How to save a corner of nature on your site, knows a resident of Kolodishchi

The choice of a location in which a house will appear in the future, as well as its arrangement, should be approached only with knowledge of the subject. If mistakes are made during the manufacturing process, then it will take a long time to correct them and sometimes it is completely impossible to work on the mistakes. Natalya Gendruseva, a resident of Kolodishchi, is convinced of this, as she built a house and a real dream garden along Belovezhskaya Street.

We go to the hostess on the recommendation of the active chairman of the executive committee of the village of Kolodischansky, Yuri Kustov. It turns out that serious problems are created by the owners of the spaces, who try to completely change their landscape. They will fill, raise the ground level and then rain or melt water will flow from the hill they artificially created from them, rushing to the yards of those who live below. It is clear that the complaints “fly, not to the developer, but to the executive committee of the village with requests to resolve the issue of water disposal.

“There are dozens of such disagreements,” notes Yury Kustov. “But if we intervene little in the physical processes, adapting to the conditions and without disturbing the natural environment, then there will be far fewer problems. This is evidenced in practice by Natalya Gendruseva, who has been trained as a landscape designer. Her house is ordinary, but the landscaping of the space is simply magical and is done not only with taste, but also with a logical approach.

Natalya Petrovna bought a plot of land in Kolodishchi in 2009, even before her retirement, before which she worked as a fashion designer and collaborated with many well-known clothing designers.

“The place was amazing until people came here and started contributing, sometimes not of the best quality,” says the woman. We were the first to build a bathroom in this location. Take a steam bath in it, go out on the street and you can not stop admiring the birches, pines and flowering heaths, of which the local hills were pink. Friends came to us and asked us to stay one night to admire and breathe in this place. It is better than Switzerland. And we, to be honest, were looking for such a site that would have both forest and drops.

As Natalya Petrovna is an expert in landscape design, she immediately saw the prospect and the amount of work that needed to be done on the site.

An ordinary builder often entrusts not a specialist, but a strong man to an excavator, who assures him that it is imperative to build the house on the hill. And then begins the multi-tone bedding. They built a house on an artificial embankment, put up a fence and realized that they created a lot of problems for themselves, because no matter how you block it, everything is clear from the mountain. After that, they start planting to hide from the neighbors with a fence, says Natalya Gendruseva.

The hostess claims that you just have to start from the garden to have time to admire the plants that have sprouted. And they rarely violate what nature itself has created.

If you take a walk in the amazing garden created by Natalia and her daughter, you will understand all the correctness of her words. Coniferous crops and ornamental shrubs look much more interesting on the hills than on the plain. And the sewer can even be poured into the yard with its own pond, saving lower points from flooding by discharging water into the second tank.

– This garden has all the fruits and berries, we even pick blackberries here. Last year we collected an entire bucket. But this is the raspberry that has always grown here. “There is a place for strawberries and beds,” says Natalya Gendruseva. – Well, the trees were almost not sawn, removing only what interferes with the house. And there was no serious ground reinforcement, and no colossal investments were made. They just rationally approached what they had. Such compositions of perennials will last a long time, will certainly be enough for a human life.

As for the buildings, here you can adapt to the landscape. For example, the high bath foundation is used to equip the lumberjack. Aesthetically pleasing and without additional sheds in the space. In a word, you take a step and wonder about the rationality of decisions.

– I try to communicate with my neighbors, to prove that it is necessary to intervene in nature as little as possible. I’m glad people listen sometimes. This means that there will be more beautiful places in Kolodishchi, – sums up Natalya Petrovna. – The main thing is that people do not bring concrete to nature.

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