Travel festival throughout Russia “Podorozhnik” in VDNKh

Russia is vast areas, unique nature and amazing landscapes. A country without leaving that you can doto sew a trip from Europe to Asia and from the pole of cold to the zone of permanent frost in the rainforest. The country where the sun never sets. Russia is also people who are in love with their small homeland, carefully preserving the historical monuments and at the same time creating a comfortable gift.

In Russia, all roads lead to Moscow. Therefore, Moscow becomes the very “zero kilometer” of the traveler. From here, like blood vessels from the heart, they scatter in all directions of the road.

As part of the festival, five main travel directions to Russia will be told and shown: their features, secrets and best routes:

  • We will go to the Far East.
  • We are going to the Black Sea.
  • We are going to St. Petersburg.
  • We will go to the Arctic.
  • We go to the neighbors (CFD).

You can get acquainted with each of the tourist destinations within the Festival in the following forms:

  • Traveler diary?
  • Culture (cinema, music, theater).
  • Cuisine (national dishes from all over Russia, culinary master classes).
  • Nature (the typical vegetation of the area is represented in each zone).
  • Interactive meetings and master classes.
  • Family and children recreation area.

Art object “Plantain”

VDNKh main entrance

June 11-13: around the clock

“Traveler’s Calendar” photo exhibition

Main street of VDNKh

June 11-13 – around the clock

For a traveler, Russia is an “all-season” country. Each season offers its own set of events and unique natural phenomena that take your breath away.

The Traveler’s Calendar photo exhibition and informative art objects will tell you where you can go for unforgettable impressions of Russia every month of the year: when the ski season in Sochi opens, what is the best time to go to Murmansk to see the north? saddle or when it blooms in the Crimean lavender.

In addition, all the guests of the festival will receive a diary in small format as an unforgettable, and most importantly, very useful souvenir.

Kilometer Square Zero

Central Alley of VDNKh (the area between the Fountain of Friendship of Peoples and the flower bed)

June 11-13

12: 00–14: 00 (for families and children)

15: 00–19: 00 (for adults)

At Kilometer Square Zero, the acquaintance with the trip to Russia in five main directions begins. On each plate, on one side is written the name of the city and the distance from it, and on the back – the silhouette of the city with the main attractions.

Each direction is represented by a separate scene zone, in each of which there is an acquaintance with the area, its attractions and features:

  • Each scene has an interactive information desk, developed jointly with RUSSPASS, with a route map and main stopping points. Each stop is marked with a QR code, reading which the guests of the Festival will be able to study detailed information about the area and its attractions.
  • interactive meetings with famous travelers all over Russia.
  • lectures with representatives of the tourism business who will talk about new tourist destinations, modern infrastructure and life hacks for travelers.
  • screening of feature films and documentaries about the region – nature, culture, people through the eyes of cameramen and documentarians who are truly in love with the beauty and history of Russia.
  • RUSSPASS information booth.

Autotravel School

north loop
June 11–13, 11: 00–20: 00 Traveling by car requires certain skills and knowledge. Festival visitors will be able to visit the autotraveler school, where experienced motorists, travelers and motorhome owners will talk about the most glamorous adventures and their favorite routes. They will show you what you should definitely take with you on a trip and what will take up space only in the trunk, they will take guided tours in their motorhomes, they will teach you how to use a mobile shower and they will reveal the secrets of a really comfortable vacation on wheels.

Gastronomic program

The area near the pavilion # 57 (“Russia is my story”)
June 11–13, 11: 00–21: 00

You can not get to know the area without tasting the local products and cuisine. The cuisine is the soul of our multinational country, its history, its culture, the people who have preserved and multiplied the traditions of generations. The Gastronomic Map of Russia will gather the best chefs of Russian local cuisine at VDNKh and will organize a real trip to the regions of our country from the Far East to the Arctic for the guests of the Festival.

What foods and dishes should you definitely try when traveling to Russia? You can learn about the main gastronomic attractions of the areas in the culinary master classes zone. Chefs, guardians of the gastronomic traditions of the peoples of Russia, will conduct open courses in culinary art and tasting, will introduce visitors to the taste of unique products.


June 11–13, 11: 00–21: 00
Local arts and crafts, unusual souvenirs, handicrafts from local craft manufacturers – all of which will be on display at the market during the festival.

School of the young traveler

North Square VDNKh

June 11–13, 11: 00–20: 00

On the site for young travelers – acquaintance with the areas through master classes and interactive games. Participants in the Young Travelers School will learn about amazing places and discover new skills in themselves.

The participants of the School of the Young Traveler will go on an exciting adventure – they will learn about amazing places and discover new skills in themselves, as well as:

  • learn how to organize a complete campsite and build shelters from improvised means.
  • create a safe fire and properly put out a forest fire.
  • to acquire basic skills of correct and safe behavior in natural conditions;
  • Map the area, create routes, and navigate the terrain.
  • learn about useful plants.
  • Familiarize yourself with the forest dwellers and the rules of conduct in case of an unexpected encounter with predators.
  • And for younger travelers, there will be a large sandbox in the shape of a map of Russia with colorful sand on site.
  • On the grass near the site there will be a rest area – in poufs, pubs and even in real tourist tents, Festival guests will be able to relax, snack and just enjoy a summer day in the style of a real campsite! The program of the small stage in the stop area will include performances by wind bands, street theaters and interactive games.

Music program

Main Stage – Industry Square

June 11-13, 13: 00–22: 00

Performance of famous rock, folk, pop singers.

Theatrical program

  • PROCESSION: Main street of VDNKh, 13: 00–14: 00 and 17: 00–18: 00.

Festival guests will be able to take part in the grand procession twice a day – a glowing carnival wave will pass along the Central Alley, accompanied by giant art objects and features necessary for travel: ships, planes, balloons, bicycles.

  • THE CIRCUS: 12: 00–20: 00.

Circus workshops await guests, as well as two large circus performances – “Celestials” and “Antique Circus”.

View video at the Cosmos booth

The theme of the light emission will be the Ornament. Each nation has its own culture, is proud of it and carefully passes on its traditions from generation to generation. The ornament is the greatest value, because it keeps the secret message of the ancestors to their followers. Taking a “virtual” journey into Russia’s post-universe, we present not so much its sights and geography as the beginnings of its amazing history.

The seven-part, seven-minute video show will be the highlight of the Festival and will start every afternoon at 22:07.


The festive day on June 12 will end with a magnificent fireworks display in honor of “Russia Day” at 22:00.

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