the most picturesque ecological trails in Moscow

Ecological paths are part of educational tourism in any big city. Moscow also has such green areas. Walking along them, you can meet wild birds and animals mentioned in the Red Book. Exactly where in the capital are these unique locations, discovered Vechernyaya Moskva.

Nature for everyone

One of the most picturesque ecological paths of the metropolis called “Touch Nature” is located in the territory of the Bitsevsky forest. The peculiarity of this space is that one of the routes is designed for visually impaired visitors. For them, the inscriptions in the forest park areas are double in Braille. Also, along the route through which the ecological path passes, special fences have been placed for such visitors. The Natural and Historical Park is considered the second largest specially protected natural area in the Russian capital. The length of the ecological path is about three kilometers.

On walks, you can see ancient oaks that adorn the green area for more than three centuries. In the forest grow age-old lindens, poplars and birches of half a century. The fauna of the area is also varied. During the walk, city dwellers and visitors to the capital will be able to watch the game of squirrels, the behavior of hares and owls, there are shelters with animals and birds.

Soaring above the capital

The only aerial ecological path in Moscow with a length of half a kilometer is called “Wildlife”. Located in VDNKh near the landscape park. The height of the elevator, at which you can arrange a walk, reaches six meters. The design of the path resembles a huge reptile and the wooden fences look like scales. There is a construction in 24 supports, which externally look like huts, harmoniously adapted to the overall design of the structure. The trail crosses the old Sheremetyevo oak forest, where 300-year-old oaks grow. Thanks to the air path, these plants are visible not only from below, but also from above. The width of the path is one and a half meters, which allows a large number of people to walk along it at the same time. There are not so many such airways in the world. Duplicators of such a structure can be found in the national parks of the USA, the Czech Republic and Germany.

unrealistic views

On the territory of Serebryany Bor there is an ecological path “In the bottomless lake”. Its length is one kilometer 200 meters. The path passes by the lake and the swamp without bottom. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that here you can see the largest reedbed in Moscow. Near the lakes, which are in the territory of the green zone, you can see how the mallard ducks nest and the Red Book birds fly to rest. The trail is full of rare specially protected plants, which number 22 species. Along the way there is an ornithological tower, which offers views of the Bottom Lake. The fauna of Serebryany Bor includes about one hundred species of animals. Some of them can be found while traveling, such as wells, otters and beavers.

Dinosaurs and exotic plants

You can enter a real Jurassic Park if you take a walk on the ecological path of the Darwin Museum. Its length is 260 meters. Here you can see rare and ancient plants that you can not find in other natural sites of Moscow. Dinosaur statues and amazing creatures welcome visitors to the trails. Interactively complete houses are installed along the route.

Of the rare plants for the area of ​​the capital, you can find here a living fossil, whose age exceeds 200 million years. We are talking about deciduous seeds of ginkgo biloba plant residues. Chinese Nedzwiecki apple and Sargent Japanese cherry also grow here.

Alkos Island

On the territory of Losiny Ostrov there is an ecological path “Reserved Forest”. Its distance reaches four kilometers. Visitors to this site like to interact with large wildlife – elk and deer, roaming the area. There is also a biological moose station. At this point, more than 700 species of plants and 300 species of animals. Centuries-old pines and oaks grow here. The trail follows the Verkhne-Yauza wetland complex, which some biologists call the island’s pearl. Wild boar, elk, deer and American mink live in the wild in this area. You can appreciate the scale and beauty of the park from the towers available in the area.

The highest point of the city

But in the territory of the reserve landscape “Teply Stan” is equipped the ecological path “At the source of the rivers”. It consists of 11 sections. Visitors will see the Ochakovka River valley, ravines and ravines, the Kholodny fountain and stop at Teplostan Upland, the highest point in Moscow. The length of the trail is 4.2 km. There are many benches in the area where you can relax. The walk starts at Teply Stan Street and ends near House 2 on Academician Bakulev Street.

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