PHOTO Oysters, Pavlova and Michelin. Viru Keskus opened a large food court with many dishes from different countries

The largest food court in the city center is over 1500 m2. The idea of ​​FoodHall, which has won the hearts of gourmets around the world, envisages a common living area, allowing guests to order from different places and enjoy food together.

The dining area is located on the Viru Keskus wing on the side of Estonia Avenue next to Tammsaare Park and its living room with unique houses with ÖÖD mirrors extends to a terrace up to the park itself. 5 million euros have been invested in the food court.

What to try at the new food court?

Mikkeller is one of the top five craft beer producers in the world based in Copenhagen, supplying Estonia with the best selection of both classic and non-alcoholic beers. The modern and original bar is combined with quality craft beer and crunchy snacks with a London touch. One of the features of the Mikkeller bar is that draft beer is often changed there. However, by the end of the start year, only beer from local breweries will be flowing from the tap.

KÜLM ice cream farm

KÜLM handmade ice cream is made from the purest milk in Estonia, from Nopri farm, in collaboration with the famous Estonian chef Joel Ostrat. Italian gelato farm ice cream, handmade in Tartu, combines centuries of Italian experience with the milk of happy Võrumaa cows. Ice cream is available in many unusual flavors, such as basil, birch sap with cookies and caramelized passion fruit cheese.

Freya Foodbar is an oasis of healthy street food in a fast-paced world whose sacred goal is to redefine the meaning of fast food and prove that it is not the same as fatty and unhealthy food. The food bar was created by the desire of the founders of Lore Bistroo and Restaurant Lee, Janno Lepik and Kristjan Pejaske, to create a dining area where you can quickly and without regrets have a healthy meal. Thus, the Freya foodbar brings greens and healthy ingredients to the world of fast food, offering rich taste and fast service to the hungry inhabitants of the cities who, as a result of the fast pace of everyday life, have forgotten the importance of greenhouses. Dining menu designer Janno Lepik recently won the Michelin Award for Best New Chef.

The silver food truck houses the street-style seafood bistro So Shellfish. The menu consists of two main sections: the “raw bar”, where guests are offered fresh oysters and seafood, as well as tartar, sevice, crouto and other dishes with fresh fish. The second part of the menu is represented by classic seafood dishes from around the world: fish and chips, moul-frit, crab rolls and more. As a side dish, a selection of champagnes and wines are offered, ideally combined with the taste of fresh fish and seafood.

The product of the special confectionery is the Pavlova cakes. Coffee offers over 20 variations of this delicious dessert! Everything is prepared on the spot according to the classic recipe – with a crispy crust on the bottom and soft meringue inside, natural whipped cream without sugar on top and combinations of different berries and fruits depending on the season.

Stereo Street Food combines South American tradition and heritage, lively and innovative street flavors and Scandinavian gifts from nature. Arepas, tamales, tortillas, tacos, mole, guacamole, chimichurri, spicy cooked chili, ceviche, ahi, pebre – these are just a few of the things that will be offered to you. All kinds of spices, herbs and spices make this cuisine unique. Natural and organic sparkling wines are the perfect match with gourmet dishes.

KimiJimi presents premium street food from Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Cambodia and Japan. Are you familiar with the rich menu of the popular Thai Boh restaurant and the atmosphere of the no less popular colorful restaurant Manna La Roosa? KimiJimi is a fan of these two restaurants.

Hawaii-inspired poke bowls are a whole bowl of good food, a complete meal with balanced nutrients and lots of fresh ingredients and vitamins. Whenever possible you should have all four of these components in place for launch to maximize profits.

Meze’s dishes are inspired by Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. The dishes are always prepared with fresh and authentic ingredients – the perfect boost of healthy vitamins for the Estonian climate. Word snack Translated from Greek it means “snacks that are enjoyed casually among friends”. In Greece, the company of friends is valued as much as a common meal, so snack is an integral part of Greek life.

The restaurant, located in the Tartu Hardware Factory building, has arrived in Tallinn to offer gourmet food lovers the best of its pizza and pasta cuisine. The basic idea is to prepare street food and the heart of the accommodation is an open kitchen with a live pizza oven and a corner for preparing fresh pasta. Guests will be able to watch the finest Neapolitan-style pizza and fine-grained pasta being prepared.

Paper Mill coffee bar

Paper Mill is a unique coffee roasting specialty and promoter of the coffee culture. For Paper Mill, coffee is not just an anonymous commodity traded on the stock exchange, the coffee bar actually uses the best coffee beans in the world. The roaster ensures that the supply chain is as short and transparent as possible. Sustainability and green thinking are important to Paper Mill. Coffee, whose origin is known, always tastes better! In addition to their favorite coffee, which is made from roasted beans in their workshop, guests can buy delicious pastries.

The mission of chefs F. Burger Eva and Dmitry is to create Make it yourself from the classic version of burger fast food dirty style a la carteusing only the best ingredients and locally produced ingredients. At the burger bar of Viru food, brioche is cooked on the spot, minced meat and delicious sauces are prepared from which the best handmade burgers in the city are made.

F. Burger is a family work of chefs Eva Unt and Dmitry Fomenko, who embody their extensive experience and practice at various top restaurants in Tallinn and Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe. The keywords are fresh local ingredients and exquisite flavors.

Samsa Family Bakers brings delicacies of Uzbek cuisine with soul and history to Viru Keskus. The family restaurant respects the long gastronomic traditions of its ancestors and therefore always puts the quality and the pleasure of the guests in the first place. The best Uzbek pilaf that takes hours to cook, manti or Uzbek pasta, homemade noodle or lagman soup, soup soup, chebureks with different fillings and, of course, real samsa puff pastry pies without yeast – as you can see, the menu of a family Samsa bakery is very varied and delicious.

The MySushi restaurant with ten years of experience now awaits guests at the new food court Viru Keskus. In the rich menu of the restaurant, all guests, including vegetarians and vegans, will be able to find the most suitable bowls for sushi and poke for themselves. On weekdays, you can enjoy a varied lunch menu that includes mouth-watering desserts and quality coffee. The gastronomic delights are complemented by first class hookahs and delicious cocktails.

CHI Oriental Restaurant offers a wide range of Chinese, Thai and Indian inspired dishes. The rich menu includes vegetarian, fish and meat dishes in lighter and more spicy versions. All dishes are prepared on site from fresh ingredients by experienced Asian chefs.

The Kebaboom menu is based on the concept of healthy fast food – the choice is simple and honest. Fresh and quality raw materials are a priority for Kebaboom. Doner kebab, ie skewered meat, can be ordered with bread in the form of sandwiches or wrapped in durum wheat tortillas, with handmade french fries or salad. All of these options can be combined as you wish.

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