How volunteers look for missing people in the forest June 2022 |

Now no one will say how it happened, but Vladimir Nikolayevich decided to cut down a rather rare forest with a clear path (we found this path and a forest, at first it was really very rare), according to the map, this forest is 700 by 900 meters – a total of something, you say. The winter was very snowy, because of this, the flooding of the rivers was great and the cold weather in the spring did not allow the forest to dry completely and there was a swamp inside, but only a few steps were visible – and there was light, here it is, access to lake, but it was a deception: the exit was on a dry glade in the forest, which was insidiously surrounded on all sides by a thick swamp with blockages of young animals (even healthy farmers later found it very difficult to tear their boots out of the mud) and the path on which Vladimir Nikolayevich came here disappeared. Only she came out here almost dry, and there was a strong liquid around, and it was possible to find this path on the way back, count, if you were only lucky, but not lucky….

Further – in short. Calling the son: “I got lost trying to get out, I got my feet wet, I got tired, I’m in the woods, there are no roads”, – fear in the voice, disorientation. The first call was at 2 p.m., the last at 10 p.m. and then the female voice replied: “The subscriber’s device is switched off …”

Next – a description of the work of the Samara LizaAlert volunteer search and rescue team, seen through the eyes of a volunteer (mine).

For understanding, I will say immediately that the volunteers came to search, living 130 km from Samara, and threw fuel in the tank at their own expense, left the children with their grandmothers, abandoned all plans, came and fell in the forest until last one.

I learned about the disappearance of a friend’s father on Friday after work: a friend, who was in complete bowing, did not call me – he called all the blood relatives, but they only supported him on the phone and went to relax on Friday after work week , and at that time went to the forest groups (“foxes” in slang LizaAlert) to look for a complete unknown and unknown to them.

I myself have been a tourist in the past, of course, it was a long time ago, but I have the equipment: I got a walkie-talkie, flashlights, replaceable batteries, dressed according to the weather for the forest and I was at the headquarters at about 21:30. “I am a volunteer,” he told the elder on the spot, listened to the briefing, and began waiting for people to go “to work” (the route given to the group, in slang by LizaAlert). And as soon as a couple arrived, they lived 130 kilometers from the search site.

We got the job and left for the night forest. The job was done in about 4.5 hours, but it did not just pass – examined every meter of forest along the waywas working on an answer every 50/70 meters, for example, out of habit, my voice dropped for the third time and the children were screaming in the night forest for four hours: “Father, Nikolai!”

On that day, none of Nikolaevich’s “foxes” were found. The headquarters finished work when it was already dawn, and people left the search not to sleep, but to work.

Why at night? The search request was received on Thursday night, the same night the forest was combed, at night a person from afar will be able to see the light of the lanterns and due to the deterioration of hearing, to hear “response work” and during the day LizaAlert volunteers work.

On Friday afternoon they were the ones who work in shifts and the son himself had a break. We drove on the roads, we went to the forest, we called, we opened the horn in the car. The phone is switched off for 24 hours the last thing my father said: “I’m sitting in the woods, wet, exhausted”and the first night the temperature dropped to -2.

I got home on Saturday and just fell into bed, fell down and slept until lunch, and the LizaAlert volunteers, having slept for several hours, did daily research, launched a drone – these are not just people, they are titanium people, so i decided, i get up for lunch on saturday: my whole body, every muscle hurts, and yesterday’s search engines had already deleted from the search conversation: “I got to headquarters”, that is, when i read this, people had already taken on a new job and left for the forest, and I slept without strength.

On the night from Saturday to Sunday, I already knew where I was going, again first the headquarters in Padovka, again the project and the night forest. People of completely different ages, men and women, were all very worried, they took on a project and went to the forest and when they arrived at the headquarters they said: “There is strength and time, we are ready to take on another project”, they took it and left again. Volunteers walking in a four-wheel drive car tried to fall as close as possible to the starting points to save time and effort.

On the general map, due to the marked paths by the hiking teams, the landscape is no longer visible, but the father was never found.

May 24 to the son through acquaintances unofficially gave the point of the last call – children, I write, and tears in the eyes of a healthy man: from this point to the body of the discovered pope was 15 meters, 15 meters – a man could be alive and sitting at home the same day, laughing recalling “adventures in the swamp “, but it did not happen, the grade was given six days later, and then through unofficial channels.

Leaving, on May 25, my son and his friends at work went to the spot, LizaAlert assigned us two volunteers from the Ministry of Emergency Situations for the day search, who did not work that day, but arrived from the shift. at 11:30, just as we were leaving the swamp, call the police and report that they found Dad.

He was not waiting for us.

LizaAlert volunteers from the Ministry of Emergency Situations stood with us for more than 5 hours, waiting for the completion of all investigative procedures and then transported the body through the swamp. Words can not express gratitude, professional rescuers!

That day, I was driving home late, there was nowhere to hurry, many thoughts, conflicting emotions …

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