how fougere scents sound and what mosses have to do with them

It’s hard to imagine cold autumn nights without a cup of hot cocoa and a warm blanket. To make this atmosphere even more comfortable, aroma compositions with notes of cardamom, vanilla and nutmeg will help.

Maison Christian Dior Vanilla Diorama, Dior


Perhaps not even a gourmet aroma can be imagined without a hint of vanilla. Vanilla Bourbon from Madagascar, one of the most valuable ingredients, was used in the new creation of Maison Christian Dior. The sweet sensual harmony in the composition is complemented by notes of citrus and chocolate.

“Through Vanilla Diorama, I wanted to pay tribute to such a rare and noble ingredient as Madagascar vanilla,” says François Demachy, Dior chief perfumer.

The inspiration for creating a new fragrance from Dior’s private line was Christian Dior’s favorite dessert, Diorama Gourmand, which was specially prepared for the couturier at Maxim’s restaurant in Paris.

Kind of woolen fabric


The Paisley is an ancient motif that has been a symbol of the Etro House for many years. The perfume of the same name is a kind of tribute to the traditions and history of the brand.

The elegant composition opens with notes of bergamot and cardamom, followed by ylang-ylang, jasmine and pink pepper. Vanilla berry and Indonesian patchouli and gray amber tone on the loop – the embodiment of the aroma of a comfortable cashmere shawl.

Diamond in the Sky, HFC


We Are Beautiful Like Diamonds in the Sky is not an excerpt from a great classic, but a line from Rihanna’s success. Apparently, it became the source of inspiration for the creation of a specialized perfume by the Haute Fragrance Company.

The “incendiary” composition is really somewhat reminiscent of the starry sky – the aroma turned out to be very deep, dull and sparkling at the same time. All thanks to the combination of notes of saffron, cashmere wood and amber.

Autumn Vibes Maison Margiela

Maison Margiela.jpg

The name of this perfume speaks for itself. The notes of cardamom, pink pepper, nutmeg and cedar create a feeling of pleasant melancholy – you just want to spray the perfume on yourself during the gatherings by the fireplace. According to perfumer Fanny Bol, the innovation will take you to the autumn forest: the dry leaves crumble under your feet and the smell of liquid herbs hangs in the air after the rain.

Top secret


We do not know about you, but about us, autumn, first of all, is associated with a cup of hot jasmine tea. It is the one that forms the basis of the composition of the mysterious perfume Top Secret.

A more lyrical sound is made by an almond accord, flavored with dust and wood. The perfumer tried to convey the moment of faded nature: when the leaves have already turned yellow and the faint rays of the sun are visible in the sky.

Cuir Venitien, David Jourquin

David Jourquin.jpg

Even if you live far from northern Italy, Cuir Venitien will take you mentally to its heart – Venice. The sensual composition reveals notes of orange, bergamot and rose powder, replaced by cedar, white musk and leather. An essential detail for those who are planning to embark on a romantic adventure this fall and relive the thrill of a first date.

I Am Coming Home, Floraiku


Another interpretation of tea-themed perfume. It is framed in the composition of tarts with notes of ginger and cardamom, which symbolize home and comfort. For the perfume I Am Coming Home, they even wrote their own haiku (Japanese poem), which perfectly reflects its mood:

“The lights are flickering from afar
I’m going back home”.

Patchouli Arawak, St. Barth

St.  Barth.jpg

Despite the light concentration of eau de toilette, Patchouli Arawak is reminiscent of Indian frankincense in its sound. An overdose of bengal patchouli, complemented by orange blossom and musk, gives the fragrance an expressive depth. A rich composition is ideal for those who seek harmony in the outside world and inside.

Blue Pop, Castelbajac


The “heart” of the composition contains blue mint, which leads to this set of fragrances. At first you hear a fresh arrangement of citrus and at the base – vetiver and cedar. The combination of woody and green notes makes the sound more specialized and flexible, with the result that the perfume can be used safely by both women and men.

Goji & Cactus Extract, 4711 Acqua Colonia

4711 Acqua Colonia.jpg

Goji & Cactus extract will appeal to those who are accustomed to using fresh fragrances even in autumn. The harmonious combination of goji berry and cactus creates a bright, refreshing blend that will evoke summer memories on cold autumn days. It is also impossible not to notice the fact that both extracts have a positive effect on a person’s well-being.

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