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We have prepared five books worth reading this summer. There is a funny comic about how to make a mosquito spray, a personal diary of a 12-year-old girl and books about how the forest works and why summer is a very difficult time for animals and plants. Let’s spend #summer together

We understand how the forest works – “Forest. How the forest ecosystem works»Adriana Lochner

Cover of Adriane Lochner’s book The Forest. How does the forest ecosystem work?

For a human being, the forest is a lush gym, a source of raw materials and a place of spiritual pursuit. But the forest is a great system and home to many plants and animals. Biologist and ecologist Adriane Lochner says how complex the forest ecosystem is, how and how different types of forests differ, and how to use and protect the forest.

When you see the green peaks of the hills, which roll in waves on the horizon, you suddenly feel optimistic. And then, honestly, it seems that all the complex tasks of the 21st century are solvable and nature is as friendly to man as he is to it. After all, it is part of it.

In addition to this book, Hummingbird Publishing has released many more in the series: Birds, Bees, Mushrooms, and Herbs. With illustration! And, for example, from a book about trees, we learned that information is stored in the birch bark more than in flash drives!

Making spray for mosquitoesbattle with mosquitoes»Bjorn Roervik

Fox is looking for something to add to the mosquito spray.  Illustration Per Dubvig

Fox is looking for something to add to the mosquito spray. Illustration Per Dubvig

Artist Per Dubwig

Artist Per Dubvig

Bjorn Rørvik’s Fighting the Mosquitoes, illustrated by Per Dybvig, is a Norwegian illustrated book for children and adults about how foxes and piglets escaped mosquitoes. The humor is reminiscent of your favorite language games from the works of Kharms or Winnie the Pooh translated by Zakhoder and you immediately want to analyze phrases and words from the book in quotes!

A mosquito bit me! shouted the Pig.
– Go hit him!
– To beat a mosquito? Lis was surprised.
“Make a patty out of it!” The pig was angry.
He was so angry that Fox decided to go and find out what the matter was.

“Other stories about the fox and the piglet” also appeared in the “Scooter” publishing house series: “Shark – the enemy of the radish”, “Bird’s Tail Cafe”, “How the piglet was sick with a leopard”

How does nature deal with heat?Summer. The secrets of plant and animal survival in the age of abundance»Berd Heinrich

Bernd Heinrich “Summer.  The secrets of plant and animal survival in the age of abundance

Bernd Heinrich “Summer. The secrets of plant and animal survival in the age of abundance

Why do trees drop their leaves? Do the hummingbirds, which start in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, know that they will spend about 17 hours in flight without landing? Where to look for a plant that has only two leaves that do not fall for a thousand years?
Naturalist Bernd Heinrich describes the interactions of animals and plants with the environment and their various behavioral strategies during the summer. With an inexhaustible love for nature, the author talks about mosses and frogs, body plants and wasps, butterflies and lichens and shows that summer is in some ways even more difficult for them than winter.

Carolina ducks looked like clockwork toys: they randomly turned in and out of the sword and then gathered and swam around the old abandoned beaver hut. They were united by a greenery.

By the way, we have already talked about new literature on nature: we have discovered how and why modern writers write about forests, mushrooms and salmon.

While mom is playing computer games – “Lou! Fluff diary. Book 1»Nelya Julien

Nell Julien Lou!  Fluff diary.  Book 1

Nell Julien Lou! Fluff diary. Book 1 “

This comic is the personal diary of 12-year-old Lou, who loves Shakespeare and clothes (and even makes her own clothes!), Starred in her own play, The Life and Death of a Green Vegetable, in front of the whole class – he dreams of becoming a playwright, actor and costume designer as soon as he overcomes his silly modesty. She is in love with a neighbor with whom she has never spoken before, and finds him … picking his nose! While Lou heals a broken heart, Mom plays computer games.

The other five Nele Julien comics by Lou! for growing up, family and friendship can be found on a special shelf of Samokat publishing house.

Comic fragment

Comic fragment

We also have a selection of books for the school holidays that went wrong. What to read to a student when it is raining outside, it is boring and sad, but you want sunshine and vivid emotions?

Conducting experiments in natureYoung physicist in a pioneer camp»Jakov Perelman

Yakov Perelman

Yakov Perelman “Young physicist in a pioneer camp”

Why is it difficult to walk on sand? Why can’t you water the plants in the hot sun? Why does the smoke of the fire rise in calm weather? In this small collection, the famous science popularizer Yakov Perelman explains elementary natural phenomena that are easier to observe in the summer by the fire, on a picnic by the lake or by passing through a field with ears.

Another question: why do the branches crack when burned? The liquids that fill the cavities in the wood are converted to steam when heated, which bursts the walls of the cavities with a crack. Even firewood, which we call dry, contains up to 20% moisture.

If there are not enough facts and problems, then there are many books by Perelman, for example, the collection “For young physicists. Experiences and Fun “or” Live Mathematics. Mathematical stories and puzzles.

You can not only read these books, but also take part in the LJ summer marathon and receive bonus impressions for promotion!

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