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The opening of the former Russian McDonald’s has really become a matter of national importance. It was kept under control and commented on by the leaders of the capital and the Moscow region, while the company itself and the new Russian owner kept the intrigue as best they could. Desperate by the endless number of rumors, Fontanka, as an applicant, went to the chain’s restaurants for interviews and told her employees everything that is known about the former McDonald’s job in St. Petersburg.


The greatest mystery of humanity. The employees claim that it will be known in the near future. When our correspondent hinted at “Delicious and Fun”, the manager dismissed this as unconfirmed information. “There is a lot of gossip, we are waiting for official information,” said the head of one of the restaurants in the city center.

The official logo is already known and has caused a great deal of controversy on the web. In addition, the company has registered at least eight brands https://www.fontanka.ru/2022/06/02/71379353/, one of which, in theory, could become the new name of the chain.

Also today, the old McDonald’s application with the new name “My Burger” was released. The company told reporters it is temporary, for users. They also said that all the accumulated bonuses have been retained and can be used after the resumption of restaurant operations.

When will the first restaurant in St. Petersburg open?

If you do not take into account the fact that franchise stores at train stations and airports in the two capitals have not closed, the opening of the first 15 restaurants in Moscow and the Moscow region is scheduled for June 12.

As a Fontanka correspondent was told in an interview at one of the restaurants in the south of the city, the restaurants will open gradually. The first business in St. Petersburg will open on June 20. Another restaurant in the city center noted that “there is no exact date”, but clarified that it is not far. “Everything is almost ready for us,” said the head of the institution.

How to change the menu

As they say, the menu will practically not change, but some elements that “belong to McDonald’s Corporation” will disappear from it. Big Tasty burgers, Big Mac and McFlurry ice creams are supposed to disappear from sales. For the rest, the “Poppy” prefix will disappear. Thus, “McNuggets” will become “nuggets” and lower in the list.

“We will definitely not have a Big Mac. This is the brand of McDonald’s, – confirmed the head of one of the main restaurants. The possibility of simply renaming the dish is small. “Most [бигмака] “It will not happen either,” he said. There will be no global change. “There will be some ice cream left,” the correspondent assured.

Employee uniform

Two sets of uniforms will be issued free of charge. “You will deliver it when you resign,” the correspondent warned when applying for a job. It will not change. “Recently we changed to a new form – literally in September, there are stocks,” explained the head of the restaurant. At the same time, she was wearing a gray T-shirt, the former network logo was still displayed on the sleeve. However, according to 47news, the symbols will still be removed from the form.

The famous gray-yellow socks have also been lost. “We have black socks,” commented a former McDonald’s employee.

Black heelless shoes are required from the employee himself. “For the girls, the make-up is mediocre, the nails are short, the manicure is not allowed”, warned the correspondent just in case.


Sistema PBO LLC, as McDonald’s LLC has been called since June 2, is signing a new employment contract.

The “Fontanka” correspondent auditioned for an employee who worked at the cash register and in the room. He was told that the price was the same for all restaurants and that it would not change due to the fact that another company would now own the chain – 188 rubles per hour, but before taxes. That is, for a month of work with a program of 40 hours per week, a beginner will receive about 27 thousand rubles.

A novice employee will have a similar percentage if they work in the kitchen – making semi-finished products or making french fries. The training lasts from 4 to 6 days, it is paid. You will also have to undergo a medical examination to obtain a health booklet – it will take 2 weeks – also at the employer’s expense.

The schedule and number of hours can be set independently. But if an employee works full time (five days for 8 hours), he can count on a bonus of 5 thousand rubles. There are also bonuses for extra work when calling the boss. For this they pay an additional 12 thousand rubles a month.

“Career development can be fast,” the restaurant manager promised. The next step is the training instructor. Next is the PBO manager. But the percentage for them in the interview was not called.

According to the restaurant manager, conditions did not worsen for the old employees. “We are reopening, we consider it a different company, but all the benefits remain, even the bonuses have not been cut. “Although there are no changes, we will see what happens next,” he said.

There is also a free lunch for employees. Well, almost free: they deduct 100 rubles a day for it. What lunch will include was not specified in the interview. “Something new may be introduced,” said the restaurant manager.

Work intensity

The manager of one of the restaurants asked our correspondent how ready he was for hard work. “When we closed in March, every McDonald’s had full halls. On the last working day, Sunday, we (means a restaurant, moderate area – Note. ed.) served two thousand guests. We had a daily income of over a million net. “More than 500 burgers were cooked in one hour,” the horror story began.

On normal days, he says, the restaurant serves an average of 1,500 guests, 150-160 per hour. At peak hours, 250 burgers per hour fly out of the hands of pickers. Each customer is served in 118 seconds, something the manager is very proud of, but before the ideal, his booths need to be done another 28 seconds faster.

“You have to be mentally prepared for this and physically. In addition, to do everything quickly and efficiently. When we closed, it did not work for us. “The visitor could wait for 45 minutes,” he recalls.

Evgenia Gorbunova, Evgeny Gordienko, Galina Boyarkova, Fontanka.ru

Report: McDonald’s announced the temporary closure of restaurants in Russia due to events in Ukraine in early March. The company promised to keep the employees and continue to pay them salaries. The company had to close restaurants in both countries. As a result of the suspension of operations, the fast food chain lost 28% of its profits.

Following the closure of McDonald’s, restaurants operating under the Razvitie Rost LLC, GiD LLC, Regional Catering Network LLC (or SPP LLC) franchises continued to operate in Russia. In mid-May, the US company announced its decision to sell its operations in Russia. Fontanka sources named one of the Russian licensees as the most likely buyer, namely Alexander Govor, owner of GiD LLC. As a result, he was the one who passed the network. The Federal Antitrust Authority has approved the agreement with Club-Hotel. It used to belong to Svetlana Govor, but as of May 31 it belongs 100% to Alexander Govor.

At the same time, the successor company, which until June 2 was called McDonald’s LLC, remains the central character. It has now been changed to Sistema PBO LLC. Recruits actively.

Photo: Vitaly Smolnikov / TASS

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