Alexey Dyomkin presents honorary citizens of Perm and awards in the field of culture and art

June 12, 10:30 p.m.

Alexey Dyomkin presents honorary citizens of Perm and awards in the field of culture and art

As part of the celebration of the 299th anniversary of Perm, a solemn reception of the Leader of Perm took place at the Theater-Theater. Aleksey Dyomkin awarded people whose actions are the glory and pride of our beloved city.

“It’s a great honor for me to see you all in this room today. Each of you contributes significantly to the well-being and prosperity of your hometown. Our joint work to develop the economy, culture, the social sphere and to improve the comfort of the urban environment is more important than ever now, with very little time left before the long-awaited Perm anniversary. Perm is a city with a unique character, where the great history, nature, industrial power and beauty of a mighty river are intertwined. We are actively working to create links between major cities and the development of the tourism industry. As many people in our country and abroad should know that Perm is a city of one in a million! I am sure that together with you we will complete this project. Dear friends, I want to thank you for your sincere love for my city and congratulate you with all my heart on City Day and Russia Day! – The head of Perm Aleksey Dyomkin spoke to the public.

The title “Honorary Citizen of Perm City” is the highest public recognition of value. It is awarded for outstanding achievements that contribute to the development of the city, to the development of its power in Russia and abroad. In May, the Perm Duma approved the nominees for the award, and today, June 12, Mayor Alexei Dyomkin officially presented a badge, a certificate and a diploma to Olga Gennadievna Tokmakova, chief physician of Pediatric Clinic No. 13, for significant contribution to the development of the healthcare system in Perm. During the pandemic, the hospital under her leadership quickly reorganized operations, developed standards for microbiological and virological examination of patients, and set up an infection control system.

The honorary title was also awarded to the director of the House Cadet Perm. General Alexander Suvorov Marat Bayramshovich Valiev for his significant contribution to the development of the education system and the patriotic education of the younger generation. In 2021, the foundation under the leadership of Marat Bayramshovich became the winner of the Pan-Russian competition of the 500 best educational organizations in the country in the nomination “Educational organization – the land of education of citizens and patriots of Russia”. For high pedagogical skills in reviving the education of students, he was awarded the Badge of Honor of the Government of the Russian Federation, the medal “For Faith in Duty and Homeland”, the medal “Mikhail Kalashnikov”.

Then, Alexey Dyomkin presented the state award of the Russian Federation – the distinction “For impeccable service” for 30 years to Galina Gennadievna Ermakova – head of the legal department of the Perm administration.

Upon completion of the reconstruction, a new memorial plaque will be erected at the Alley of Valor and Glory in Perm in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Permenergo. Dmitry Maliutin, Speaker of the Perm Duma, presented a diploma to Oleg Shirokikh, Production Manager at Perm City Electric Networks, Rosseti Ural – Permenergo branch. Today, the “Perm City Electric Networks” production association of the “Rosseti Urals” – “Permenergo” industry is actively involved in the implementation of projects dedicated to the 300th anniversary of Perm.

The festive reception ended with the awarding of the winners in the field of culture and art. Perm is rightly considered one of the largest cultural centers in Russia. The city hosts many creative pan-Russian and international competitions and festivals. To encourage talented people and to express their recognition of their qualifications in cultural activities, in 1999 individual awards in the field of culture and art were established, named after our outstanding compatriots, whose achievements were recognized by the general public in Russia and abroad.

The award of the Russian businessman Sergei Pavlovich Diaghilev for the best acting in the genre of choreography was awarded to Albina Rangulova, artist of the Perm Opera and Ballet Theater, for her performance as a ballerina in the ballet concert No. 5 to music by Sergei Prokofiev.

The USSR Lidia Vladimirovna Mosolova’s Folk Artist Award for Best Actress in a Dramatic Art Award went to Perm Puppet Theater’s puppet artist Pavel Dityatin for his role as Charlie Gordon in Lou Lodz. ».

The award, named after Russian composer and musician Alexander Pavlovich Nemtin for performing skills or creating the best work in the art of music, rightfully went to the artistic director of the Boys’ Choir Chapel, a member of the Union. Composers of Russia, composer, conductor, choirmaster, member of the Union of Theatrical Workers of the Russian Federation to Dmitry Batin for the creation of the musical play “Prayers”.

The award for Honorary Artist of Russia Ivan Stepanovich Borisov for the best creative work in the field of fine arts was given to Valentina Solovyova, Associate Professor of Painting at the Perm State Institute of Culture, member of the Union of Artists of Russia, Perm branch of the Russia, for a solo exhibition dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Popular Artist of the USSR Evgeny Nikolaevich Shirokov.

The award, named after Russian Honorary Artist director Georgy Ivanovich Burkov for best director in theater, film and television, went to Perm Puppet Theater’s artistic director Dmitry Vikhretsky for his performance of Flowers for Alger.

In addition, the mayor presented diplomas to companies involved in the implementation of the Perm-300 project.

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