How to choose insurance for holidays abroad and how much the contract costs

The most popular summer holiday destinations this year, the Union of Tour Operators of Russia called domestic resorts, Turkey, Abkhazia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt. We analyze what kind of insurance to choose for a trip outside Russia and how much it will cost.

Too often, a travel insurance policy (TSI) is considered a prerequisite for obtaining a visa. To travel to Turkey, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, which are popular this year, you do not need to apply for a visa, so it looks like you can save money on insurance. But it is not.

Why you need a VZR policy

Overseas Travel Insurance (FTI) has a much more important mission – protection and guarantee that in the event of adverse conditions abroad, the insurer will pay the bills for emergency medical care provided at a local clinic. That is, the policy will allow you to avoid high costs for treatment. This is important because the service of foreigners in foreign clinics is a paid service, in addition, the prices are higher than the Russian ones. Even the cost of recovering from a common food poisoning outweighs the cost of travel health insurance. And help may be needed, because even a change in the quality of water and food that is unfamiliar to the body can cause mild food poisoning.

Popular tourist destinations this year account for 70% of travel insurance claims, according to VSK Insurance House. The majority of requests for medical assistance are in Turkey and Egypt. In second place at the top of the most traumatic areas are the United Arab Emirates, in third place is Abkhazia.

The top 3 insurance events in Turkey include diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, including infectious diseases, otitis and pharyngitis. In Egypt, one of the most common accidents is the injury of the foot by sea urchin fins. In the United Arab Emirates – otitis, in Abkhazia – diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, injuries and viral infections.

What risks are covered by the contract?

Traditional TCD risk set:

  • medical expenses (for surgery, medicines, necessary research, medical services).
  • departure of the emergency team;
  • transport costs to the medical center;
  • emergency dentistry;
  • evacuation of a tourist in his homeland;
  • repatriation under tragic conditions.

How to choose security

You need to choose a VZR based on many parameters.

The first is in which country you will go on vacation.

The second is how much time you will spend abroad.

The third – which company do you go on vacation to. If they have young children or elderly parents, it is better to get an insurance policy with wider coverage (50 thousand euros) and related risks for them. For example, include protection in the list of options in case of exacerbation or complications of existing chronic diseases.

Fourth – how active is the rest planned. The insurance coverage of 30 thousand euros is usually enough for a short and relaxed hobby. If you like sports or extreme recreation, surfing, yachting or paragliding, mountain climbing or cave descent, it is better to extend the insurance amount to 100 thousand euros and include the possible risks in the risk. Injuries during outdoor activities can be serious and the insurance pays for medical services under the TCD contract only within the limits of the sum insured.

RESO Garantia advises you to choose insurance coverage (if there are no extreme sports in the plans) based on the amounts:

  • $ 100,000 for Thailand.
  • 50 thousand dollars in the countries of America, the Caribbean, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia.
  • 30 thousand euros for the Schengen countries and the European Union.
  • 200 thousand rubles for Russia.

How to complete the policy

Depending on the desires and financial possibilities, a variety of risks can be included in the TCD. For example, add options for flight cancellation or delay, luggage insurance, lost documents (IC will reimburse the cost of the charge), liability to third parties (if you suddenly caused injury to someone) or, conversely, insurance against illegal third party actions. These are traditional additions that all insurers have. There are also originals, as protection for sports, photography and video. For some companies, the traveler’s policy may even include the option of traveling with an animal – insurance will cover unforeseen costs for veterinary care in the event of a pet’s illness.

When the insurance case is not paid

Exemptions from insurance cases are provided in each insurance policy. And in VZR policy as well. These usually include insurance events that have occurred:

  • in the territory of hostilities, natural disasters or epidemics;
  • whether the contractor was drunk or under the influence of drugs;
  • The insurance will not cover the costs associated with pregnancy, treatment of infectious diseases due to lack of vaccination, prosthetics, spa treatment, plastic surgery.
  • translation and courier services.

What to do in case of an insured event

The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  1. In case of an insured event, you must contact the service provider (assistance) at the telephone number listed in the contract.
  2. Inform the number and period of validity of the insurance policy, the place and the substance of the appeal.
  3. If the case is insured and specified in the TCD agreement, then the operator will help you choose a medical clinic that will provide services.
  4. If you had to pay for the services yourself, you would have to keep the financial documents – they would have to be provided to the insurance company to reimburse the money spent on the treatment.

How much does a travel policy cost?

VZR is offered by almost all insurance companies in the market. The cost of policies depends on several factors:

  • the age of the tourist (for a child, an elderly person and an adult, it will be different).
  • risks contained in the policy;
  • the amount of risk coverage at the local clinic;
  • travel period – the policy must include the date of entry and exit from the country.

The extended coverage TCD program will, of course, cost more than the standard set of risks. But it is definitely cheaper than treating complex injuries at your own expense or paying for a helicopter evacuation in the mountains.

For example, in the company AlfaStrakhovanie, the cost of a policy for a 50-year-old traveler who will spend a week on Turkish beaches without participating in extreme sports, the TCD will cost, depending on the program, from 560 rubles (the amount of coverage is 35 thousand euros) up to 1 300 rubles (coverage – 100 thousand euros).

For a twenty-year-old VZR vacationer for a weekly tour in Turkey, where he intends to do windsurfing, it will cost from 1,300 rubles (coverage – 35 thousand euros) to 2,700 rubles (100 thousand euros).

In Ingosstrakh, for a policy without additional options, a 50-year-old traveler for a weekly vacation in Turkey will have to pay 394 rubles (coverage – 35 thousand euros). If the coverage is increased to 100 thousand euros, then the cost of the TCD will increase to 1,305 rubles. The cost of the policy will be the same for a 20-year-old tourist.

It is possible to return the insurance policy

There are times when the trip was ruined and politics was not needed. In this case, you can contact the office of the insurance company with a Russian passport, foreign passport and insurance policy and file a complaint. This opportunity is provided by Rosgosstrakh, AlfaStrakhovanie and other companies.

But there are certain conditions for return. For example, contact the office to terminate the contract and get your money back within 14 days of signing up for insurance. If the visa policy is introduced, then the money will not be refunded.


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