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YAKUTIA.INFO. In Yakutia territory in the Ust-Maisky, Tattinsky, Aldansky and Tomponsky areas, there is a high risk of forest fire IV. High class IV is expected in the Momsky district. Previous rains in the Srednekolymsky area reduced the fire risk category to I.

On a daily basis, the employees of the State Fire Brigade carry out activities for the supervision (control) and prevention of fires. In the territory of the Republic of Saha (Yakutia) there are 475 settlements next to forests. Officials from the regional department of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations are carrying out inspections of settlements for readiness for the fire-fighting season. During the inspections, the inspectors of the State Fire Service check the availability and functionality of the external sources of fire water supply, the equipment of the piers, the presence of mined lanes, the possibility of maintaining the public warning system and the availability of fire extinguishers. fire brigade.

In the democracy, 35 patrol and control teams have been created, numbering more than 280 people. In total, patrol and control teams, agencies of the State Patrol Service and cooperating services carried out 507 patrols and raids, created 40 places to restrict the access of the population to the forests and held 90 rallies. A total of 146 protocols of administrative violations were drawn up for violation of fire safety rules in the forests, in the territory of the forest fund areas and in the rules of the fire regime in lands of other categories.“- he commented Pavel GarinHead of EMERCOM Russia’s main office for the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

In addition, EMERCOM officials in Russia carry out pre-emptive raids, during which firefighting updates are provided to the public, and leaflets and leaflets are distributed. We remind you that in order to prevent natural fires in the area, a special fire regime has been established, in relation to which the exit of the population to the forest is prohibited.

We add that according to the operational data of Avialesookhrana, since the beginning of the firefighting period in 2022, 75 natural fires have been recorded in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the total area covered by fire was 5,583.6 hectares, of which 3,818, 1 hectare is forest, 1,765.5 ha – non-forest. Today, there are 29 fires in the territory of the republic in the areas of Vilyui, Lensky, Neryungrinsky, Ust-Maysky, Aldansky, Bulunsky, Olekminsky, Oleneksky, Tomponsky and in the city of Yakutsk. During the day, 389 people and 27 pieces of equipment took part in extinguishing the forest fires. 21 RSChS aircraft were used to monitor the situation and transport personnel.

On June 11, a message was received about the discovery of a natural fire between Nagorny settlement, Neryungri district, and Nagorninsk fuel depot. The fire broke out at a distance of 4 km from the village of Nagorny and 1.5 km from the Nagorninsky fuel depot. The area of ​​the fire was 25 hectares, the length of the fire along the edge was from 1,000 to 2,500 m. There is no risk of fire approaching the tank farm. Note that Nagorny village is an uninhabited settlement.

To put out the fire, Avialesookhrana’s Yakutlesresurs forces and tank crews and officers from the Neryungri Fire and Rescue Guard were involved in preventing the fire from spreading to the financial facility. A fire train from the village of Berkakit also arrived in Nagorny village to prevent the fire from spreading further to the railway installations and to protect the railway tracks. The train is equipped with 2 tanks of 70 cubic meters each, 3 motor pumps, supply sleeves.

An air team of Russia’s EMERCOM regional department with 90 personnel and 9 firefighting and rescue units is on its way to the Yakutsk fire brigade. The press service of the Central Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia for Yakutia reports.

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