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What is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is good, bad and general. Translated into Russian, this word means “hard bile”. The substance belongs to the group of lipids and enters the body with food (about 20% of the total). The remaining 80% is synthesized by the liver.

It is an important building block of cells involved in metabolism. It is also involved in the synthesis of sex hormones. In its pure form, the cholesterol in the body is not so great, the substance is present in the synthesis of lipoproteins. These compounds can have low density – we are talking about the so-called bad LDL cholesterol and high density (good HDL cholesterol).

HDL cholesterol are high density lipoproteins.

LDL cholesterol are low density lipoproteins.

Normal prices

Normal values ​​depend on gender and age. Cholesterol markers in the body are determined using special tests. In healthy people, the norm is considered below the level of 4 mmol / l (160 mg / dl).

But in the elderly, this percentage may be higher.

The rule of cholesterol in women is 3.6 – 5.2 mmol / l.

LDL readings should be between 3.5 and 4 mmol / l.

Cholesterol rule in men slightly different and is 2.25 – 4.82 mmol / l. This is an LDL index, the general one is the same as that of the fairer sex.

Bad cholesterol is a health risk. When combined with apoproteins, a specific type of protein forms fat-protein complexes. In such cases, an increase in LDL is observed.

If the test shows elevated cholesterol levels, you will need to be treated, which will be prescribed by a doctor.

How to normalize pointers

To normalize cholesterol levels, a diet is usually prescribed. In some cases, the condition can be corrected with the help of medication. But here it must be borne in mind that pills for high cholesterol are not a panacea. They do not eliminate the reasons for its increase. The deviation from the rule may be due to:

  • Diabetes
  • lack of physical mobility.
  • overweight.

There is cholesterol lowering foods and products increase in cholesterol. The first category includes:

  • fish;
  • low fat dairy products.
  • boiled cereals (excluding semolina).
  • legumes;
  • cabbage;
  • fruit;
  • low-fat meats (turkey, chicken).

Fatty foods are considered to be the main cause of high cholesterol. Deviations from normal values ​​may be related to the use of fatty meats, by-products, flour products, sweets.

It is also important to keep in mind that in people who have had a heart attack or stroke, cholesterol levels can drop to 2.5 mmol / l. For those who do not have heart problems, it is recommended to keep cholesterol in the area of, 3 mmol / l.

Lipoproteins can have not only low but also high density. This type of cholesterol is essential for the body. The substance collects bad cholesterol from the vascular walls and helps remove it to the liver for destruction. A situation in which LDL is low is not well foretold. This is why it is so important to have a scheduled medical examination, to find deviations from the norm in a modern way, to prescribe treatment – this significantly reduces the chance of developing dangerous pathologies.

Good cholesterol is synthesized exclusively by the body, it is impossible to increase its concentration by eating certain foods. The only way is moderate physical activity. If you do morning exercises every day, the level of good cholesterol will increase and the bad cholesterol will decrease.

Useful tips for LDL and VDL recovery

When you eat foods high in cholesterol, to activate its excretion from the body, you need to ensure the active functioning of all muscle groups.

In such cases, it is necessary to move more, especially for people who have suffered a heart attack or cerebral hemorrhage. You need to recharge daily.

To increase the amount of good cholesterol, you can take a small dose of alcohol. A glass of dry wine a day will not harm the body, but, on the contrary, will benefit. The main thing is not to overdose, remember that you can not drink alcohol while taking medication.

Many people do not even realize that their cholesterol is high. In such cases, there is an obstruction or narrowing of the blood vessels, against which heart pain may occur. Over time, this can lead to a heart attack or stroke.

Even healthy people should periodically test for cholesterol, do not neglect to prevent its markers from rising.

Everyone should control their cholesterol levels, but especially smokers. The risk group includes people with obesity and persistent high blood pressure. They should be checked regularly.

Cholesterol is often elevated in postmenopausal women, as well as in the elderly, sedentary patients suffering from cardiovascular disease.

Blood biochemistry will let you know if there are any deviations from the rule. For this, blood is taken from a vein. The study requires approximately 5 ml of biological fluid. Blood must be taken on an empty stomach, otherwise the markers will be deformed. While waiting for the analysis, no intense physical activity should be exercised.

The results of the study must be deciphered by the doctor. It also gives recommendations for further treatment. People with high cholesterol should reduce their consumption of animal fats, give up fatty meats, butter, eggs sour cream. The diet should be dominated by healthy fiber – carrots, cabbage, legumes. To normalize cholesterol, it is useful to use vegetable oils, different types of fish.

With a steadily elevated LDL, a lipid profile is prescribed, the physician’s task is to determine the exact causes of the deviation from normal values. Keeping cholesterol under control is very important – it will help prevent heart attack and stroke.

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