Choosing a plot, cottage or house on the outskirts of Tyumen

Surely everyone dreams of finding their comfortable home surrounded by beautiful nature on the banks of a river or a lake? It is not a dream at all – it is a reality. Recently, suburban real estate is becoming more and more popular and the market offers many options. For more than 12 years, experts from the SOVA Real Estate Agency have been helping Tyumen residents make their choice. They will choose exactly what you need. What do you need?


“Why do I need a piece of land?” A question that you should definitely ask yourself when choosing a site. As land is divided into different categories, it depends on what exactly can be built on this site and if construction is possible.

The Land Code of the Russian Federation defines 7 categories of land:

  • settlements (settlements);

  • agricultural purposes (agriculture);

  • special purpose (for example, used for industrial and energy installations, communications, national security installations, etc.);

  • Specially Protected Natural Areas (SPAs).

  • forest fund;

  • Water fund;

  • state reserve.

Thus, the areas with the category “individual construction of houses” (IZhS) are suitable for the construction of residential buildings and in the areas below the “personal subsidiary plots” (PSP), when they are outside the settlement, no housing is provided. In order not to get confused in the categories of land and the types of permitted use will help a professional, such as the leading specialist in suburban real estate Academy of Sciences “SOVA” Alexei Bugaev.

– When choosing a location, it is important to decide for what purpose it is intended: the construction of a capital house all year round or a holiday choice for leisure. The options for choosing a path depend on the connection of the family with work, schools, kindergartens and other institutions. The direction must be chosen so that the path to the desired place is comfortable,

explains Alexey.

Photo from the real estate agency SOVA

Engineering networks are the most important moment when buying a plot of land. In some villages there is a central water supply, for which you have to pay according to the meters, and somewhere – their own wells and wells. Reduces the cost of buying a plot without gas. But for many buyers, it is important that the “blue fuel” connection is still available. You can not go far without roads. The broker will tell you where it drowns in the spring and there are huge puddles and where not.

– The cost of one hundred square meters of land near Tyumen starts from 35 thousand rubles. In addition, the price depends on several factors: the distance from the city and the “filling” of the object itself,

– says Alexey.

country lands

There are many dachas in the city of Tyumen and beyond! Whichever direction you go from the city, you will find a dacha cooperative without any problems. But which one to choose for yourself? Dilemma…

For example, on the 5th km of the Moscow route, dakas are most often chosen for permanent residence. This industrial road leads to the city of Yekaterinburg, on the same side there is a railway and arable fields. A special nature stretches along Velizhansky Street: dense forests and clear bodies of water – all this is important for those people who not only want to take care of their garden, but also to relax on their own with nature. Yalutorovsky Street is attractive for its lakes, where you can also actively relax and do your favorite sports. The direction to Irbit is unique hilly landscapes that will surely please the eye. In any direction from the city there are special areas and beautiful places suitable for the needs of every, even the most demanding buyer.

– Most of the time, buyers are looking for a holiday home in the form of gardening and gardening with a house and a bath at a price of about 1.5 million rubles. They also pay attention primarily to the distance from the city, the condition of the buildings, the communications, the streets, the documentation. So, for many it is important that the house is decorated, topographically, etc.

– Roman Malisevic, a real estate expert at the real estate agency SOVA, said in the Tyumen Today area publication.

Houses and mansions

Last year ‘s main slogan was “Buy a house cheaper than a city apartment”. And this is true: a house for permanent residence can be bought for 3-4 million rubles, and that is the price of a one-room apartment in Tyumen today.

– Every country village has its own appetite: nature, landscape, soil composition, presence of forest or reservoir, communications and isolation from the city, presence of socially important objects nearby – schools, gardens, shops, clinics, public transport. Therefore, the buyer may have a question: what should I choose, if the house is ready, or to search for land and build a house according to an individual project in a few months or maybe a mansion or an apartment in a country village with developed infrastructure?

– says Irina Dudko, real estate expert at SOVA.

A mansion is also a house, but divided into many similar squares (sections), each of which has its own owner.

Photo from the real estate agency SOVA

Of course, everyone chooses accommodation according to their heart: others need an active vacation, others prefer quiet solitude. In the meantime, the market is constantly updated with new proposals for suburban real estate, so you can find an item for every taste.

The prefabricated houses, which consist of units, are also relative, each is insulated, equipped with electrical wiring and the ability to connect to other networks and communications. From configurations, for example, 2×5 meters, large complete buildings are assembled. These items have already been proven in the local market on the positive side.

– Today there is such an offer as apartments of 3.6 million rubles with repairs in the territory of a country village: 64 hectares of equipped area with bike paths, playgrounds, public transport, registration and in the future, a school. For this amount, you can get a one-room apartment in a country village with all the infrastructure of suburban real estate. It is very convenient for those who do not need a large garden, but want to live in a picturesque place, surrounded by fresh air, space, foliage, to wake up with the birds singing, without sacrificing amenities,

explains Irina.

When to buy real estate in the suburbs?

“Zagorodka” is popular all year round, say experts of the real estate agency “SOVA”. You can buy any type of suburban property: land, houses, mansions, etc. in the context of various mortgage programs, as well as through the sale of maternity capital. And of course, a number of items at the agency can be purchased without commission.

A team of professionals in the field of suburban real estate will always advise on the acquisition and sale of real estate, both in any of the 15 offices of the Academy of Sciences “SOVA”, and at 7 (3452) 67-67-67.

Buy the house of your dreams with the real estate agency SOVA.

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