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Head of Rostourism Zarina Doguzova

According Head of Rostourism Zarina Doguzova, today the authorities in the field of tourism face two main tasks. First, to ensure the viability of the industry. And secondly, to create as many opportunities as possible for comfortable, affordable and safe holidays for Russian citizens.

The following figure eloquently speaks of the state’s attention to the tourist destination: budget support for industry has increased 10 times, to 70 billion rubles in the last three years.

More modern hotels

At this stage, one of the main tasks is to increase the stock of hotel rooms in the tourist areas of the country. It is very important that the supply of accommodation corresponds to the growing demand every year. And here, in the last year, a number of life-changing decisions have been made, without exaggeration. These are preferential loans of 5% (much lower than the basic interest rate!) For the construction of hotels, the zeroing of VAT for them (which will enter into force on July 1, 2022), the program for the creation of prefabricated modular hotels. , which will allow the opening of 2,500 hotel rooms this year alone.

At the same time, Rostourism supports the renewal of road and community infrastructure in resort towns.

Cash return

From the new measures, the program of tourist cashback and children’s cashback (vouchers for summer camps) enjoys the greatest public love for the new measures. In three years, more than 4 million people have used the first of these. The next stage will begin in the second half of the year. According to the second, more than 800 thousand tickets were sold in two years.

Following the launch of the Kids Refund Program, it has become much easier for parents to send their children to summer camps.

Following the launch of the Kids Refund Program, it has become much easier for parents to send their children to summer camps.


The success of the cashback idea has every opportunity to replicate the domestic tourist charter program, which began to develop in the second half of last year. Its essence lies in the fact that the state issues a subsidy that allows tour operators to reimburse half the cost of chartering aircraft to popular tourist destinations. Today, a number of about 20 such combined destinations have already been created, including Baikal, Kazan, Caucasus, Kaliningrad, Far East, Kuzbass, Tyumen.

This year, the State Duma will have to pass a new law regulating tourism activities. As Zarina Doguzova noted, the bill was prepared with the participation of companies and regions. It will lay the foundations for the territorial development of tourism as an important sector of the economy, will completely review the system of financial guarantees for tour operators and will change the approach to regulating the quality of services.


43.8 thousand rubles was the average price of a trip under the tourist program of cash back. On average, 8.3 thousand rubles were returned to the cards to buyers.

National itineraries are trips with “quality marking”

We asked the head of this department to talk about how Rostourism breaks stereotypes and even turns traditional coal and oil areas into tourist destinations. Zarina Doguzova.

– Rostourism has developed criteria for the requirements for national tourist routes. Tell me what is this program? Something like a Michelin-starred quality label for the most popular destinations?

– Yes, the idea is that a tourist who chooses national routes must be sure that it is safe, interesting, comfortable and balanced in terms of price-quality. At present, 24 such national routes have been developed.

What do we all pay attention to when planning a trip? First, we try to design the program so that we do not miss anything interesting and see all the brightest sights. Secondly, we are looking for a comfortable hotel, optimal in terms of price-quality. Third, of course, we want to try delicious local cuisine: wherever you go, there are gastronomic moments everywhere. We pay a lot of attention to these key points when we look at tourist routes in the council of experts and give them, as you said, a quality label – “national”.

We have developed standards for such routes, so that everything is studied to the smallest detail. For example, the logistics on the route have been selected for the optimal, convenient route, all the hotels offered for accommodation are sorted, that is, this is also a certain sign of the quality of the services provided. And one more important point: the value for money and the affordable cost of the trip are calculated on the route – this is one of the criteria that we always pay attention to when taking the route. The duration of the routes is conveniently chosen – no more than 8 days, they can be arranged in different ways, for example, choose a program only for the weekend.

We are rediscovering areas, many of which are not related to tourism for most.

We are rediscovering areas, many of which are not related to tourism for most.

– Can you tell us more about several itineraries that are recognized as national?

– I would like to talk to you about the route “The Sovereign Road”. It operates routes between Moscow and St. Petersburg. This is a historic road founded by Peter I. And during the reign of Catherine II, it became the first asphalt road in the country. The route passes through four regions: the regions of Moscow, Tver, Novgorod and Leningrad. There are many historic cities along the way, travel palaces of Catherine II, ancient railway stations, famous literary estates, parks. Historic cities – Tver, Torzhok, Vyshny Volochek, Veliky Novgorod and beautiful scenic nature – Zavidovo, Valdai. The route also has its own gastronomic brands – for example, in the old Torzhok, I advise you to definitely try the Pozharsky cutlets, where they are prepared according to historical recipes. According to legend, even the Russian emperors visited Torzhok especially for the sake of this dish.

Developing new routes, we want to discover areas in a new way, many of which have nothing to do with tourism for most. For example, we have a national route in the Orenburg and Chelyabinsk regions, there is a route dedicated to the 300th anniversary of Kuzbass. It has a brilliant nationality – the mountain Shors and their traditions, unique archeology, Siberian cuisine and very beautiful nature of the mountain Shoria, and the Sheregesh ski resort in Kuzbass is already known throughout the country.


14,000 new hotel rooms are expected to appear in the country in the coming years thanks to a loan program on favorable terms for the construction of hotels. The first 38 projects worth more than 200 billion rubles have already been selected and hotels will appear not only in the Krasnodar Territory, Crimea or Kaliningrad, but also in the Far East – in Primorye and Sakhalin.


Representatives of the tourism industry spoke for themselves

In April 2022, the award of the Komsomolskaya Pravda multimedia group “The path is built” took place. In this context, regions, brands, guides, hotels and other representatives of the tourism industry from all over the country presented their projects or routes. 670 applications for participation in the competition were submitted! The finalists were chosen by popular vote. The KP initiative received a huge response from readers – the award pages on the KP.RU website were viewed more than one and a half million times, voted across the country. The winners were selected by a competent jury among those who, thanks to the popular selection, managed to reach the final. Zarina Doguzova became its president. 47 contestants became the winners of the awards, honorary prizes were awarded at a festive ceremony in Rostourism.

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