Mandatory labeling of harmful products proposed to be imported into Russia

The labeling of foods high in sugar, saturated fat, sodium, and high-calorie foods was suggested by Dmitry Davidov, author of “20 Ideas for Russia’s Development.” Labeling will allow the introduction of new measures to combat harmful products.

Being overweight is a global problem

The problem of overweight is important not only for Russia, but for the whole world. The World Health Organization calls it global.

Between 1975 and 2016, the percentage of obese adults tripled. Among them, the increase was almost sevenfold.

However, obesity is a serious problem. This is the main factor for the development of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, certain types of cancer and musculoskeletal disorders, the WHO emphasizes.

To combat obesity in the general population, the World Health Organization recommends placing special warning labels on the front of packaging for harmful products, as well as reducing the impact of advertising unhealthy products on children and adolescents. Chile was the first in the world to follow these recommendations. As a result, total per capita calorie intake was reduced by 15%, sugar consumption by 20% and saturated fat by 27%.

The label was then introduced in other countries, such as Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Canada and others. In Israel, “healthy” products are labeled green, while harmful ones are labeled red.

Marking is the right decision

Producers in Krasnoyarsk Territory fully support Dmitry Davydov’s proposals. This is confirmed by the fact that the “Yenisei Standard” voluntary certification system operates in the area.

To obtain a certificate, the manufacturer must submit the products for quality analysis. If the quality and usefulness of the products are confirmed, the products receive the appropriate mark in the form of a one-click sticker and the inscription “Approved by the Yenisei Standard”.

Marked products made in the area.

● Meat and meat products. poultry, eggs and their products

. Milk and dairy products

Ρια Fish, non-fish species and products derived therefrom

Ά Milling and bakery products, pasta

. Sugar, confectionery, bee products

. Fruit and vegetable products. Wild products.

. Crude oil and fatty products

. Baby food

● Soft drinks

During its existence, the voluntary certification system inspires confidence in buyers, residents of Krasnoyarsk associate products with quality and safety.

What they say to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

Dmitry Davydov sent a request to the Russian Ministry of Agriculture. The section noted that products placed on the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), in accordance with the requirements of the Customs Union, must be safe.

In addition, Rospotrebnadzor, taking into account the analysis of product consumption in Russia, has developed a color scheme for the indication of the label based on the content of sugar, salt, saturated fatty acids and other elements in the products.

“This color indicator is voluntary and is intended to provide the consumer with more detailed and visual information about the content of individual substances in it,” said Vladimir Skvortsov, Deputy Head of the Food Industry and Processing Department at the Ministry of Agriculture. Russian Federation.

The product display system is similar to that introduced in Israel. Dmitry Davydov believes this is a step forward. However, the author of “20 Ideas for Russia’s Development” is convinced that only mandatory recognition will yield real results, as the experience of other countries shows.

Dmitry Davydov, responding to a letter from the Ministry of Agriculture, recommended following the WHO recommendations and restricting the advertising of harmful products, as well as banning the sale of products dangerous to health in kindergartens and educational institutions and excluding them from the school diet. .

First, customers will know that labeled products are dangerous to health.

Second, producers will be motivated to produce healthier foods.

Third, the frequency of food abuse will be significantly reduced.

Dmitry Davidov’s proposal needs legislative support. The adoption of the initiative will effectively solve a number of problems.

  • Buyers will know that labeled products are dangerous to health
  • Producers will be interested in producing healthier foods
  • Food abuse will be significantly reduced

The implementation of Dmitry Davidov’s ideas will lead to the improvement of the population and the reduction of mortality in the country.

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