What kind of alcohol to drink in the heat?

According to statistics, the rate of alcohol consumption in society increases during floods and in situations related to stress, depression, anxiety, which many people experience today. How not to get addicted in our difficult times, which will help you not to abuse alcohol and nicotine, said a doctor on the portal Moscow changes psychiatrist-narcologist, chief physician of the clinic “Neuro-psy” Vladimir Katorgin.

Vladimir Anatolyevich, what do the statistics say today? Have new studies emerged and has alcohol been recognized as a useful product? Or is it all the same: is it helpful to drink 50 grams of red wine a day and the Russians remain the people who drink the most?

The Russians have never been the most drunk in the world. In the first place were always the Scandinavians and the British. And in Russia, alcohol consumption has just fallen last year and has been falling for the past five years: from about seven to 15 percent.

As for the benefits, here it is very easy to be deceived. It depends on what kind of alcohol we are talking about: strong, wine, beer, cocktails containing alcohol, cocktails in general, these are all different things.

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If we are talking about wine, which is very popular in Europe, and in Paris even office workers do not sit down to dinner without a glass of wine, then that is a question.

In Russia, the culture of alcohol consumption is different. This is how it happened historically. If we say that one consumes two glasses of wine twice a week, then this already belongs to the category of home intoxication. If more than twice a week, then this is already a concern and you should see if you are already addicted.

I mean, in fact, are we all everyday drunks, like Parisians?

Yes, but wine, as it has long been known, has both negative and positive properties. This is both vasodilation and reduction of overall stress. It acts as a short antidepressant, relaxes, soothes. The brain receives a certain amount of serotonin and dopamine, which act on pleasure receptors, and if you do not drink a glass of wine every day, then this may be good.

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But again, you have to consider whether this person has a predisposition to alcoholism, what he has to do with heredity, what he has to do with the enzymes involved in the breakdown of this alcohol. Someone gets terribly sick from a glass of wine, but there are those who drink half a liter of vodka and feel great. Everything is genetically determined. So the question is always in quantity.

Which alcoholic beverages are best to drink in the summer, in the heat, so that there is not a large load on the body?

In the heat it is difficult to suggest something, but if there is such a need, then definitely not strong drinks. Even in a Bloody Mary cocktail, because tomato juice promotes water retention, which is good in the heat.

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Margarita suits cocktails. If wine, then instead of red white, will reduce thirst and cause pleasant sensations. You can drink beer, but again the question is in the quantity and quality of this beer, so that the next day you do not get a hangover.

And if you still have a hangover, how to get rid of it faster?

First of all drink plenty of fluids. Tea with chamomile, mint, lemon balm whatever will have a calming, calming effect will do.

Hangover syndrome is accompanied by various manifestations of tachycardia, stomach pain, headaches. Fatty foods will help you get rid of these symptoms. In Armenia, Georgia, the eastern countries and the Caucasus, this is khash, in Russia it has always been fatty broths: lamb, chicken, fish broth. They help replenish circulating blood volume and relieve the symptoms associated with headache and nausea.

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In summer, as an option against the hangover, okroshka will be good Because natural kvass contains many useful elements, especially potassium, which is essential for cell function, due to its lack, swelling and headaches occur.

You can use medicines such as Alka-Seltzer, Zorex, Enterosgel if poisoning occurs. You can take vitamin E-based preparations the day before. They help to ensure that alcohol is absorbed faster and there are no problems in the morning. It is important to eat something before the party to slow down the absorption of alcohol.

Is it possible to determine which alcoholic beverages are most suitable for whom? Maybe it depends on the weight, age, gender, stock or type of character?

It can not be said that it is better for a choleric to drink wine and for a Sanguine vodka person, but it certainly depends on weight and age. For example, the younger a person is, the faster he develops an addiction. Here’s why In general, it is best not to let children try alcoholic beverages. Today alcohol addiction starts at 13, unfortunately patients are getting younger. It is also believed that women are more addicted: they die faster and “get sick” more than men.

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Is There An Effective Way To Get Rid Of Addiction? Maybe read Allen Carr’s book The Easy Way to Stop Drinking? They say it helped a lot.

Only one way are motivated. I need to understand why I will deprive myself of such pleasure drink. Understand that you have problems at home, at work, and so on, and so get that motivation. Everything else is very individual. Some have been helped by Allen Carr’s book and The Easy Way to Quit Smoking, but for those who are not motivated, you can not read it. It will just waste time.

By the way, for smoking. Now everyone has quit smoking, replacing regular cigarettes with electronic ones. They say it is not so harmful? What is your opinion?

This is not just my opinion, this is the opinion of the world community. They are harmful it’s clear! Electronic cigarettes appeared on our market not so long ago, about ten years ago, and therefore there are not enough long-term studies that could talk about which ingredients affect which specific human spheres.

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However, in both Europe and America there have been numerous studies claiming that these electronic systems contain from 200 to 500 active substances that have a detrimental effect on the organs. Propylene glycol and glycerol, which are part of liquids for vapors and electronic cigarettes, formaldehyde released as a result of evaporation (and “vape” in English means “evaporation”) All of these are powerful carcinogens.

Formaldehyde in general since 2014, according to the decision of the chief health doctor of the Russian Federation, has been attributed to the first risk category (previously it was the second). And acrolein substance that contributes to lung diseases. Research by American scientists shows this those who use e-cigarettes, the rate of lung damage is four times higherby those who smoke regular cigarettes.

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Already, the so-called “popcorn disease” is responding: diacetyl, which is found in popcorn, is safe when eaten with food, but if you inhale it, the lungs collapse. Americans have already had several hundred lung transplants as a result of the vaporization.

And most importantly, all these active substances have mutagenic properties, ie they deeply affect the cell, the DNA. And if we change the DNA, then the consequences can generally be unpredictable and even worse. This is a bunch of inherited diseases, and the effect on reproductive function in men, and changes in the fetus in women during pregnancy, such as fetal deformity, and so on. Thus, despite the propaganda for the safety of e-cigarettes, dependence on them is formed quicklyand then the treatment will be very expensive: both energy and financially.

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And I urge, especially young people: it is better to smoke a regular cigarette and drink a little quality alcohol than to drink incomprehensible cocktails and energy drinks, to use modern gadgets full of chemicals and to badly affect your brain. All this is very interesting And everything is very dangerous!

Author: Natalia Zhuravleva

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