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The Stolitsa S publication of the Krechet organization, which restricted residents of the village of Kochkur in Kachelai to public access to the forest and water bodies, caused a public outcry. A new investigation has been launched by the Prosecutor’s Office. The results will be announced later. The Ministry of Forests of the Republic of Moldova and the owners of Krechet, who hired a lawyer, Yevgeny Leonov, contacted our newspaper. Continuation of the scandalous story – in the material Irina Vasnetsova.

So far, Krechet is fenced off by the Kachelaevs with a high fence. How will the sequel be? Photo: Capital C

“Cretset” “invaded” the life of the inhabitants of the village of Kahelai in the spring of 2012. The usual route to reservoirs, berries and mushrooms in the area of ​​the river Soura became very difficult due to the high lattice fence. Since then, to reach these areas, the villagers have been forced to walk 8 km – and through wetlands. Previously, the direct route was only 2 km …

“Krechet” was registered in Saransk in the fall of 2009. Officially, the hunting organization is non-profit, ie it is not interested in making a profit. Valery Grachev is the president. The information about the founders on the website of the tax office is hidden. But, according to Alexander Filatov, a resident of the village of Kachelai, there are well-known athletes: 35-year-old Valery Borchin, 37-year-old Vladimir Kanaykin, 42-year-old Sergey Kirdyapkin and 37-year-old Vladimir Parvatkin. “Vladimir Parvatkin has tried his hand at politics – he has run in the United Russia by-elections several times,” Filatov added. “A person with exactly the same name and surname is a director of many companies, some of which have now been liquidated …”

“Our organization and the Ministry of Forestry, Hunting and Nature Management of the Republic of Moldova have signed a land lease agreement until 2060,” says lawyer Yevgeny Leonov. – Part of the occupied land belongs to individuals. Prior to the installation of the fence, the Krechet administration prepared a project for the reproduction of wild animals. The Ministry of Forests issued a permit for the installation of a poultry farm. After that, a scandal broke out with residents of the area. A meeting was organized. However, no consensus has yet been reached. Many insults and threats were addressed to the tenants. The villagers rejected the proposal to build a bypass road at the expense of Cretset. They insisted that the organization clear the usual path to the Soura River.

According to the interlocutor, there was never a road to the tank as such. The administration of the village did not deal with the issue of its registration. Leonov also noted that Krechet’s activities were controlled by the prosecutor’s office, the Ministry of Forestry and Agriculture, and the Rosreestr. A trial was held. No violations were identified. “Do not the people of Kachelai understand that there are wild animals there? For example, wild boars, which are a big threat! Leonov is confused. – Why break the fence and enter someone else’s territory illegally? A man was even caught. The police drew up a protocol … In addition, the hunting farm did not just rent a space, but undertook to maintain order there. The lawyer claims that members of the public organization are making paths, removing garbage from the coast of Soura, clearing the forest of dead wood and protecting it from fires. In case of fire, the tenants are responsible. “And where is the guarantee that a person who climbed in the yard will not light a fire? the lawyer asks. – In addition, I want to add that it is problematic to find work in rural areas. Residents of the village of Mordovskoye Davydovo work in Krechet. “The people of Kachelai categorically deny it.” “Did the regional administration, together with the Ministry of Forests, hold a gathering of citizens, consult their opinion on the neighborhood with Krechet?” – asks the correspondent “S”. “The forest area does not belong to the villagers, but to the Russian Federation,” the lawyer replies. – Now the organization has a new leadership, which is open to dialogue. In the previous article you mentioned the owners of Krechet. Registered athletes who have nothing to do with it. The public body has no founders. This is a purely nominal meaning … “” The villagers are protesting against the shootings. They say that it is dangerous to walk along the fence “, notes the correspondent of C.” The hunting is always carried out according to the rules. The hunter never aims at the fence and stands at a distance of 500 meters from the boundaries of the site. “Right now it is controlled by the rangers,” Leonov explains. “Therefore, I do not understand where the Kachelaevites got the information about an injured dog, a human, a piglet, a calf. No such statements were made to the police. The object is under video surveillance and it is not difficult to verify the identity of the perpetrator “. The interlocutor also informed us about Krechet’s plans for the creation of an internal tourism object in its territory. Residents and visitors of Mordovia will be able to get to know the animal world there, accompanied by specially trained staff with the necessary protective equipment.

“When the plots were leased, the offer was optional,” said Olga Malakhova, a lawyer who defends the interests of Kachelai villagers. – According to Article No. 6 of the Water Code of the Russian Federation, all citizens have the right to free access to water bodies, rivers, shores … Article No. 11 of the Forest Code of the Russian Federation states that they have the right to free and free visit to forest areas. Yes, checks have been made. But only formally. In the answers they write about the existence of a lease agreement that complies with all legal standards. The villagers appealed to the court to evaluate the actions or inactions of the local governments. However, the three-month deadline set by law for this was missed. The fact is that the coronavirus is then raging. Most of the plaintiffs are retired and there have subsequently been restrictions on attending hearings for this segment of the population. In April, we applied for an extension of the application examination time, stating the reason. But they refused. An action has now been filed against the Ministry of Forests for the establishment of slavery that will provide the villagers with access to natural resources. Since to the right of the fence there are swamps and the Penza area, to the left is a neighboring settlement.

Photo: Capital C

The Olympians, which was later renamed Krechet, received a 2,840-hectare plot of land in 2010. This was reported in one of the Democratic publications, says Ivan Novikov, First Deputy Minister of Forestry, Hunting and Nature Management of the Republic of Moldova. – In November 2011, our department signed a hunting agreement with the company and in April 2012 – a lease agreement for forest areas with a total area of ​​957.2 hectares. Today, in the occupied areas there is an open cage for semi-free keeping of wild animals, a hunting ground, a hunter’s house, a place for gathering firefighting equipment, ignition and rest areas. The capital construction facilities are located on adjacent agricultural land.

“Agricultural areas are heterogeneous and are divided into agricultural areas (arable land, grasses, pastures and orchards) and other agricultural areas. Only the first type is not covered by urban planning regulations. In other words, it is strictly forbidden to build buildings on them “, explains Andrey Petrunin, head of the Department of Public Service and Personnel of the Rosreestr Directorate for the Republic of Moldova.

Incidentally, residents of the village of Kadoshka in Adashevo found themselves in a similar situation. In 2017, GazOIL first entered into a hunting agreement with the Ministry of Forests of the Republic of Moldova and then a lease agreement for several plots with a total area of ​​647 hectares. As a result, the villagers were cut off from the forest and the banks of the river Issa by a huge fence. “Cages have been set up in this territory for the semi-free conservation of wild animals,” explained Ivan Novikov, First Deputy Minister of Forestry of the Republic of Moldova. “This year, the organization ceded the right to use UK Drive INN LLC …” Stolitsa C reported Adashev’s situation in December 2021. Subsequently, representatives of “UK Drive INN” called themselves owners of the leisure center “Lesnaya Sloboda “, where you can shoot wild boars, deer, fish, take a steam bath. According to Novikov, the “sanatorium” is located on the Kadoshka farmland, which is controlled by the Office of the Federal Veterinary and Phytosanitary Service in the Republic of Moldova and the Penza Region. Like, the Ministry of Forests of the Republic of Moldova has nothing to do with it. “Capital C” will follow the developments.

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