Go for mushrooms: how not to lose loved ones in the forest

Summer has come – it’s time for a vacation for adults, a vacation for children and outdoor recreation. Mushrooms and berries ripen in the forests, the collection of which is already a good tradition for many every warm season. But, unfortunately, along with the search for the gifts of nature, the search for those who chased them becomes more and more frequent. Therefore, the problem of missing adults and children, not only in the forest, but also in the city, was discussed on Thursday, June 9, in a press conference “Search for missing persons”. The participants were personally involved in the investigation: Lt. Col. Konstantin Molchanov, police chief, and Sergey Alekseev, head of the Sova Voluntary Search and Rescue Movement.

Searches in numbers

Every year up to 2,000 people apply for the disappearance of loved ones in the Tver area. At the same time, it is possible to locate more than 90% of the missing. For the quarter of this year, 498 applications were registered, of which 474 were found. According to Konstantin Molchanov, the main risk group is minors. Those who drink alcohol also have the lion’s share of the disappearances.

– It is impossible to say exactly how fast people are. The speed depends on the timely appeal to the police, the interest of relatives and friends of the missing person to search for him, help in finding out all the circumstances of the disappearance, details of the lifestyle. Unfortunately, most of the time people try, as they say, “not to wash the dirty sheets in public” and do not mention some of the conditions of the disappearance. Many of them are actually important, and sometimes the search, because of their silence, will remain motionless, it will be long overdue. Therefore, if there was a quarrel with a loved one, some kind of disagreement or he had a problem at work or at school, you should not hide it. You can find a person both the next day and a few years later. Feel the difference. Therefore, all available information in the application should be disclosed as completely as possible, – Konstantin Molchanov spoke about the main problem.

The search can take up to ten years, such a period is required by law. Fortunately, in the Tver area, about 80% of the missing are found within the first ten days. At the same time, only 1% of those found are victims of crime. If we look at the total number of wanted, then only 7-8% of people die. It is also worth noting that more than half of the missing, 66%, are men.

To wait or not to wait

And we also note that the main factor that affects the search speed is the time frame. Until now, many people have thought that after a person disappears, you should only contact the police after three days. It may have been formed after watching movies and TV shows, but in real life everything is completely different. No regulation provides for a three-day waiting period. You can apply at the nearest home office from your home. In this case, the employees themselves will transfer it to the territorial part of the place where the person disappeared. The on-duty police station are called upon to immediately register the application, issue an alert voucher and take immediate search measures. Waiting a few days and hoping that a person will find himself alone is not only not worth it, but also impossible.

– I would also like to note that the statement is different from the statement, – noted Konstantin Molchanov. – For example, the missing sister of a woman lives in Krasnoyarsk, they communicate only by landline. In this case, there will probably be no rush when writing an application. As for its submission, it is not necessary to submit an application at the place of registration. I recommend contacting the nearest local authority. The on-call department will accept the application without failure. The police will issue it normally, record all the details and without fail take samples of the epithelium from close relatives to locate the person by DNA analysis. In the first ten days we carry out checks, if necessary, we start a case and put it on the wanted person’s list.

What else matters? When contacting the police, you should give the last photo of the missing person, describe in detail the appearance and clothes he left with, special marks, habits and inclinations, what documents and things he took with him. If possible, bring his latest notes or notebooks. They also provide an opportunity to determine the circumstances of the disappearance. The main thing is to act as quickly as possible.

Special risk group

Particular attention is paid to unauthorized child care. Children run not only from home, but also from boarding schools, orphanages. This year, the territorial services of the Ministry of Interior have already received 106 reports of unauthorized departures of children. Fortunately we found them all.

In the search for children, special attention is always paid. Do not be surprised, but, as practice shows, for the last three years, the most common reason for leaving is the “trouble” received at school. Because of this, for example, a teenager’s phone is taken away and he fights with his parents. And there is stress when parents divorce. Such children can be sought for a long time, but, fortunately, such cases are rare. Volunteers from the Owl Squad are involved in the search in the city after the appearance of orientations. By the way, not all children run because of problems. According to the head of the volunteers, Sergei Alexeev, many of those found say they were just dreaming of traveling.

– The most common destination for such travelers is the desire to get to St. Petersburg. We also have a teenager who is just interested in leaving home and walking around town. He is now 13 years old, has already been caught five times in various places and started running at the age of 11. The last time they discovered it was in the area of ​​Staraya Konstantinovka. “The guy said we were very cool,” Sergei laughed. “It’s nice to hear that from a teenager, and even better if he stops his unauthorized adventures.

Most minors are located very quickly – internal affairs respond immediately to a missing person’s complaint. All information about any disappearance is transferred to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia within three hours from the receipt of the report by the service.

Adults in the “lost”

As already mentioned, in the risk group among adults, in the first place, people who abuse alcohol. And this is quite understandable. Most often they die in accidents or due to quarrels with drinking partners. The elderly are also at risk, many of whom are mentally ill.

“A grandfather with a disease like dementia lives in the Raduzhny region,” Sergei began a story about another permanent fugitive. – He likes to walk on the wide boulevards. For the last time, I went from Raduzhny to the shopping center in Rio and then I wanted to head to Moscow along the highway. We spotted him on the East Bridge, gave him immediate directions and found him.

In the vast majority of cases, if a person is missing, his relatives succumb to panic. They start calling hospitals and morgues, but in reality you just need to report the disappearance to the service. Missing and unidentified reports are updated here several times a day. Of course, everyone is worried when someone close to them is late and does not come in contact, especially at night. But in any case, one should not lose one’s head, but it is necessary to find out the last place of residence of the missing as soon as possible.

The beginning of the search

If a minor is missing, his or her legal representatives, his parents, write permission to publish information about the search on the official website of the Russian Interior Ministry for the Tver region. Depending on the circumstances of the disappearance, an on-duty investigative-operational team may depart for a person’s place of residence. If necessary, a kennel inspector with a service dog is attracted to assist in the search. Also involved are the PPS squads, the traffic police, the local police who are closest to the place of disappearance. Directions are sent to the bodies of internal affairs, to the service officers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Cars with loudspeakers are parked near forest areas and residents of nearby settlements are warned that one person is missing. Units of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, military personnel and voluntary organizations are involved in conducting large-scale investigations.

Volunteers provide significant search assistance. They are the ones who find lost mushroom pickers in the summer. Thanks to them, the search for the missing is done through the social networks of the Internet, witnesses and eyewitnesses of the event are identified and leaflets with information about the person are distributed. In addition, they help identify unknown corpses.

To reduce the number of missing persons, Sova volunteers hold classes and lectures in schools, preventive measures to prevent the disappearance of adults and children, develop and distribute memos. For example, “A reminder to someone who goes to the forest”, “What to do if a child is lost”, which can be found on the site poisktver.ru.

No need to panic

What other advice did the rescuers of the “lost” give? Fortunately, almost everyone now has a smartphone with which they can take a picture of a child. Therefore, we advise you: before visiting the event, where there will be many people, you should take a photo of the child. First, there will be a photo for memory, and second, if it is lost, then it will be much easier for a passerby to recognize him by his clothes. Also put a note with the parents’s phones in the child’s pocket.

Parents of children and adolescents need to know who their children are communicating with, what they are interested in and how they spend their free time. It is essential to be not only a parent but also a friend who can support when a child is experiencing or having problems. Seniors should also put a note, preferably on a bracelet or pendant, or wear a GPS navigator bracelet. In a note, it is necessary to write not only contacts with which it will be possible to communicate with relatives, but also the presence of diseases.

If you or your relative are going to the forest, tell relatives or neighbors the approximate route of the walk. Take with you a compass, a charged phone, matches, food and water, medicines. If there is an elderly person with you in the forest, then keep him in your field of vision at all times. If you are still lost in the forest, there is no need to panic. Stay in your place, if possible, call the rescue service at 112. Describe the area where you entered the forest and in which direction you followed.

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