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On Tuesday, June 14, a special order of the Regional Committee for Nature Protection was published on the website of the governor of the Volgograd region, according to which the residents of Volgograd are forbidden to walk and enter the forests of the area until the end of June. . The “Notebook Volgograd” studied the complete list of forbidden forest areas and places for frying barbecue in the countryside. There are currently 22 in total.

According to a Bloknot Volgograd correspondent, citing a published document, the main purpose of the forest travel ban is fire safety:

– Introduce restrictions on the stay of citizens in the forests and the entry of vehicles in them, as well as on the execution of certain types of work in the forests (not related to forest activities) in order to ensure fire safety in the forests from June. 10 to 30 June 2022.

Residents of Volgograd are no longer allowed to be on the territory of the Alekseevsky Forest Service. In all parts of the forestry of the Alekseevsky rural area and in some parts of the Tishansky, Zakhopersky, Nekhaevsky and Ust-Buzuluksky forestries.

This is the main text of the decree banning visits to forests in the Volgograd region

It will not be possible to walk or drive to the Archedinsky Forest because the crossing and travel are closed – Sosnovskoye, Frolovsky Rural Forest Service. Similarly, all sections were closed for a visit to the Bykovsky – Kislovskoye, Nikolaevskoye, Primorskoye forestry.

There are also forbidden forests in the Volgograd forestry – any walk was forbidden in all sections of the Gorodishchensky and Vertyachinsky sections. Partly – Dubovskoye, Gorno-Balykleyskoye. For one month, any excursions to the Danilovskoye forestry, the forests of the Berezovsky district and the Danilovsky rural area are prohibited. In the same list – Sergievskoe, Zapolyanskoe, Ostrovskoe, Shtabnoe.

At the Zhirnovsky Forestry, the Krasnoyarsk section was closed for transit – separate sections, Linevskoye, Verkhne-Dobrinskoye and Zhirnovskoye rural areas.

At the Ilovlinskoye forestry, the following were closed: Viltovskoye, partly – Ilovlinskoye, all sections – Ilovlinskoye rural, partly – Sirotinskoye. At the Kalachevsky Forestry, the Kalachevsky site, the Kalachevsky rural area and the Levoberezhnoye area were closed. In Kamyshinskoye forestry, it will not be possible to access the site Verkhne-Lyapovsky – in some places, Dobrinskoye, Talovskoye, Talovskoye Salomatinsky SU, Kamyshinskoye rural.

Restrictions on entry to the Kotovsky Forestry. The list includes some sections of the Kotovsky, Popkovsky Forest Service. In Leshchevskoye forestry – these are Karshevitskoye, Leshchevskoye.

In Mikhailovskoye forestry, these are Mikhailovskoye rural, Glinischanskoye, Bezymyanskoye, Rakhinskoye, Mikhailovskoye.

Nizhnechirskoye forestry. Hiking in the forests of the department Tormosinovsky, Surovikinsky, Nizhnechirsky was banned here. It is forbidden to visit Novoanninskoye, Novoanninskoye rural, Kikvidzinskoye in the Novoanninskoye forestry. In Olkhovsky forestry – rural areas Gusevskoye, Olkhovskoye, Solodchinskoye and Olkhovskoye.

16 in the list of Podtelkovskoye forestry with a ban on visiting for ordinary residents, except employees, plot Bukanovskiy, Glazunovskiy, Kumylzhenskiy, Kumylzhenskiy rural, Shakinskiy. At the Rudnyansky Forest, it was forbidden to walk along the site Elansky, Matyshevsky, Rudnyansky.

At the Svetloyarsky Forest, it will not be possible to walk through the sections: Duboovrazhnoye, Novo-Aksayskoye, Kotelnikovskoye, Svetloyarskoye.

In Serafimovichskoe – Kirovskoe, Kletskoe, Perekopskoe, Raspopinskoe, Serafimovichskoe rural, Suvorovskoe, Ust-Khoperskoe.

In forestry Sredneakhtubinsky – Sugar, Sredneakhtubinsky, Leninsky. At the Staropoltavsky forestry under no visit in June – the site Krasnoyarsk, Staropoltavsky, Mikhailovsky. In the last Uryupinskoye forestry, the forests of the Novonikolaevsky, Uryupinskoye, Uryupinskoye forestry areas were banned.

At the entrance of the forests, where movement and crossing are prohibited, warning signs for the citizens should now be placed, the forest roads should be blocked with barriers, including the checkpoints.

Here we wrote that in the Volgograd region, from June 10, a regime of restriction of stay in the forests was introduced. The same regime had been established due to the heat in previous years. This is how the area reacted to the heat and the desire of many to relax in nature with a barbecue. Compliance with the regime should be monitored by state inspectors of the regional committee for nature protection, forestry officials, officials of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, law enforcement agencies, Cossack associations and specialists from the parks for protection of natural parks in B . If the residents of Volgograd still violate the ban, then you should be prepared to pay a fine – 15-30 thousand rubles. With the fire regime announced in the area, the amount can reach 50 thousand rubles

In late May, it became known that the area was preparing for summer fires.

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