The Arctic is in the hands of volunteers: the 7th season of the “It’s gone” eco-marathon has started in Russia

More than 170 teams and 1,200 participants of the Good Works corporate program gathered to start the traditional race for good deeds. Photo: Alexander Sabakar

More than 170 teams and 1,200 participants of the Good Works corporate program gathered to start the traditional race for good deeds.

“When it all started, we could not imagine such a large number of groups and participants,” said Igor Sukhotin, Director of the Social Policy Department at Norilsk Nickel. “It’s great to be growing up. Ecomarathon “Gone” has already become a prominent story on the map of volunteering in Russia. “I’m sure you’m watching cities change thanks to you.” “And perhaps most importantly, you change.”

Eco-Marathon-2022 started with the fact that each area completed an ecological challenge in its city – a project useful for nature. In Norilsk, volunteers set up a recreation area in front of the new Ayka Sports Hall, planting shrubs and flowers that will excite the townspeople even in the harsh Norilsk climate.

Photo: Alexander Sabakar

Photo: Alexander Sabakar

“We can not just start with speeches, we have to do something useful,” said Natalya Dunaeva, head of philanthropy at Norilsk Nickel. “Therefore, part of our challenge is to create a voluntary park. I think all citizens will be happy to come and see the flowers we planted. Let it be a small piece, but green “.

A group of volunteers in Cheetah participated in the beautification of the Tuzhi Art Park and the Norilsk Nickel Kola section helped the Lapland Nature Reserve.

Maxim Ivanov, Deputy General Manager of Kola MMC for Regional Policy and Corporate Projects, said: “I am constantly amazed at the growing number of volunteers, teams and projects in our cities. It seems that soon all the inhabitants of Monchegorsk and the Pechenga region will become Norilsk Nickel volunteers. “And then we will flood the whole Kola Peninsula.”

“97 teams and more than 670 people gathered on the Kola Peninsula this year,” added Olga Gorchakova, curator of the Combine of Kindness volunteer program in Monchegorsk. “This is a record! I also want to note that we have a lot of newcomers. I have not measured the percentage yet, but it is over 50%. That’s nothing but joy. “

Volunteers in Saratov worked to improve green space in the city, and in Krasnoyarsk they worked in the Krasnoyarsk Pillars National Park and the Beaver Log amusement park.

“The number of volunteers is simply staggering,” admitted Tatyana Smirnova, director of public relations at Norilsk Nickel. “I want to wish the volunteer movement to develop not only with our very strong traditional volunteer cities, but also with St. Petersburg and maybe Sochi.”

Participants in the “Started” marathon thanked the Moscow National Park “Losiny Ostrov” by placing a rose in the arboriculture and improving the educational exhibition. The event was also attended by the wards of one of the Moscow orphanages.

Photo: Alexander Sabakar

Photo: Alexander Sabakar

“I have been in this large volunteer family for seven consecutive years,” said Alexei Belozer of Moscow. “This is a great story about networking, where people come together, can meet their inner needs and give of themselves to something good. “I am very happy that many young people are participating in the eco-marathon today, because this program has to do with creativity, kindness and positivity.”

After the ecological challenges, all the volunteer spaces in the country were united by a big zoom conference. On the air, the participants talked, exchanged plans for the year and even danced an incendiary dance with the ambassador of “It’s gone-2022”, the famous figure skater Alexei Yagudin.

The four-time world champion in figure skating and gold medalist started the eco-marathon in Norilsk, shared valuable advice with volunteers and answered questions of concern.

“I remember an incredible action. Well, honestly. And smiles. “It seems to me that the most important thing for the future development of the voluntary movement is to have the ability to please people and involve them in their kindest community,” said the Olympian. “And I really liked the phrase that more and more people are joining our ranks, the ranks of volunteers. And we want to achieve 100% result. And if they win, they will receive, as I did in my time, the gold medal of the Olympic Games and here we will all receive the beautiful world in which we live.

In the capital, another figure skater, a participant in the World and European Championships, TV presenter and popular blogger Emma Gadzhiyeva attended the opening ceremony.

Photo: Alexander Sabakar

Photo: Alexander Sabakar

The motto of season 7 is “The Arctic is in your hands”, and therefore in 2022 the company’s employees will join forces around projects aimed at conserving the lands of the Far North.

Ksenia Gasparyan, Development Director of the Reserve Embassy Foundation, estimated that this year the emphasis is on the Arctic. “It is wonderful that right now in the harshest northern regions, which really need the warmth of volunteers’ hearts, our volunteers are working to help nature. “The nature of the Arctic is extremely vulnerable and through this marathon it is important to show the need to maintain the resilience of northern ecosystems.”

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