Highlights of the week: Huawei cuts Russian retail, new McDonald’s logo, runs out of alcohol in restaurants

A look back at the week spent reviewing the most important and interesting news in the Russian market.

Partner stores began to close in Russia Huawei. Four of the 19 Huawei dealerships have closed in Russia. The first point closed at the Riviera shopping center in Moscow on February 28. Later, stores in Novokuznetsk, Ufa and Rostov-on-Don closed.

Network of certified stores Lego in Russia “World of Cubes”, owned by the company Inventive Retail Groupsuspended the operations of some of its stores. The network was affected by the situation with the pressure of sanctions. In particular, manufacturers’ deliveries to Russia have been suspended. Employees will continue to work in local warehouses.

Speaking to Russian Retail Week, the head of Inventive Retail Group Corporation, Tikhon Smykov, said the company plans to significantly reduce the number of stores, including brands such as apple, Samsung, Winbut will remain in the market.

which replaced McDonalds In Russia, Sistema PBO LLC introduced a new logo. It depicts the main symbols of the restaurant: two sticks of yellow potatoes and a yellow-orange burger. The green background of the logo symbolizes the quality of products and services that our visitors are accustomed to. The logo will be used in the advertising campaign.

The first 15 points will start accepting visitors to Moscow and the Moscow region on June 12. In the near future there will be openings of other points throughout Russia. The chain has already resumed recruitment.

Also for iOS and Android mobile systems, the application of the former McDonald’s was updated. The updated name “My Burger” is temporary. The change was caused by the need to avoid using the McDonald’s brand.

Restaurants Pizza Hat will also continue to operate in Russia with the new brand. The owner of the main franchise, the Polish company Amrest, sold the business to Noy-M LLC for about 300 million rubles. While the new owner has not decided on the name.

Russian restaurants are exhausted by strong imported alcohol. Stocks of imported alcohol for Russian restaurants, which bought it for the future in the winter, will last until the fall. The lack of strong alcoholic beverages – rum, whiskey, vermouth – is particularly pronounced.

Swedish team IKEA plans to sell the Russian Ikano Bank, on the basis of exchange rate from the Ikano Group (Luxembourg) and Credit Europe Bank NV (Netherlands), in favor of Credit Europe Bank in the Russian Federation. The parties have already submitted documents to the Bank of Russia for approval and the agreement is expected to be concluded before the end of July.

Group X5 analyzes the possibility of relocating, closing or selling existing stores “Carousel”owned by the company. The decision to transform the supermarket chain was made in September 2019 against the background of the fact that buyers began to prefer a small store within walking distance of the house and is in line with the retailer’s strategy.

“Vkusvill” introduced the order combination process – “additional order if you forgot”. The update allowed customers to re-order all their purchases for a courier flight, and the company saved about 10 million rubles last month and reduced the number of canceled deliveries by an average of 10%.

“Alphabet of taste” continues to develop the direction of agriculture and support local producers and launches a farmers’ office. The innovation will become part of the agricultural platform and will allow small suppliers, farmers and craftsmen to bring their products to the shelves faster and easier. Also this week, the chain began delivering hot drinks.

Azbuka Vkusa launches the delivery of hot drinks

“Magnet” completed trials of the first artificial intelligence advertising campaigns. The ML-based customer bid customization project started in late 2021 and is now fully implemented by Magnit’s internal team.

“Film” upgraded an automated demand forecasting system based on artificial intelligence for regular and promotional items in stores of all shapes. During the year, the company reduced the deletions by 4% in the initial stage, the increase in the availability of promotional products reaches 5%.

Club “M.Video-Eldorado” doubled the range of equipment available for purchase under installment plans and extended the non-overdue loans to 18 months.

Russian network “L’Etoile” sold its assets to Ukraine. According to RAU, French perfumery Philippe Benacin Holding closed its acquisition of Brocard-Ukraine LLC and Egzagon LLC on May 23, 2022.

“Vkusvill” opened a new distribution center in the Moscow region and “Crossroads” – in the Voronezh region.

The State Duma passed in third reading a law that, from June 15 to December 31, 2022, removes the current limit on market share of 25% when buying or leasing retail chains owned by foreign owners who have left Russia.

Pharmacies may have soft drinks, healthy foods, certain types of clothing and footwear, including socks, sports equipment, chewing gum, essential oils, aromatherapy accessories, and medical leeches. There are 20 product categories in total. The relevant bill has been submitted to the State Duma, which expands the list of products for the retail trade of pharmaceutical products.

Also in the Lower House, the ban on billboards in foreign languages ​​is being discussed. According to the deputies, on the main streets of Moscow, on average, there are 30-50% more signs in English or in Latin characters than the signs in Russian.

American Electronics Corporation IBM stopped working in Russia altogether and began firing officials in the country, and Microsoft announced a significant reduction in business in Russia.

But not only are South Korean companies not going to leave the Russian market, but they are also considering buying shares in foreign companies that have decided to leave Russia.

Russian practice EY announces rebranding – now the brand is called B1. The companies under the new B1 brand will continue to work with clients as a group of audit and consulting firms that are not part of EY’s international network.

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