust you in return.

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