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June is LGBT Pride Month around the world. Pride Week is currently taking place in Riga, culminating in a march on Saturday. But despite much work in educating society, LGBT + opponents use the same arguments. In this text I decided to answer the most popular of them.

The Bible says it can not be

When it comes to LGBT relationships, many immediately think of religious texts. Especially from the Bible.

Now I will not even disagree about how fair the translation is and whether the phrase “Do not lie down with a man like a woman: this is an abomination” in the book of Leviticus is more important than the words of Jesus “Love your neighbor” and “Judge not, that ye be not judged” from the Gospel of Matthew.

Let me just say that if you declare a ban on LGBT + people and relationships based solely on religious texts, then I hope you will abide by all the other bans. And also support the banning of these things for all people. For example:

  • men – do not cut your beard – “Do not cut your head and do not cut the ends of your beard” (Leviticus 19:27).
  • women – to dress modestly – “Husbands, with decent dress, modesty and chastity, are not adorned with braided hair, nor with gold, nor with pearls, nor with clothes of great value” (letter to Timothy 2: 9).
  • do not eat pork – “Only do not eat those who chew the stone and have crooked hooves:<...> for their hooves are torn, and their hooves are deeply plucked, but they do not chew the cud, they are unclean to you ”(Leviticus 11: 4-8).
  • not to divorce – “He said unto them, Whosoever shall put away his wife, and marry another, committeth adultery against her: and whosoever shall put away his wife, and marry another, committeth adultery” (Mark 10: 11–12).

I am already silent about things like women’s rights, for example – “Let the woman learn in silence, with all humility; but I will not allow the woman to teach or rule over her husband, but to be in silence” to Timothy 2: 11-12). In general, Bible lovers, be consistent in your claims.

It is against nature

There are possible counter-arguments from both sides at the same time.

First, same-sex relationships exist in nature. They are found in penguins, monkeys, bats (here). lions, dolphins, elephants (here). albatross, fish (here) and so on. I will not go into details – this is a topic for a separate article, but it is easier to find animals that have not had homosexual relationships (the full list is here – yes, Wikipedia, but with links to scientific sources).

Gay pair of penguins at the Berlin Zoo PHOTO: EPA / OMER MESSINGER

And second, humans generally do and use many things that nature has not defined. Books, the Internet, the wheel, vaccines, clothes, satellites, houses … Nature thought that homo sapiens hunted, hid from more dangerous animals and reproduced (without asking permission from a companion, by the way, for any appointments, flirtations and a sweet bouquet period). So if your anti-LGBT + argument is “nature”, then why aren’t you in the forest yet?

It looks disgusting

Everything is simple here. No one is forcing you to watch. For example, I am generally not very happy when people kiss in public (regardless of their orientation). But instead of running and dragging them to different sides of the bench, I just look away.

Homosexuality is a disease

In 1992, the World Health Organization no longer considered homosexuality a disease. Individual countries have recognized it at different times. USA – in 1990, Russia – in 1999, China – in 2001. Yes, even China and Russia.

Why is homosexuality not a disease? For any disease, there are ways to determine it.

Most of the time these are symptoms. Fever, pain in the muscles, joints and neck, swollen lymph nodes – tonsillitis. Disorganization of thought and speech, pseudo-hallucinations, delirium, apathy, abnormal plasticity – schizophrenia.

Everything is a little more complicated, of course. But you understand the beginning.

But there are also asymptomatic diseases, such as Covid-19, which often did not occur in any way. But even then, it could be detected using specialized tests.

But homosexuality has no “symptoms”. And no test, test or analysis can determine whether a person is gay, bisexual or asexual. Unless he tells you so.

Homosexuality is just a fad, it has never happened before

Nonsense. Same-sex relationships have existed throughout almost all of human history. The very first references to same-sex relationships date back to 3000 BC. – in Mesopotamia, “the cradle of civilization”.

And throughout history, there have been same-sex relationships: Ancient China, Ancient Egypt, Roman Empire, Indians in America, Renaissance, New Age.

PHOTO: Painting “Sappho and Erina in the garden of Mytilene”

And so many celebrities from different eras were LGBT + representatives: Tchaikovsky, Oscar Wilde, Alexander the Great, Leonardo da Vinci, Michael Angelos and so on.

In general, LGBT + is not a 20th or even 19th century invention.

Children are not born into LGBT unions

There is nothing to disagree with here. Of course they are not born. That’s why it’s so strange to ban such families or relationships.

Because there are still, for example, people whose children can not be born for medical reasons. Will they be banned from starting families, since they can not improve the demographic situation in the country?

I’m not talking about children without children or just people who are not in a relationship. Apparently, they should be fined – for such an irresponsible attitude towards the next generation.

In general, childbearing is poorly correlated with the rights to a happy relationship.

In addition, LGBT families can still help demographics or the state. For example, having adopted or adopted a child would be better in a good family than in an orphanage. Or by hiring a surrogate mother who would never give birth on her own.

If LGBT + is allowed, then the next step is to legitimize pedophilia

There is a fundamental difference between homosexuality and pedophilia. In the first case, we are talking about two adults, equal people. Each of them can make a conscious choice – yes or no. They both understand what they are getting into (I’m not talking about pressure or rape now, this is also the case in heterosexual relationships).

In pedophilia, one of the partners is by definition a child. Moreover, if we are not talking about legal pedophilia (under 16 years old), then it is a small child who has not reached adolescence. That is, he has not yet understood what sex is and what the consequences may be.

Therefore, allowing LGBT + people to start families does not open the door to pedophiles, animal lovers and necrophiliacs – it is a completely different realm of life.

I’m not against LGBT, but why stay out? And why do we need a pride (from the English pride – pride)? What is there to be proud of?

In general, indeed. A person does not make a conscious choice to become gay, trans, asexual or anything else. So being proud of your sexual orientation is like being proud of your eye color.

This would be the case if LGBT + people were in the same position as heterosexuals. But it is not. Even if we are talking exclusively about Latvia, then LGBT + people can not start families, they are often the subject of jokes and intimidation, most of the population considers them sick or even dangerous.

United protest against LGBT people in the Sejm PHOTO: Evija Trifanova / LETA

Pride is not meant to “deflate”, but to show society that there are LGBT + people, there are many of them, they are a significant part of the population. And the ultimate goal is to achieve such a change in society that other sexual orientations, other than the “other”, are not considered unusual.

There is another aspect. Yes, maybe the very fact that someone is an LGBT + representative is not something we should be proud of. But the courage to admit it to other people and to oneself, as well as the courage to fight for one’s rights, even to realize that society is still very hostile – that is a reason for oneself.

Kids will see and also want to become gay and lesbian

This argument is the most difficult to argue. The fact is that the issue of sexuality is generally poorly understood. Is it innate or learned? How much does life in a particular family affect children? After all, LGBT + people continue to be born and raised in hetero-families.

Preliminary research, by the way, rather supports the hypothesis that children in LGBT + families are more likely to be LGBT +. But here the question is – how much children “become LGBT +” and how much they are not afraid to explore their sexuality. After all, now there is not even reliable research on what percentage of people in the world are LGBT +. Especially considering that in many countries people are afraid to admit it and there are no other ways to find out, as I wrote above.

The key question is elsewhere. Suppose it is true. Suppose children in LGBT + families are more likely not to be heterosexual. AND? What’s wrong? All my previous text was dedicated to the fact that there is nothing wrong with LGBT + people and orientation. If a child is not subjected to either heterosexual orientation or other, then he will understand it on his own when he enters adolescence.

If there are no heterosexuals, then humanity will die!

If there are no heterosexuals, then it will disappear, of course (although it is not a fact, given the latest scientific achievements – no one has canceled IVF).

But heterosexuality will not go away. There may be a lower percentage of heterosexuals now, but even in antiquity, when same-sex relationships were not considered special and humanity was much smaller than it is now, people did not die. So, if our nearly 8 billion disappear, it is probably because of nuclear disaster or climate change.

After all. LGBT + people are no different from heterosexuals. Except for their sexual preferences, but this should not worry anyone when it comes to the relationship of adults, capable people.

If gay couples gain the right to start a family, then this will not weaken the position of heterosexual couples. Just like the current bans do not push LGBT + people to change their orientation.

Everything will be fine with Earth and children, do not worry. Pedophiles and animal lovers are also not legalized.

And this Saturday, June 18, let me remind you, the Riga Pride will take place. Come and take a look. Maybe talk to someone. These are ordinary people. And they should have the same rights as everyone else.

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