Tyumen forests provide more and more jobs

The Tyumen forest complex is affected by annual forest and landscape fires. But the people of Tyumen are not only concerned with rescuing forests from fire. As soon as there was talk in Russia of banning the export of round timber abroad, timber processors began to make plans for the development of the industry.

Over the next five years, one trillion rubles are expected to be invested in Russian timber processing. The Tyumen region also has its own timber industry plans. In a year, a powerful timber processing complex will appear in the Tyumen area. The volume of investments will be about one billion rubles. The wood processing company “Agro-Les” managed to buy equipment and technological lines at competitive prices, imported machinery, equipment for work in forest areas and laboratories.

Yury Zhbanov, General Manager of the company, stated that the company operates in two shifts. Demand for finishing materials remains stable. Revenues remain the same. And they are even increasing, as wood processors dominate the production of new products.

The plans include the purchase of a second drying chamber, a sawmill line and, above all, the construction of another large laboratory. To do this, the company expects to buy another eight-hectare plot.

Disadvantages of the company include unforeseen expenses for extinguishing forest fires. This rule is defined in the forest lease agreement. And yet ahead, according to the company, good prospects. This year, revenue from the sale of wood products may increase by a third. The company’s customers are companies in the industry, individuals engaged in the design, individual construction, production of furniture and interior decoration, as well as small and medium enterprises.

Another large woodworking complex with an investment of one billion rubles is being built by EuroSibDom. The project is supported by the Investment Service of the Tyumen District Fund. The construction work should be completed by the end of 2023. Evgenia Ivanova, development director of EuroSibDom, noted that the company will produce floorboards, apartment buildings and decorative elements. A sawmill with a capacity of 800 cubic meters per month has already been put into operation at the entrance. A drying complex and a laboratory have been constructed where cast products will be produced. After the start of operation of all workshops, about 170 specialists will be involved in the maintenance of production lines and other production sites.

Large-scale timber production projects in the Uvat area have recently been announced. The mayor, Vyacheslav Elizarov, told the Telegram channel that a complex for the production of plywood and cracking oil would be built on the territory of the industrial zone in Turtas. LLC “Tyumensky LPK” plans to create one and a half thousand jobs as a result of the project. By order of the Governor of the Tyumen region Alexander Moor, the project “Construction of a timber industry complex in the Uvatsky region of the Tyumen region” received large-scale status.

– In the meeting with Denis Safronov, General Manager of Tyumensky LPK LLC, we discussed a number of issues related to the implementation of the investment plan. “Including employment in the company and the passage of training for the residents of our region,” said Vyacheslav Elizarov.

A new timber treatment plant will be built near the Tyumen-Khanty-Mansiysk motorway and the railway. The company will produce 125,000 cubic meters of plywood and 100,000 tons of cracking oil per year.

The increase in business related to harvesting and processing of wood is also evidenced by the auctions held by the Tyumen County Forest Department for the right to enter into contracts for the sale of forest plantations. In mid-June, a series of auctions will take place in the regional center, where dozens of lotteries will be drawn. According to the department, the auction plots are located in Tobolsk, Yalutorovsky and Uporovsky, as well as in Uvatsky, Omutinsky and Vagaysky.

Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs can take part in the auctions.

It is noteworthy that from April this year, forest areas can also be used to improve the quality of life of citizens, to build various objects in areas free of lively forest plantations. The regional department of the forest complex stated that the legislation now allows the construction of recreation centers, children’s health camps, bike paths, campsites, forest paths on leased forest plots. The list of such items has been expanded by one third. And this means that citizens will be able to spend more free time and recreation in nature with benefits for health and family well-being.

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