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Due to inflation, including rising fuel prices, and changes in legislation, tariffs for the removal of inseparable waste will increase slightly in Riga from July. Provides for the decision taken at the Riga Thought Meeting on Wednesday, 8 June. The City Council recalls that the best way to reduce the cost of household waste management is waste sorting and that some measures have been taken in Riga to facilitate it.

The price of the waste service has increased mainly due to inflation and rising fuel prices, which also affects the collection of garbage. For these reasons, tariffs are being increased for the first time since an agreement was reached with waste disposal companies in early 2020.

Another reason for the increase in waste collection rates is the amendment of the law on waste management, according to which, before the end of the year, the municipality and the selected household waste manager must amend the waste service agreements regarding the amount of charges for inseparable municipal waste and biodegradable waste. The cost changes, because according to the law, the municipality sets a fee for the disposal of biodegradable waste that is collected separately in the amount of 80% of the fee for the maintenance of indivisible household waste, ie it will be more profitable to sort biowaste: in two areas waste service, tariffs on biodegradable waste will be reduced.

In turn, in the first and second zones, served by Clean R LLC, the cost of disposing of household waste also changes due to the increase in the volume and mass of waste.

The inseparable household waste management fee consists of the household waste management fee approved by a decision of the Local Government and the household waste disposal invoice, approved by the Public Utility Regulatory Committee.

In recent years, the municipality of Riga has been actively promoting waste sorting. From March this year, the housing authorities, in cooperation with the waste disposal companies, are obliged to take care of the sorting of light packages and glass containers in apartment buildings, by placing appropriate containers.

The municipality of Riga reminds that the installation of packaging containers and glass containers and the removal of this waste separately is free, in contrast to the removal of household waste containers, for which residents have to pay. Any large packaging bin that is properly sorted and removed as a packaging container in 2022 can reduce the cost of disposing of household waste by up to 35%.

By choosing light packaging and glass containers, the people of Riga saved a total of 9.5 million euros in 2021, which is the amount of money that residents would pay if the selected rubbish was removed and disposed of as household waste. Compared to the previous year, an additional 1.5 million euros were saved.

For the first time in Latvia, the municipality of Riga and three waste management companies have jointly developed a unified waste sorting guide. It will contribute to the more active participation of the people of Riga in this process and will help reduce the cost of disposal and disposal of inseparable waste. The guide is available (including download) on the official website of the Municipality of Riga.

In the coming years, Latvia will bring into force some changes in the organization of waste management: the goals of the circular economy and climate neutrality must be achieved at state and EU level. Riga plays an important role in achieving these goals. The cost of non-waste management will continue to increase in the future and waste sorting and recycling will help reduce environmental impact and costs. As a result, Riga is working to make waste sorting more accessible. Eight selected waste collection sites are already being planned in the capital, and work is underway to expand the network of public sorting points and to review the network of mobile hazardous waste collection points. Riga also plans to become a certified Zero Waste city.

Waste service tariff changes in Riga:

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