Now not ours. McDonald’s restaurants closed in Perm

Business Class is reminiscent of the history of the American fast food chain in Perm.

The restaurants of the American chain McDonald’s have closed in Perm. On the morning of June 10, announcements of a temporary suspension of work appeared on the doors of stores. The opening date has not been set. Business Class contacted the company with a question about the restaurant reopening schedule, but so far has not received any response.

Also today, Russian users have updated the former McDonald’s application. It is now called “My Burger”. It is true that orders are not yet available.

McDonald’s restaurants have closed due to renaming in all the cities where they operate. The first updated facilities will open on June 12 in Moscow. This will happen later in other areas. For example, in neighboring Yekaterinburg – on June 17, in Chelyabinsk – on June 26, in Kirov – after July 4.

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Why did he close McDonald’s?

Rebranding is associated with a change in network owner. As part of a special military operation, an American company sold a company in Russia to one of its existing licensees, the businessman Alexander Govor. Prior to the agreement, he managed 25 restaurants in Siberia, now all the restaurants in the country have moved to him. In early June, the Federal Antimonopoly Service approved an application by the company of Mr. Govor OOO Club-Hotel for the acquisition of the Russian company McDonald’s.

How will the updated McDonald’s change?

The restaurants will change their name. It has not yet been revealed, but the company has applied for registration of the trademarks Only So, Fun and Tasty, The Same, Svobodnaya Kassa and Our Place.

The restaurant signs are removed. The letter “M” in the form of “golden bows” is prohibited. All products and items with the same logo must be replaced with others.

The new logo has already been unveiled, Izvestia reported, citing the company’s press service. Two yellow sticks symbolize french fries, a yellow-orange circle symbolizes a burger. The images are placed on a dark green background.

Now not ours.  McDonald's restaurants closed in Perm

Picture: Izvestia.

Several media outlets reported that after the rebranding, the branded burgers – Big Mac and Big Tasty, as well as McFlurry ice cream – would disappear from the menu. The names of the other dishes will be adjusted.

How McDonald’s was developed in Perm.

McDonald’s entered Russia in 1990. In 2002, Perm Mayor Arkady Kamenev met with the company’s president in Russia, Khamzat Khasbulatov, after which he publicly announced the opening of the first restaurant in Perm the next day. But then the authorities failed to find common ground with the company.

Once again, McDonald’s announced its plans to enter the Permian market in 2008 at a press conference in Moscow. It is true that at that time the company complained that there were no suitable areas in the city.

In 2010, Perm boss Igor Subin announced that a bidding site had been set up, chosen by McDonald’s to build its restaurant. Auction for a plot of land in the Industrial Area on the street. Mira, 37 years after the announcement was postponed, as the process of coordinating the space and its “inclusion” in the general plan was delayed: the load on the traffic junctions and parking spaces on this site was taken into account.

In 2011, the US network announced its intention to enter into a space lease agreement at the Central Department Store before the end of the first quarter of the year. In April of the same year, however, an auction was held for the location near the Stolitsa shopping and entertainment center.

The first restaurant in Perm only opened in December 2011 – on the first floor of the Central Department Store. The second a few days later – on December 31 – next to the Stolitsa shopping center (Mira 37a). The appearance of an international brand was accompanied by great enthusiasm among the inhabitants of the city.

Now not ours.  McDonald's restaurants closed in Perm

Now not ours.  McDonald's restaurants closed in Perm

In 2014, the chain announced its intention to expand the number of its facilities in the area. By 2020, it was planned to open about 10 restaurants in Perm in addition to the two existing ones, as well as one or two in the Perm area. However, as a result, only two points were opened: at the food court in the Semya shopping center and near the bus station (58b Popova St., next to the PSMU hostel).

The company said it looked at three more sites in different years. A restaurant could appear in a retail park in the Kama Valley on the street. Speshilova, 94. The project was intended to be developed by the EKS Group of Companies, but was never implemented. Another McDonald’s could open in the Sverdlovsk region on the street. Soldatov. An international restaurant chain has secured the rights to a plot of land in the Krasnov region. On May 8, 2015, the company became the owner of a plot of 1.8 thousand square meters. meters on the road. Soldatova, 31a. However, the restaurant never appeared there. The last place the company thought to open was a location near the “Kit” mall on the street. Krupskaya, 79th century The land was auctioned off several times, McDonald’s LLC planned to bid on the auction, as a result, the auction did not take place. In 2019, the company also studied premises for a restaurant outside the regional capital, but facilities did not appear in other municipalities.

However, the network launched two grocery store outlets in the newly opened malls – the Planeta Mall (162b Kosmonavtov Highway) and the iMall Explanada Mall (73a Petropavlovskaya Street). At the last address, the restaurant only opened this year.

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