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In the forest, 120 km from the noisy city in the Demidovsky district, opened the first glamping in the Smolensk region. Here guests are offered an unusual form of time. First of all, this is an opportunity to relax in camping conditions, combined with the usual urban comfort, Andrey Angelov and Oleg Gerasimov, the founders of Ruchii glamping, told Smolnarod. My Business Center helped them realize some of the painting ideas.

Idea concept

Glamping means bright camping, ie camping in nature with a high level of comfort and service.

“We are inspired by nature and how fast you can recover outside the city. There is a lot of green, fresh air and sounds of nature that have a positive effect on well-being. “So the main idea at Ruchy is a quiet and comfortable stay,” says Andrey Angelov.

That is, in the land of glamping, along with respect for nature, one must observe the regime of silence, respecting the rest. Music – a stone’s throw from your home, tent or tent. Conversations between them should be calm, without voices.

“Alcoholic beverages should not be the main means of your joy. Noisy campaigns are not welcome here. Our favorite words are relaxation, relaxation and restart. They come to us for positive emotions, comfort and new impressions “, adds Oleg Gerasimov.

Pibird watching, sunrises and sunsets, scenic spots

“We offer a new form of recreational tourism in the Smolensk region – outdoor recreation combined with the benefits of culture. No ascetic life – next to a soft bed, a hot shower, Wi-Fi. And just outside the door – nature: green, fresh air, bird song, sunrises and sunsets. This is a special form of recreation for those who want to feel complete unity with nature, but are not ready to sacrifice comfort “, say the founders of the project.

Glamping “Ruchii” is located in one of the most picturesque parts of the national park “Smolenskoye Poozerye” within walking distance of the coastal zone of one of the largest lakes in the reserve – Rytoe (arrival from the village Mikhailovskoye).

Tourists can be offered up to 20 places for setting up tents and trailers (caravans, caravans), ten furnished tents on platforms, four frame houses, 30 parking spaces, kiosks.

Accommodation Options

Visitor House with frame A. is an elegant house with a terrace and glazed facade. They are designed to accommodate up to four people.

It has a living room combined with kitchen, bathroom, a bedroom in the attic. The cabins can be rented all year round. A modern heating system will not allow you to freeze even in a decent frost.

“The front facade of the houses is completely glazed. No one will say, “Why did we come here to sit at home?” “Even if it starts to rain, in such a living room with a transparent wall, there is a feeling that you are in nature, in the forest”, says Oleg Gerasimov.

Another accommodation option is the spacious furnished apartments. scenes with comfortable beds, with heated sheets.

The presence of electricity in the tents undoubtedly provides comfort in nature.

For those who follow the “I take what I have with me” principle, a separate area is available. There you can stay in your tent. There are toilets and hot showers nearby.

Glamping ground are provided locations for accommodation in caravans with individual connection to the electricity and water supply network.

There are barbecue areas everywhere, a nice bonus is the Wi-Fi. Self-catering is available in the fully equipped summer dining area.

“The location of the area was made taking into account the comfortable hobby of our visitors. All wishes are taken into account. But I emphasize that glamping is first and foremost a relaxing family vacation. Silence is everything. The form we offer is relevant both for travelers and families with children, as well as for corporate clients who organize outdoor events for their employees “, says Andrey Angelov.

We cultivate and relax in “Streams”

Leisure activities at the leisure center vary.

Here you can fish and enjoy the view of Lake Rytoye. Cycling, swimming in the lake and boarding the SUP will help you stay in shape.

Lovers of relaxing holidays walk on ecological paths, breathe fresh air, meditate in silence.

And a very “hot offer” is a bath!

The bath complex will not leave indifferent the lovers of the broom and the steam and a tank in the forest…

And under the starry sky – this is a special kind of romance!

“Imagine: night, silence, tree outlines, moonlight reflected in the warm water, freshness and coolness all around. The soul is calm and warm “, continues Andrey Angelov.

As part of the cooperation programs and in combination with the National Park, visitors can also be provided with services such as:

– SUP board rental (SUP tours can be organized).

– excursions in the context of ecological and agritourism.

– visits to monuments, museums of folk art.

– rafting on rivers and lakes;

– hiking and cycling routes

– fishing

– ski runs in winter

– transfer from the city of Smolensk and through the territory of the national park.

“Glamorous vacation” in Russian

To date, due to the events taking place in the world, glampings near and far abroad have lost an impressive percentage of customers from Russia. And in the short term, perhaps in the long term, Russian tourists are unlikely to want and be able to go to European glampings.

“Thus, the need to ensure this type of service and its attractiveness in the domestic market of our country, including our region, is obvious,” note Oleg and Andrey.

Andrey and Oleg, in particular, assisted the Smolensk Region Entrepreneurship Support Center in developing the project.

“At the base of My Business Center, we trained and presented the glampingan project on ABC of a businessman. The project was approved and we started to actively cooperate with My Business Center in various areas of its development. Specifically, they helped us with branding, creating photographic content and videotaping. We are currently working on the grant and we are very grateful for that! “Our cooperation continues to this day”, Andrey Angelov summarizes.

We invite you to visit Ruchii glamping in the Smolensk region, which opened in one of the most picturesque parts of the Smolenskoye Poozerie National Park less than a year ago, but has already become so popular with many travelers.

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