Aromatic spices and food for astronauts prepared in Dalpryan offshore area in violation of sanctions

Aromatic spices and “cosmonaut food” are prepared at the seaside “Dalpryan” in defiance of sanctions. Photo: Ilya Averyanov, IA PrimaMedia

Emphasizing the dignity of the dish, revealing its aspects and giving depth – the role of spices and condiments can not be underestimated. Especially if the manufacturer knows how to please with a bouquet of perfumes. In this sense, for more than 15 years, the inhabitants of Primorye have trusted Artemov’s Dalpryana, which produces more than a hundred products. These are not only spices, but also soy sauce, wasabi, raw butter, jams and jellies, food additives. The correspondent visited the laboratories where the spices of the Far East are born. IA PrimaMedia.

The production of spices starts with an idea, the company is sure. Mixtures for barbecue, pilaf, potatoes, minced meat or Indian curry are based on the authentic seafood recipe. Here, bouquets are made, packaged and packaged. As the staff assures, everything is seaside of course.

– We have long decided that the buyer should receive a healthy product. Our only flavor enhancer is salt. And then, observing the trends, we try to minimize its number as much as possible. Another secret is the high quality raw materials, – said the director of the company “Dalpriana” Elena Lasmanova.

In the beach. Photo: Ilya Averyanov, IA PrimaMedia

The ingredients come from Indonesia, Vietnam, Turkey, as well as South America and Europe. It is impossible to “introduce a replacement” for everything in this production – some of the raw materials are not grown in Russia. And yet, Dalpryan will work defying sanctions, the company said. While looking for logistical ways that will not affect the cost of products, in the Volga region they are expanding fields for planting carrots, onions and beets, which are also used in Primorye for the production of spices.

The soy sauce also comes from a local company, which, according to the producers, meets all the requirements of its Asian homeland. But in the western part of Russia they do not know how to cook like that, believes Elena Lashmanova.

Soy sauce is a fermentation product of soybeans. We do not use accelerated acid fermentation, which sometimes causes heartburn – only natural, – said the technical director Konstantin Konstantinov.

The plant receives soy concentrate, which is mixed with water, beaten with a mixer and cooled to retain live bacteria. After cooking, the sauce is poured into special trays – dip pots.

The Triple dip pot with wasabi, ginger and soy sauce is a relatively new invention by Dalpryana for the customer – the Tokyo restaurant chain. Zuma, Supra, Republik, Michel’s Bakery also take the opportunity to enhance their service culture with a variety of branded disposable packaging. For them, the company packs sugar in portions, cream, cinnamon. Dalpryan supplies airlines with portions of butter.

“Our thawed oil is cut into pieces. They are immersed in a container with heated walls. A pressure pump transports oil to the dispenser. The packaging of the butter follows, – the technologist explained Ekaterina Vasilevskaya.

The company used to buy Finnish packaging, but now it is produced by domestic cardboard factories. The same with the equipment. Most of it is foreign, but the first Russian facilities have already been purchased.

In another lab, the company is crushing oil. The range is impressive: sesame, flaxseed, almond, hemp, mustard, pumpkin and more. Healthy ingredients are complemented by a healthy way of production. The process is very long, but it is worth it.

– Black cumin oil has been shown to actively fight lung disease and people with coronavirus recover faster. Flaxseed oil is the health of the skin, hair, nails and gastrointestinal tract. “All this is for the consumer, who understands that cold pressed oil is much healthier than refined oils,” says Elena Lashmanova.

If it is pure with butter, then the sublimated strawberries, oranges or sweet peppers caused a storm of emotions in the journalists on trips around the business. Sublimation of fruits, berries and vegetables is a fairly new process for Primorye. Interestingly, such astronauts’ food is stored for up to 25 years and when immersed in water, it becomes literally fresh. You can dry everything this way: from sea buckthorn to ginger, which immediately give off their aroma to the tea. They even experimented with a comb – it turned out.

The sublimation process is as follows: first, the product is frozen at 40-60 degrees, then the vacuum absorbs the moisture and begins a slight warm-up, during which it evaporates. Such a treatment does not threaten vitamins and trace elements.

Production is labor intensive and expensive, so at the moment the company only supplies products to companies – as raw materials. Many individual consumers may not be able to afford the market.

But the rest of the “Dalpryany” variety is easily “dispersed” in Primorsky, Khabarovsk, Amur, Magadan, Sakhalin and Kuril Islands. Manufacturers try to make the price affordable.

– When we could not contain the cost, the founder decided to reduce his own profits at the expense of production. This decision and stocks of old raw materials allowed us to increase costs by only 15%, although some ingredients increased in price by 150%. “The main thing is that this does not affect the consumer”, the director concluded.

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