Baikal campaign from Vodokhod. Summer

Hovercraft “Biryusa”. Photo: Vodokhod company

On June 11, 2022, Vodokhod opens the summer expedition around Lake Baikal. A feature of the summer “Baikal Excursion” from “Vodokhod” in this area is the opportunity to see many more unique objects of Baikal (more than 20 locations) on two shores simultaneously: West and East, thanks to the high speed traffic in a modern aircraft (SVP) “Biryusa”.

This year’s first “Baikal Expedition” will take place on a roundabout – starting and finishing in Irkutsk. During the 6 days of the mission tour, from June 11 to June 16, tourists will get acquainted with the culture and life of the people of the Baikal area at the Ethnographic Museum “Taltsy” and the ethnological complex “Buryat village” , learn about the evolution of the ancient lake’s ecosystem at the Baikal Limnological Museum, walk along the historic “130th Irkutsk District, make a wish at the Buddhist Enlightenment Stupa on Ogoy Island, visit the Baikal Sanctuary at Saikal – Baikal Olkhon Island and relax in the most picturesque coves on the west coast of Baikal. The next missions will connect the locations of the two shores of Lake Baikal – the Irkutsk region and the Republic of Buryatia.

In total, 14 summer missions are planned around Baikal on the world ship SVP Biryusa, lasting 10 and 6 days. The six-day circular excursions start and end in Irkutsk and offer a ten-day excursion along two radial routes: Irkutsk-Ulan-Ude or Ulan-Ude-Irkutsk.

At the end of May, the Baikal Expedition’s summer tours closed to twice as many tourists as the 2022 winter season.

Convenient departure city

You can go to explore the unique region of Russia from both Irkutsk and Ulan-Ude. A fascinating tour of Lake Baikal with a modern ship will interest both active youth and respectful age audiences. The summer excursion is suitable for those who love dynamic travel in comfort. The active nature of the exploration includes light hiking and day trips. With a small group of up to 30 people, you can go to visit the Old Believers, wander barefoot on the warm sands of Barguzinsky Bay beaches, drink aromatic tea in the nomadic yurt or ‘boil’ on the Shamanka rock.

Baikal – all inclusive

The “Baikal Expedition” is as close as possible to the “all inclusive” standard, with no unexpected additional costs. The cost of the tour includes: accommodation in top hotels in Ulan-Ude and Irkutsk, as well as in hospitable leisure centers on the shores of the Siberian Riviera, three meals a day and picnic in nature, transfers with a comfortable hovercraft Biryusa, excursion program with experienced Baikal tour guide, entrance tickets to museums, group transfer in the first and last days of the tour (airport – hotel – airport).

Protected paths of Baikal

During a 10-day trip to the deepest lake in the world, the expedition team will have time to visit two shores of Lake Baikal at the same time – the west and the east, which will allow you to see more than 20 unique locations, visit reserved places and remote picturesque bays. The “Baikal Campaign” united in its path the famous Buddhist monastery-university Ivolginsky datsan, the sacred Stupa of the Enlightenment on the island of Ogoy, the Shamanka rock in Olkhon, the old village of the Tarbagatai believers, the ethnic group “Step”. beauty of the Baikal refuge.

In the picturesque Chivyrkuisky Bay, you can sunbathe on a sandy beach, relax in the shade of a rocky shore or recharge the energy of an ancient lake into healing hot springs.

Bath lovers will be able to experience the power of a real Siberian steam by swimming in contrast to the spring springs. During the picnic along the way, gourmets will appreciate local delicacies in the most picturesque parts of the coast.

Fokia Baikalis and other inhabitants

In summer, visitors to Lake Baikal have more opportunities to see the locals. In the Ushkany archipelago, the expedition will meet the unique Baikal seal. A variety of freshwater seals, the seal is endemic to Lake Baikal and is listed in the Red Book. The cute snout and the cute habits of the Baikal seal will enchant every tourist.

Photo hunters often manage to capture a calf deer on camera, a small deer that lives on the shores of Lake Baikal. Less common is the red deer, a variety of red deer from East Asia. It is very possible to see a wolf on the forest paths and if you look at the sky above Baikal, you can admire the flight of the most beautiful and largest flying predator in the area – the white-tailed eagle. Free up your phone memory, or rather, use professional optics – there will be a lot of beauty!

Traditions of the peoples of the Baikal region

Baikal united different nationalities on its shores. Russians, Buryats, Evenks and Tofalar coexist here. The history, culture and way of life of the people living in Baikal are perfectly reproduced in the Taltsy Architectural and Ethnographic Museum, a visit which is part of the Baikal Expedition program.

A rare opportunity to meet the “guardians of pre-Petrine Russia” will be presented in the largest village of Tarbagatai Old Faith, whose inhabitants are called “Semeiskie”.

Travelers will be able to get acquainted with the hospitality of the Buryat people in the “Steppe Nomad” ethnic group, having passed the traditional Buryat ritual “ugtamzha” with a khadak, during which guests are served white food – a symbol of prosperity and purity.

Many glorious traditions and national rituals of the peoples living in Baikal will be met on the way of the “Baikal expedition”.

All shades of Baikal cuisine

Baikal has many flavors. If you want Siberian tea with herbs on the Irkutsk side or Sagan-Dail tea with milk and salt on the Buryatskaya side, please. Gourmets will be offered hot smoked omul or dried graying to choose from. Those who have a sweet tooth will appreciate the Buryat delicacy, similar to small donuts with condensed milk – cattle. Of course, a gastronomic trip to Baikal will not do without the famous Buryat buuz.

New generation shipping boat

The comfortable passenger ship SVP Biryusa was created in 2021 by special order of Vodokhod for year-round operation on Lake Baikal. The technical characteristics of the boat allow you to transport passengers smoothly and safely in water, snow and ice.

Unlike many ships of this type, the Biryusa has all the prerequisites to travel comfortably on a mission tour: increased sound and heat insulation of the cabin, comfortable chairs, coffee spot, luggage compartment, first aid kit and rechargeable gadget. Moving smoothly in the water at a speed of 55-60 km / h, the general purpose boat allows you to cover more locations in the mission and visit inaccessible places that are not accessible by bus or boat.

The “Baikal Expedition” from the company “Vodokhod” is a rare opportunity to combine the passion of an active explorer and the comfort of travel. From Irkutsk to Ulan-Ude or vice versa – all you have to do is choose a place of departure that suits you and go!

It’s time for Baikal!

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