Russian scientists to create new anti-cancer drug: why growth is better than chemotherapy

Russian and Polish scientists are developing a drug against lung cancer that does not destroy healthy cells. Thanks to him, the treatment of cancer patients will be carried out without serious side effects. In the material of “Yamal-Media” we say what is the peculiarity of this drug and why it is better than chemotherapy.

Treatment without harm to health

The main feature of the new drug is that it will destroy cancer cells without harming the unaffected, writes the newspaper Izvestia.

The fact is that cisplatin-based drugs are now used to treat cancer. They are able to slow down and stop the growth of cancer cells, but at the same time they destroy the healthy ones and this negatively affects the patient.


Scientists have managed to synthesize a compound with high antineoplastic activity, on the basis of which they will create a drug. It will be toxic only to the cancer cells and the treatment will be done without side effects.

The new drug will detect cancer cells using smart delivery technologies that use so-called targeted molecules.

How are cancer patients treated today?

Scientists around the world are developing anti-cancer drugs. And they are trying to make every drug less toxic than it is today, explained Maxim Pak, an oncologist at Lapino Clinical Hospital.

Chemotherapy, which is widely used, helps to kill the tumor, but it also destroys healthy blood cells. This method of treatment is quite toxic and when used, cancer patients can develop other health problems: the level of platelets, leukocytes and erythrocytes decreases, the doctor explained.


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In addition, due to chemotherapy, anemia, secondary infection and insufficiency of the organs of the heart, kidneys, liver and others may develop. Not every patient can recover between treatments.

Long-term chemotherapy can be difficult, and in some cases impossible: we can not complete ten, six or even four cycles because the patient’s condition does not allow treatment to continue. Therefore, we are forced to suspend treatment, to take breaks in treatment, thus breaking the cycle, to reduce the doses of drugs, to change treatment regimens.

Maxim Pak

Oncologist, Clinical Hospital “Lapino”

Increase the effectiveness of treatment

If Russian scientists, together with their Polish colleagues, develop a drug with less toxicity, this will not only help reduce the occurrence of side effects during treatment, but also increase its effectiveness, Park is sure.

But before a new drug can be used in patients, it must undergo preclinical tests in cell cultures and animals. Only with a positive result will scientists be able to start clinical research.


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However, it is not yet possible to say that thanks to this drug it is possible to refuse chemotherapy: there are cases where modern drugs are not suitable for the patient and he is forced to be treated with old methods. At the same time, chemotherapy effectively helps with cancer of the nasopharynx and various organs of the head and neck.

Until we understand why this happens, I do not see the prospect of a complete transition to immuno-targeted or gene therapy. Today, the right combination of drugs, selected individually for each patient, is probably very promising. Today, there is a trend of “personalized medicine” around the world and we are gradually moving towards it.

Maxim Pak

Oncologist, Clinical Hospital “Lapino”

The main functions of the drug

Maxim Pak said that immune-targeting drugs have been used in practice in Russia for 10 years. It is practically safe for the human body, so the treatment for a cancer patient lasts as long as possible.

And if immunotherapy simply destroys cancer cells, then targeted treatment can block the course of a tumor.

“There is a treatment that can be very effective, while the patient’s quality of life can be drastically reduced: severe general weakness, fever, etc. “The discovery of new drugs aims to solve these problems.”the doctor concluded.

There are many reasons why a person develops malignant tumors, one of them being poor nutrition. Frequent use of genetically modified foods can lead to the development of oncological diseases of the digestive system.

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