Russia’s Minister of Natural Resources is expected “on the carpet” in the State Duma

Clouds appear to be gathering over Russian Natural Resources Minister Alexander Kozlov. On the eve of the official’s speech in the State Duma, he “received” extremely strong criticism from Anatoly Gresnevikov, a member of the Ecology Committee of the State Duma. The MP doubted not only the professional suitability of Kozlov, but also the professionalism of the entire team of the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation. It was about the failed reform of garbage and the chaos in the protected areas (specially protected natural areas). Details in the material of the news agency Vostok.Today.

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Anger of a member of the Social Revolution Committee of Ecology Gresnevikova was provoked by the fact that Minister Kozlov ignored the meeting, where the most important bills for the profile of his ministry were discussed. The MP also expressed indignation over the dismissal of a well-known ornithologist by order of Kozlov Vladimir Andronov from the position of “Zapovednoe Priamurie” reserve manager.

State Duma of the Russian Federation: Anatoly Greshnevikov, SRZP

The MP reminded that “diligently” Alexandra Kozlova “Failed garbage reform, a protection program Baikala program for the restoration of Russian forests, in a word, in general, all for which Kozlov and his subordinates receive quite large salaries.

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Has the Accounting Chamber of Russia repeatedly noted, since 2018, the risks from the implementation of the federal target program for the protection of Lake Baikal? Billions of rubles allocated from the budget are returned.

In short, a critical number of claims have been made against Mr Kozlov. And not only the member of the State Duma.

The rally for the Commanders is an unreal reality

Separately, I would like to dwell on these highly protected areas – nature reserves, national parks.

Activity Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia Kozlov’s period in relation to such lands often provokes real anger in the population. Remember, at least the story of the protests in the distance Commander Islands. It even sounds unbelievable – a rally for the Commanders. There are only 700 people there, in the only residential settlement, the village of Nikolskoe.

They are calm, balanced and decent people. Until recently it seemed that the rally and the Governors were incompatible concepts! But Kozlov succeeded.

Again we are talking about PA. The “Komandorsky” shelter was turned into a National Park. The Ministry of Natural Resources, before even signing the documents, was instructed to check everything and coordinate with the residents.

But eventually, the northern part of Bering Island, where people live, was included in the national park. And it turned out that from now on, the governors are now called upon to coordinate any building in their village Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation in Moscow.

T / g “Commander Islands”: Nikolsky villagers protest against changing boundaries of protected areas

Can you imagine how long such approvals will take? Commanders sometimes can not Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky urgent issues to be agreed immediately. And for nine thousand kilometers inside Moscow throw behind every document … In a word, utopia is everything. The commanders proved to be in custody on their own land.

Kamchatka authorities have been quick to reassure: they say it will be possible to build, fish, hunt and collect wild plants. But the villagers from Nikolsky have read the law on national parks and do not trust it. They believe that the regional authorities are simply reassuring them.

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For the scandal with protected areas inside Amur area The Telegram channels wrote a lot at the end of last year – at the beginning of this year. One of them, the KOP, spoke about the scandal with the appointment of a new head of the Federal State Unity Company “Reserved Amur Region”. You can turn a thriller there: from an attempt to market the Amur tiger to the Red Book, which stopped with just a petition signed by more than a hundred thousand citizens, in a very harsh meeting with the President of Russia, where many complaints were made to the ministry led by Kozlov.

However, protected areas do not exist only in Far East. Wherever you look across the country – weirdness everywhere.

“Sirios” is waiting in the Far East

For example, there are discussions today about transferring land to protected areas at the Sirius Training Center in Sochi. It is reported that they are needed to create training facilities for talented athletes.

The Ministry of Natural Resources has not yet agreed. But the point is that all life in our country takes place in Moscow the Sochi.

Why is it necessary to train athletes in Sochi? Russia is a cold, northern country. We have very few resorts with warm sea. was added Crimea. Other “sunny” areas, which have not yet been restored, will probably be added.

Why athletes need land in protected areas for athlete training Sochi? General – are there any protected areas?

Why you should not train athletes Far Eastthat the president declared a priority for the entire 21st century?

Why is it impossible to set up Sirius branches here in the Far Eastern Federal District, and train skiers in Kamchatka, Sakhalin, wrestlers and boxers in Yakutia and Buryatia, where there is a traditionally strong school? No need to talk about rowers – at least use the ocean. Do you want to do extreme sports – without a doubt – millions of square kilometers of different landscapes.

The “collective West”, surprised by the hysteria of sanctions, expelled Russian athletes away from international competitions. The East, Asia remains. And from this point of view, it would make sense to place Sirius training centers here.

And the protected territories of Krasnodar Territory will not have to be transferred to Sirius – let the reserves remain in reserve.

And if the Minister of Natural Resources Kozlov, a Far East resident who previously held the post of governor of the Amur Region, then head of the Ministry of Development of the Far East and Arctic of the Russian Federation, was a politician, then instead of “not coordinating”, he would offer just such a choice to his leadership Sirius, of the country. But Kozlov, unfortunately, does not seem to be a politician at all.

The politician did not

Recall Alexander Kozlov in the Far East he left a very bad memory of himself. When I was Kozlova governor Amur area in the municipalities they built many houses, which later turned out to be extraordinary. I had to clog the “Augeio stables” Vassily Orloff, which proved to be no easy task: hundreds of millions of budget rubles were spent, contractors had to be sued. For years, scandals raged about it in the Amur area. Kozlov went up.

Kozlov’s role as Minister of Development of the Far East and later Arctic Federal Region led to the fact that in 2019 the Far East actively signed a petition addressed to the President Russia with the demand to abolish the Ministry of Development of the Russian Far East.

“During its existence, this ministry could not prove the expediency of its existence,” wrote the authors of the appeal.

Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation: floods drown the regions of the Federal District of the Far East, dams have not been built since 2013

When Kozlov took over as head of Russia’s Ministry of Natural Resources shortly afterwards, comments began to erupt. The minister was accused of bureaucracy with the construction of water protection structures. Because of this, entire areas were flooded every spring by raging rivers. He was also blamed for the collapse of firefighting activities – forests are burning in the Federal District of the Far East and in Siberia, causing huge damage to the economy. Here is the PA …

One can only wonder how it turns out that such an ineffective official is making such a dizzying career.

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