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Trade announcements
Bulky cracker for sale from the manufacturer, 400 rubles / bag. Address: street. Communal, 15 (checkpoint of Niva oven).
My warm thanks to the relatives, friends, neighbors, staff and parents of MBOU “Secondary School No. 13”, security staff of “Transneft” for the moral and material support they provided at the funeral of Moskvitin Leonid Konstantinovich.
BrAZ requires a machine operator for an excavator loader, a salary of 50,000 rubles. Tel. 8-983-404-47-90.
Wanted: timber removal guides, excavators, bulldozers, fuel tankers, excavator guides, gas welders. Tel. 8-950-140-02-60.
Drivers required. C, clock 30/30. Salary 120,000 rubles. Tel. 8-983-400-47-97.
The engineering company in the industrial area of ​​the Bratsk aluminum plant hires: mechanical assembly technicians, repairers, electricians, mounting machines, turners, gear cutters, gear mills, drills, slingshots, hammer engineers, guides (Cat, C, D) ), process engineer, design engineer, quality controller, chief electrical engineer, production foreman, payroll accountant, trader, occupational safety and fire safety specialist. Salary of 75,000 rubles. and higher. Social package. Tel. 49-28-30.
A financial institution requires: cost estimation engineer, economist (knowledge of federal law-44). Social package. Tel. 410-448, 410-687, 267-011.
Excavator operator required. Tel. 8-924-292-34-30.
The company is looking for a furniture manager (possible training). Program 5/2. Tel. 273-200.
Fitters are required for a window manufacturing company. Tel. 8-964-100-85-55.
Required: loader, poultry farmers, shop washing machines, poultry processors. Tel. 40-80-51.
Wanted wood processing plant (center): security guard, trained workers, GPM electrician, welder and gas, repairman. Delivery with official transfer. Tel. 35-00-42.
Self-service store requires cashier (Center). Tel. 42-49-52.
A kitchen worker is wanted. Tel. 265-265.
Organization at BLPC Industrial requires: installers, repairers, gas and electric welders. Timely salary of 45,000 rubles. Tel. 8-924-531-35-25 (from 8:00 to 17:00 on weekdays).
We are looking for a specialist in the maintenance of computer and professional equipment. Tel. 8-950-117-99-77.
Special Transport Department LLC “Transneft-Vostok” is hiring a top legal advisor. Prerequisites: higher legal education, work experience of at least 3 years. Send your CV to the following address: (staff service telephone (3953) 300-840).
Class E driver is required, salary of 50,000 rubles. Tel. 8-924-543-31-33.
The village of Padun requires: machine operators for the assembly line, slings, stacks, sorters, workers, driver (GAZ 53, tipper truck). Tel. 37-21-53, 37-21-54.
The bakery “Lubimaya” invites to work: bakers, kitchen workers, salesmen. Tel. 27-69-43.
We are looking for a trading company in the village of Energetik: guide cat C, loaders-collectors, operator 1C, sales representative for an exclusive project. Tel. 33-11-99.
The security company is looking for guides for the State Investigation Office. Experience not less than 3 years. Tel. 42-13-11, 8-908-664-94-89.
The motor transport company invites: category C, D, E drivers, bulldozer driver, front loader driver, hydraulic systems and equipment installer, washing machine operator. Transportation of services in the Central area. Timely and decent payment, social package, official registration. Contact by phone. 8-914-008-96-06.
An electrician is wanted in the village of Padun to produce a sawmill. Tel. 272-669.
A controller is required for the acceptance and shipment of round timber. Tel. 8-902-173-32-82.
Wanted: cylinder driver, loader excavator operator (Caterpillar). Tel. 8-901-666-10-87.
We invite you to work: Acting Chief Accountant, Developer 1C: version 8 (trade and warehouse). Right bank, p. Energetik. Tel. 8-952-621-93-01.
Forwarder required. Centre. Salary 28,000 rubles. in your hands. Tel. 8-902-548-17-17.
Sales consultant required (Energetik page). Tel. 8-952-621-79-59.
The building maintenance organization (BLPK industrial site) requires: green farm workers, industrial and office cleaners, engineer, construction site foreman, BOBCAT loader driver, plumber, accountant, electrician, assistant worker, bartender, a cook. Contact by phone. 49-60-91.
Car electrician required for installation of service equipment (training), business trips, computer skills, driving license category B. Tel. 8-964-103-30-03.
Required: head of appraisal and economic activity department, turner, occupational safety specialist, crane operators (aerial and pneumatic), tractor driver, car driver (cat. B, C), formworker, welder and gas welder, fitter production of building materials, equipment repairman, technologist of a building material production store. Tel. 8-983-247-43-31.
Required MUP “TsAP”: drivers category D, electrician, tractor driver, washing machine-roller cleaner, cleaner. Tel. 41-65-89, 41-16-62.
Wanted: Air Conditioning Technician. Centre. Tel. 48-50-52.
Energetik village is looking for: Procurement manager, designer, electricians, fire and safety system installers, installers (furniture placement, box assembly), welders, tinsmith, slingshot, loader, tipper truck driver. Tel. 48-03-54.
Truck drivers required. Tel. 8-908-666-85-25.
Wanted: forklift driver, carpentry technologist. Tel. 8-983-464-64-32.
A slingshot is requested. Having a certificate. salary of 35,000 rubles. Tel. 34-81-81.
Wanted: landfill drivers, excavator driver, bulldozer operator. Tel. 8-950-147-30-00.
A furniture store (Industrialny proezd) requires an assembler-loader. Salary 30,000 rubles. Tel. 8-950-077-22-28.
A furniture store (Industrialny proezd) is looking for a sales assistant. Salary of 25,000 rubles. (salary + percentage). Tel. 8-950-077-22-28.
Wanted: assemblers, welders, carpenters, concrete workers, category B guides, C. Center. Tel. 8-952-630-84-08.

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