Khabarovsk residents rescued a squirrel from the Arboretum, raised it and left it in the forest

During the cutting of trees in the Khabarovsk Arboretum, no squirrel nest was observed. Some of the children died, others were rescued by caring citizens.

The so-called “renovation” of the Arboretum, which took place in April, was to end Belly’s life. A portion of the forest relic was cut down for parking without paying attention to the squirrel’s offspring. The children lost their parents, fell to the ground, essentially losing their chances of survival. Beli’s brothers and sisters were later found dead, beheaded by buzzards. But the little girl and some of her relatives were lucky – the Khabarovsk residents who cared for them found them and tried to save them.

Belia was in care. Alena and Roman Chernikovs took care of raising the pet, which had not yet opened its eyes, with the utmost responsibility: they fed it with baby kitten formula, warmed it and raised it so that one day it could return to the forest.

– They fed them like a small child with a pipette 4 times a day. My husband and I did that too. Me in the morning, my husband in the afternoon and evening. “They also fed only a squirrel at night, like a baby,” recalls Alena Chernikova. – There was another time. Little squirrels do not know how to keep warm. Even if you cover them with a few blankets, your body temperature will not be high enough to keep you healthy. We bought a heating pad, heated it and put it in the place of mom’s belly. After each feeding, it was necessary to pass a wet tray over the abdomen, because the squirrel mother licks her young, without it, the babies’ digestion does not work fully.

The squirrel from the Arboriculture eats from the hands for the last time

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A responsible family faced the difficulties. Squirrel too. In time, she learned to eat on her own, began to explore the surrounding area.

– In two months, she felt like a complete hostess. She knew very well where her food was, she did not expect us to give it to her. The cage opened, climbed from the table to the chair and then along the desktop reached the package, – says Alena. Favorite place – air conditioning. He climbed on it along the curtain and slept there. I brought myself a T-shirt, a sock from the dryer and settled there. And she really liked the wardrobe. He climbed on different shelves and each time slept in a new place. They took her to the cage where she was already sleeping, because they were worried that in a dream she would fall and be injured.

Despite trying not to get used to the animal living in the house – they planned to release it, Belya managed to taste the pleasures of home life.

They say that all animals look like their owners. We eat everything, our protein as well. He has no such thing as refusing to eat. He eats strawberries, carrots, pineapples, grapes, apples, dandelions and, of course, nuts. Yesterday I stole a piece of cheese. It happens, Alena laughs.

Before being released into the forest, the squirrel was taught to eat naturally. In the wild, these animals eat nuts, seeds and mushrooms. They also chose a place where a person will not interfere in the life of a toothy beauty – a forest near the Bolshekhekhtsirsky shelter will become a home for Beli. You will not have to starve and you will not lack communication with relatives.

The rescued squirrel from the Arboretum found a new home

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But parting ways with the student was still difficult for Chernikov.

– I have been thinking about this day for a long time. Many tears were shed. I wish her all the best, and she felt what it is. Cell contents are not the best choice. We gave her everything we could: we went out, we fed her. She became stronger, her instincts showed. Then – freestyle, – Alena sighs.

Ecologists from the federal state budget institution “Reserved Amur Region” claim that the “tame” squirrel will not have problems adjusting. Although people raised Belya, the saying “no matter how much you feed the wolf, it still looks in the forest” applies to all wildlife.

– This forest must suit her perfectly. In winter, the traces of his relatives are visible in the snow, – the director of the “Exclusive Amur Region” Vladimir Andronov assessed the selected place. He did not interact with the person for a long time. It will take a few days and she will start living her own life. In addition, we release it near a protected area, in a quiet environment.

Belly’s story has a happy ending. But for humans, this is an opportunity to look around more closely. If you plan to cut down a tree, make sure no one is injured.

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