TCM meets a cup of coffee and ice cream in Guangzhou

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June 13, People’s Daily online – In a cafe in the center of Guangzhou / Guangdong Province, South China / you can not only buy the most delicious coffee and various desserts without restriction, but also practice traditional Chinese medicine / TCM /.

The small cafe, owned by Taiwanese Cai Hsiching and his wife, has become a popular place to relax and pamper TCM since it opened in October 2019.

“We not only make specially brewed coffee, but we also offer TCM treatments to our customers,” Cai said. “Cafes like this are considered auspicious places for business meetings, as well as platforms that connect young people with TCM.”

Kai and his wife became certified TCM practitioners after completing their studies at Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine about ten years ago.

“Young people like to try TCM therapy on their own when they find out that such services are available at the cafes they visit. Many have become regular customers here for TCM therapy,” he said.

Cai’s Changtan Coffee is located in the thriving Tianhe district, with over 1,000 cafes of all sizes and styles. Half of them are located in the central business district, where there are about 50 stores per square kilometer.

Tianhe CBD boasts most of Guangzhou’s Fortune Global 500 companies. About 120 companies are headquartered in the county, accounting for 25 percent of the total.

“The foundation employs a lot of young people. As a result, it has become an ideal place to promote TCM by incorporating medical treatment with a cup of coffee,” Cai said.

In China, a growing number of TCM pharmacies offer coffees that combine TCM ingredients, as well as beverages such as goji berry latte, Hawthorn and rose americano or cappuccino with granulated sugar.

However, Chai said they would not implement such innovations any time soon.

“We will focus on specialty roasted coffee and the promotion of TCM treatment services,” he said.

In the cafe, all the coffee is handmade, with the beans being roasted on a light to medium level.

“We do not overcook beans because we want to avoid excessive caramelization,” Tea said.

According to him, young people often suffer from poor health conditions or diseases related to stress and irregular working hours, which makes it very important to take care of their health in daily life and reduce potential risks.

In addition to the specially roasted coffee, the company also makes ice cream from TCM ingredients. It is popular with young customers who value healthy eating.

A few years ago, Cai’s wife, Su Yunya, helped make a specialty pastry shop in Taiwan to make health ice cream. “That’s why I started making it myself in my shop,” he said.

After the properties of TCM were agreed and the menu was adjusted, three types of ice cream appeared with the taste of angelica sinensis, turmeric and longan.

“Ice cream mixed with therapeutic ingredients of ‘warm nature’ has a slightly magical taste. It is delicious,” Su shared.

Packaged ice cream has become a popular item in the facility.

“TCM ice cream can not only minimize the harm of ice cream to human health, but also satisfy the desires of young people,” he said.

Some customers who visited the cafe on business trips to Guangzhou have shown genuine interest in TCM treatment, Su says. “They come here for coffee, but later become regular TCM employees,” he said.

The foundation offers guests mostly traditional TCM treatments, such as acupuncture and rodenticide. “There will be huge market potential to promote TCM among young people on the Chinese mainland,” Su said.

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