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Gelateria “JelaTiAmo”

In the cafe you will taste real Italian ice cream. The gelatiere conductor and owner of the GelaTiAmo chain, Olaf Garetta, develops recipes and prepares gelato himself, selecting only the best ingredients from reputable suppliers. There are more than 250 flavors of ice cream on the menu and 45 types are prepared daily here: creamy, chocolate, fruit, cheese, sweet, savory, seasonal and many more delicious and unusual gelato.

Ice cream is made from fresh milk, berries, fruits, nuts and chocolate. The main difference between Gelato artigianale (craft ice cream) and industrial ice cream is that it has a lower milk fat content (4-6%), in addition, it melts more slowly due to its low air content – it is half as much as industrial ice cream.

Address: ag. Sovetskaya, 4a, Sochi

Amateur gelato

In the Italian chain Gelato amato, ice cream is made only by hand from fresh natural raw materials, without the use of dyes, preservatives, emulsifiers and aromas. Palm oil, which is banned in Italy, is also not used here.

The cafe offers 68 varieties of ice cream. Among them are not only classic flavors, but also quite unusual – gorgonzola, matcha tea, tequila, licorice, tomato-basil sorbet and many other unusual varieties with amazing flavors. The most popular are gorgonzola and cannula, which are the first to be classified by buyers.

At Gelato amato, delivery takes place from three kilos or more in Sochi, Adler and Dagomys. The order can be made by phone: +7 862 258 33 88 or by e-mail.


ag. Chernomorskaya, 13g, Sochi (Hotel San Remo)

ag. Sailing, 13, Adlersky District, Sochi (Olympic Park)

ag. Primorskaya, 3/7, Sochi

ag. Summer, 19, Dagomys, Sochi

33 penguins

Photo from the official website of the network

In the largest network of ice cream makers and sweets in Russia, 33 Penguins, you can try more than 70 different varieties. Russian and Italian teachers participated in the development of recipes. For the production, the company uses only fresh natural products of high quality. In addition to the classic options – ORGANICbar with low fat content, without sugar, lactose and gluten. Superfood products are used, such as pine nuts, peanuts, almonds, chia and other healthy natural supplements.

In branded cafes and kiosks, there is not only ice cream, but also BISKOTTIbar sweets, hot drinks and milkshakes with unusual flavors.


ag. Navaginskaya, 9D

ag. Uritsky, 18a and 52

ag. Novaya Zarya, 7, shopping center “Moremall”.

ag. Bestuzheva, 14, shopping center “Mandarin”

Cafe Brigantina

Photo from the official website of the cafe

The Italian cafe “Brigantina”, located in the territory of the Port, offers its guests to taste wonderful Italian ice cream Gino Gelato natural ice cream made according to Italian technology using only fresh natural ingredients.

The coffee will offer refreshing sorbets that contain fewer calories and sugar than traditional ice cream and at the same time will have unique flavor combinations based on natural fruits and berries. Lovers of soft delicacies will love the creamy gelato with fruit sauces, berries, nuts and other toppings. The menu also has delicious desserts based on gelato.

Address: st, Nessebrskaya 3, Sochi

Olivier Restaurant

Photo from the official website of the restaurant

The unusual furniture of the house and the interior of the cafe contribute to a pleasant stay for adults and children. It is not surprising that the restaurant is called homemade and the dishes here are prepared according to family recipes. In addition to ten varieties of Olivier salad and other delicious dishes, it is worth trying ice cream with classic and unusual flavors: walnut and caramel, grilled meat, halva, gozinaki, snickers, bounty. There is a great selection for sorbet lovers: raspberry, cranberry, cherry, pear, feijoa, gooseberry, pineapple, passion fruit mango and mint lime.

In addition to ice cream, the smallest gourmets will be offered homemade lemonades, sweet masterpieces from the cake and pastry workshop. Worth a try at a discount – fragrant strudel with tender pear, homemade ice cream and hot chocolate sauce.

For children, the restaurant has a spacious children’s room and for adults there is a cooking studio where cooking master classes are held under the guidance of the best chefs.

Address: ag. Roz, 52, Sochi

Trattoria “Fettucine”

Photo from the official website of the restaurant

In addition to classic Italian dishes in the form of pasta and pizza, in the family restaurant “Fettuccine” you should try Italian ice cream by chef Daniele Benedetti. Be sure to order the Fettuccine gelato set with gorgonzola and walnuts, strawberries and basil, mushrooms and cottage cheese. In addition, the menu has a wide variety of homemade Italian ice cream and homemade Italian seasonal fruit drinks.

A children’s cooking school “Cipollino” is organized in the trattoria. For children from 4 to 12 years old, master classes are held where they learn how to cook pizza, pasta, homemade Italian ice cream and lemonade.

Address: ag. Tatralnaya, 11, Sochi

Red Fox Restaurant

Photo from the official website of the restaurant

When visiting this popular Rosa Khutor resort restaurant, pay attention to the ice cream by WRF Yug chef Yury Kostorev. The menu includes 4 types of homemade ice cream with flavors of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and shampoo, as well as sorbets: lemon-lime, gooseberry and strawberry.

We also recommend trying delicious desserts with ice cream: honey cake with cherries and sour cream ice cream, apple tart with vanilla ice cream, blueberries, tarragon and ryazhenka ice cream.

Address: Lavender, 3, Rosa Khutor, Sochi.

Among other things, Time Out advises you to try Thai fried ice cream, numerous of which are located on the embankment of Greater Sochi.

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