90 – 60 – 90 is no longer a point of reference. Fitness trainer on loads and silhouette

Nowadays it is customary to take care of your silhouette. Men go to the gym, girls go to the gym. About what is hidden behind this foreign word, our correspondent Oleg ROGOZIN discovered from the gymnast of the international online school, 19 times champion of professional tournaments, top 10 of the tournament Miss Olympia Yana KUZNETSOVA.

90 - 60 - 90 is no longer a point of reference.  Fitness trainer on loads and silhouette  Photo by Dmitry SOKOLOV

Photo by Dmitry SOKOLOV

At the gym on the advice of a husband

You have many titles, Yana, including international ones. How did you come to them?

– I will say immediately – not immediately and not quickly. I started almost by accident. When I was 19, I traveled south in the summer, I swam a lot, I went hiking. And when I returned to St. Petersburg, I suddenly discovered that all the clothes had become too big, then I weighed only 43 kilos. I did not like it and my husband advised me to go to the gym. I realized that it was dangerous to start classes in such a weakened state, so I turned to the coach. As a result, he became stronger, gained several pounds of muscle mass. I liked everything, I fell in love with the lessons and the gym with all my heart.

How did you come to compete?

suggested the coach. It was not easy, I had to change the whole training methodology, the diet, to “dry” the body – to remove most of the fat, to pull and train every muscle. It took three years…

So much effort to please others, men?

– In my case, first of all, to please myself. There is a well-known formula: if you do not love yourself, then who will love you ?! This has its own truth. First of all, you need to change your attitude towards yourself. I’m talking about this from the first lessons in my online fitness school. If my booths manage to see themselves differently, they want to change, then everything will be fine. Many then thank you, including older women. Their lives change: they get married, they start to see the world around them differently. I am always happy for them …

So, seven years of courses, three years of special education and then what?

– I went on stage at a competition in Moscow and immediately won, although there were many participants, about 180 girls. He then won the championships in St. Petersburg and Russia. And so it went, in just a few years he won many titles, including in international professional competitions. Entered the top 10 of the world tournament “Miss Olympia”, everyone dreams of playing in it.

To achieve results, some training is not enough, it is also necessary, perhaps, to strictly follow the diet?

– I would not use the word “diet”, it scares, especially when we talk about a healthy lifestyle. No diet, but a balanced diet – these are the simplest products, cooking without frying. Boiled food cooked on steam or in the oven with minimal oil and fat. There is nothing complicated about it. And it is better not to combine heavy fats with simple carbohydrates in one meal, so as not to burden the stomach.

Anyone who wants to lose weight should measure the number of calories he consumes and gradually bring them closer to normal. To balance carbohydrates, it is easier to use the usual cereals: rice, buckwheat, millet. The diet should contain vegetable and animal proteins: meat, fish, legumes. Do not eat too much bread, rolls, sugar.

However, some special food is also used, mainly with proteins.

– This applies to serious athletes who need to gain muscle mass. Of course, you can train with chicken and turkey, but a high bodybuilder should consume a lot of protein. And, in order not to burden the stomach, protein supplements are used, in which, roughly, the chicken is dried into powder. It is completely harmless. It is like eating a large piece of chicken, but the stomach will not stretch and will not have to digest the food for a long time. Some of the supplements retain fluids, the joints feel better and the athlete can lift more weight.

I am exclusively for pure sports and have never taken steroids or anything else to build muscle mass faster. But all my muscles are mine, developed. Due to the recent birth of my daughter, I did not exercise for almost a year, but the muscles did not go anywhere. Of course, it is not in the same shape as before, but it will be much easier for me to recover. Years of hard work are not wasted.

Find out your body mass index

Marilyn Monroe’s formula is known – 90 – 60 – 90. Do fitness athletes strive for it?

It is not ideal for us. We try to make it even more opposite. My waist in the competition is 54 – 55 cm., The hips – 95 cm., The top – 92 cm. With a height of 163 cm and an ideal weight of 52 kg. I now weigh 57 kilos, but it has been a little over a month since my daughter was born. I will clean the excess, but gradually, I still have a period to feed the child. I plan to fight later.

How is the optimal weight determined?

– Using bioabstansometry. There are special devices that evaluate the composition of the body. It is estimated how much fat a person has, bones, muscles. Even the symmetry of the development of the muscles of the right and left side is determined. This is the most accurate method. According to a specific formula, you can calculate your body mass index based on your height and weight. All this, however, plus or minus – you have to look at the person. For example, in a bodybuilder, the body mass index will show obesity due to the large muscle mass.

At what age can you start exercising?

It is up to the parents to decide. My baby is one month old and he is already swimming, splashing in the bathroom. It can be considered fitness. And I missed my son. He is now 12 years old and has started exercising, although he deserved to get used to training earlier. He already does 300 push-ups a day and has caught the very pleasant feeling that results as a result of muscular work. He says he feels a surge of power, but the main thing is that he likes it. I like it too. Of course I do not load it with heavy weights. Training loads should be given after 14-16 years and with caution, after consulting a trainer, a specialist.

For me, fitness is, first of all, a healthy lifestyle and therefore everyone, without exception, should deal with it. There are many different directions and methods in fitness, everyone can choose the right program for themselves according to their capabilities. The simplest thing is to do simple exercises at home for 20-30 minutes a day or go to the pool regularly. This is also fitness, because it forms a silhouette and gives health. The main thing is to move, to exercise. But as a coach, I always explain: exercise is just part of a healthy lifestyle. Its essential ingredient is right, that is, balanced in BJU (proteins, fats, carbohydrates), minerals, vitamins and water, nutrition. In addition to the absence of bad habits and proper sleep – it is worth getting up early, starting the morning with a cool shower.

Healthy Lifestyle Festival

Can fitness be considered a sport?

– Of course. Fitness as a sport is synonymous with bodybuilding. We just have an easier approach. But there are women who are also involved in bodybuilding and there are men who are passionate about fitness. There is the Russian Bodybuilding Federation, headed by the famous St. Petersburg athlete Alexander Vishnevsky, and regional branches, in particular, St. Petersburg. Competitions in the regions are held twice a year – in spring and autumn. The best are selected for them, they are already taking part in the Pan-Russian tournament, which is also held twice a year.

Can’t loads during fitness classes fail?

– Of course, everything must be approached prudently. If a person has health problems, be sure to consult a doctor before you start training. You can not immediately lift a lot of weight without training, overload yourself with simulators. An obese person can not do without special recommendations from doctors.

Women also have their own special periods. During the pregnancy I definitely did not train as an athlete, but after the recommendation of gynecologists I did some exercises. In order not to blur much when she was pregnant, and to get in shape faster after childbirth. There are special exercises that allow you to strengthen the pelvic floor during recovery after pregnancy.

Apart from sports titles, you also have like “Hope of Russia” …

– It’s a completely different story. In the upper classes, the inter-school training centers carry out vocational orientation work for the learning of various professions, I chose the car business, where mainly boys were enrolled. We studied cars and trucks, we learned to drive. But I wanted so badly to get behind the wheel of a truck that I became the best on the team and I was offered to speak at city competitions. She trained, drove a truck without a power steering and then pumped her biceps for the first time. In the city races, she was the only girl among forty men, however she took first place. That was when I was awarded the title of “Russia’s Hope”.

Do you have other extreme hobbies?

– In my life I have done and am doing many interesting things. Diving, for example, I am a member of VOSVOD. It is true that I do not work as a lifeguard on the beach, I do not have time, but I represent this organization in the media. Last year I participated in the first multi-sport festival “Big Peter Sports Show”, in which a bodybuilding tournament was organized.

The city liked the festival as a way of attracting young people to a healthy lifestyle. We won a grant from the city committee for youth policy for the second festival. This year it will be held on October 8 and 9, there will be 30 different competitions in different venues. The winners are given exclusive medals and prizes by the organizers and partners.

Now is the time for Russia to take matters into its own hands: to hold cups, to fight. Festivals from this series. We want to make it an annual event for St. Petersburg and, in the future, international. We need to create something for the people, for the youth.

The material was published in the newspaper St. Petersburg Vedomosti No. 105 (7188) dated 14/06/2022 under the title “90 – 60 – 90 is no longer a landmark”.

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