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Escape from the city

Within a radius of 50 km from Yekaterinburg, there are 88 leisure centers (glampings are included in this category). Two years ago, 65 organizations operated, 66.RU was informed in 2GIS. According to travel blogger Evgenia Pryakhina, there are more than 50 glamping sites in the Sverdlovsk region. According to Yandex.Maps, the region is in the fifth place among the regions of Russia whose inhabitants are most often looking for glampings in the mobile application (after Moscow and the Moscow region, St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast, Krasnodar Territory and Tatarstan). Between January and May 2022, the number of search queries in the Yandex.Maps application increased six times compared to the same period in 2021.

The businessman, former owner of cheburechnaya “Vremya Ch” Anton Churbanov has long dreamed of moving out of town with his wife Snezhana and “settling somewhere on the edge”. A year ago, the couple discovered a site near the Iset River near Bolshebrusyansky southeast of Yekaterinburg on the site of a former pioneer camp – and “fell in love so much” that they decided to start a business.

Anton and Snezana were inspired by a Crimean friend who builds and rents houses on the peninsula. “We thought: it would be nice to open the same business in the Urals, where the action is all year round, and not just in the summer,” explains Churbanov. He had never been involved in construction, so it took him a long time to work on the project. “We put sewerage, water supply and electricity. It was also difficult to build houses. “But, paradoxically, this year my wife and I became more friendly and united,” he says.

On April 30, 2022, they opened Sueti.net glamping. Or where the beavers sleep. ” Churbanov assures that “beavers are hanging out” in the river and “pigs are running” nearby. There are eight houses in the glamping, but only seven are rented – Anton and Snezhana live in one of them. Five houses are designed for two people, another two – for four. The complex has two baths with Siberian tanks. “The main feature of our project is that the houses are built in piles, on rock. It feels like they are floating. “And in front of each house, a two-meter net is stretched, on which you can lie down,” says Churbanov.

In the near future, “Suety.net” plans to go down to the river, to refine the area near the water, to put sunbeds and buy juices, to create a swimming pool with a frame and cots and to equip a small town for children .

Forest photography studio, shoe dryer and glam scene

Glamping is a campsite that has all the comforts of a city apartment. This kind of recreation is loved by those who can not be in nature away from culture, says Evgenia Pryakhina. A typical glamping bed has a soft mattress bed and orthopedic pillows, clean sheets, heaters and underfloor heating, furniture, underwear and accessories, showers and heated toilets. You also need a convenient entrance, parking, cooking space and recreation area. The main types and forms of houses are wooden ecological houses, a-frames, houses with national color (yurt), safari tents, vaulted houses. “I caught the glamping trend two years ago, when the first glamping site appeared in the Sverdlovsk – Eco Park Canada area, near Nizhniye Sergi. “Before that, when I was traveling, I had problems with accommodation – the old campsites often did not meet the basic requirements,” says Pryakhina.

Tatyana Polevova, owner of Eco Park Canada, which works in the event industry, recalls wanting to build an outdoor wedding ballroom. As a result, the glamping came from this idea with four hectares of forest and a pier on the river bank, two wooden houses for eight rooms, five safari tents and a summer banquet hall. “We are trying to stand out in the market, so, for example, we ended up in a forest studio with an hourly wage. For a photo, you can use a glam scene, an old boat on the shore, a swing with a rope under the crown of a tree, hammocks “, says Tatiana Polevova.

Another glaming venue, Beautiful Place, opened in October 2021 in Olenyi Ruchi Park. “Strangely, we had no problems with legal registration. In addition, we made temporary constructions without a capital institution. They themselves failed in engineering communications. We capitalized the ownership of the park using our own funds and investments. “The administration was in favor of that,” said glamping owner Kirill Zamahin.

Two zones have been created in Beautiful Place – warm Scandinavian houses and summer safari scenes. They intend to add vaulted houses. They try to stand out from the competition thanks to “little things”. “My wife and I travel a lot around the world and study hotels carefully. “The idea of ​​a complimentary welcome was borrowed from one – an apple and an orange, from another – a women’s hygiene kit, from a third – a shoe dryer,” says Kirill Zamakhin. The neighborhood with a developed nature park has made it possible to save on activities: there are hiking trails, cafes and other infrastructure nearby.

“Glamping builds fast”

Sverdlovsk’s largest recreation center with glampings – TAO “Bereg” – has been transformed from a surf station into a three-storey smart hotel with standard, family and deluxe rooms and a lobby bar, suites and barbecues, used as a massage parlor. and glampings for all seasons.

“Bereg” promotes smart idea and conscious consumption. Each house has a smart “Alice” speaker, which can turn on the light, the TV and the music. The work uses minimal plastics and soap dispensers and shampoo dispensers. The bar menu can be read using a QR code. “We are creating a product that is not inferior to international hotels in terms of service and comfort,” said Olga Isaeva, director of TAO Bereg.
The number of “Berega” rooms is designed for 70 people. In total, up to 600 people can relax in the area in summer at different locations and beaches. The maximum load falls on weekends and hot weather. “On days when loading is down, we try to attract visitors with dynamic prices and special packages,” says Isayeva. For example, during the cold season, Berega had the Remote on the Shore program, a reduced price for freelancers.

All the glamping owners we spoke to confirm that fullness on a daily basis and bad weather is a major problem for the industry. They try to solve it with the help of special offers and bonus programs. “Customers can also be attracted to marine activities – SUP boats, kayaking, swimming, fishing. In winter – skating, skiing and other winter activities. There are also spa treatments, jacuzzis, baths “, says Evgenia Pryakhina.

According to Kirill Zamahin, glamping for ten houses can cost from ten million rubles. “There are two options for applying glampings. The first is when a person works as a self-employed person. Then for profits and self-sufficiency, three locations are enough. The second is with hired staff. You need at least five houses, and for commercial success – from ten. “Such a project can pay off in three years,” he says.

Glamping entrepreneurs are attracted by the period of rapid depreciation. But so far this is only on paper. “All the Sverdlovsk glamps are now one or two years old and so far none of them have paid off,” says Evgenia Pryakhina.

But not all homeowners find their work as a business. “I never considered it a business, I do not even keep a financial report. I live in this project, I communicate with every guest and so I make friends “, says Tatiana Polevova.

“People are willing to pay for comfort in nature”

President of the Ural Tourism Association Mikhail Maltsev believes that glamping is a promising type of leisure, which is supported at the level of the Federal Tourism Service. “But this area can not be developed separately from tourism, which, unfortunately, has not been invested at the right level in the last ten years. “That’s why the glamping industry is in its infancy,” says Maltsev. “Mostly glambings are made by those who find it financially difficult to build hotels and mini-hotels. “Therefore, the public-private partnership is important here.”

The main audience of glampings are young people with above-average income who are interested in a conscious attitude to life, believes Olga Isaeva. “Either singles or couples, families with children come to us. “Everyone is united by the desire to escape the crowd and the commotion,” says Kirill Zamahin. At the same time, he believes that people who have vacationed in western resorts will not be massively interested in glamping (“if one is accustomed to relaxing at sea, one will find a way to get there”).

“In the Chelyabinsk region and the Perm Territory, glampings began to be made last year; it is one or two years behind the Sverdlovsk region. The income level of the population is slightly lower than in Yekaterinburg. In terms of trends, Yekaterinburg is closer to Moscow and St. Petersburg. “People here are willing to pay for comfort in nature,” says Evgenia Pryakhina. Prices for one night in a typical glamping of Sverdlovsk start from four thousand rubles.

“In the beginning it was a mystery to me because the visitors are willing to pay a lot of money for a canopy tent. Now I understand that they like romance. Our parents went hiking, sang songs by the fire with a guitar, cooked fish soup. Now all this is not enough in our lives, so people subconsciously begin to reach the origin. “Glamping provides not only that, but also a modern level of comfort,” says Olga Isayeva.

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