Freedom, nature and comfort. How to minimize stress in a big city

Eternal traffic jams, crazy pace, nervous work – all this removes the body’s valuable resources. It seems that the house is a place where you can take a breath and relax. But no. It turns out that living conditions, even the floor in which you live, can also become a source of constant stress.

Psychologist Yulia Borisova says how a resident of a big city can identify the causes of stress and deal with it.

There are several reasons why each of us is under chronic stress.

– First of all, it is worth noting that stress is different. There is stress under useful conditions – eustress. This is such a short shake for our body, thanks to which forces are mobilized and we learn to adapt to unplanned situations. When we say “chronic stress”, it is long-term stress with a sign of minus (discomfort). Instead, it depletes and drains our resources.

Each of us has many reasons to be in chronic stress: poor ecology, eternal struggle for survival, constant noise of information and much more. We are like squirrels on a wheel.

And now imagine, after a hard day’s work, you return home to your high-rise building. Stress again: the search for a parking space, instead of a happy silence – the screams of the neighbors. He opened the window, there is noise. Close it – clogged. Generally, you can not relax at home either. It turns out that our home can become a major source of stress. If we think more or less about the reasons mentioned above, then this is not always the case. There is such a book “Psychology of the city. How to be happy in a metropolis. Its author, psychologist Paul Kidwell, talks about the problems of the inhabitants of big cities. According to the author’s observations, depression and suicidal behavior are frequent “guests” of residents of narrow high-rise buildings without proper infrastructure for life.

That’s why it’s so important to choose a home in a secluded, quiet place

The Murino area near St. Petersburg immediately comes to mind. Rows of the same type of high-rise buildings. No parks, no parking. Murino often appears in the news with reports that another resident jumped out of a window. This, of course, is an extreme degree, when the environment can bring a person with a non-adaptive psyche into psychosis and suicide. However, is it worth considering if your home is an extra source of stress? If the answer is yes, then the next question is: what to do about it?

“Sovushki” in Yekaterinburg is one of the most comfortable places to live

Ideally, when there is an opportunity to change the place of residence to a more comfortable one. Move where there is freedom, nature and comfort. By the way, scientific studies have shown that when it comes to choosing a home, we have largely remained at the level of an ancient man. In fact, living on high floors is also stressful for most of us. It is still natural for a person to live closer to the earth. That is, the ideal choice is your own house or apartment on a low floor. It is even better if the window does not have a panoramic view of the concrete skyscrapers, but a piece of nature. Of course, this option is not always available. So see what can be done in your case.

Next to the forest

Natural colors have a positive effect on the soul

A simple example – the light from a billboard enters the window of your apartment all night. This disrupts sleep. The way out is to hang blackout curtains that do not let in light and the problem will be solved.

Natural calm colors also have a positive effect on the soul. You can dilute the interior with houseplants, add moderate colors.

And what a joy it is for the children!

If there is a park or square nearby, take a walk at every opportunity. If not, try to go out in nature at least on the weekends.

Living here, you feel constant harmony with nature.

In general, there are many ways to overcome and prevent stress. From art therapy (drawing), book therapy (reading), breathing practices to systematic work with a psychotherapist. It all depends on the level and “neglect” of stress. What you should definitely not do is wait for this situation to go away on its own.

For children – playgrounds

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