Specialized developer “Spartak Stadium” invests one billion rubles in the creation of an ecological park in Pokrovsky-Streshnevo

Ecopark Primavera will be located in Pokrovskaya Embankment, which is part of the largest specially protected nature park in Moscow, Moskvoretsky. The natural green zone of the Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo peninsula will be continued. The architects of the project, Wowhaus, were selected to create a project that will carefully preserve the natural landscape and natural areas of the embankment for the harmonious interaction of nature and man.

Ecopark Primavera has been designed by the architects as a fully permeable area: there will be 8 Club City entrances to the Primavera River, which will also be accessible to people with limited mobility. Located on the banks of the Moskva River, the Temple complex will be integrated into the ecological park promenade – visitors can easily reach from the Temple area to the ecological park area.

An amphitheater will be located near the Temple Complex for events or daily leisure for Club City residents on the Primavera River and visitors to the Pokvrovskoye-Streshnevo Peninsula. The amphitheater will be “green” terraces that descend from the Temple to the hiking trails of the Eco-Park Primavera, and will be able to accommodate up to 250 visitors at a time. In summer, the amphitheater can be used as an open-air cinema or as a comfortable dance floor.

Along the entire 1.5 km long Ecopark Primavera, there will be a scenic walking trail along the edge of the coast. Projection cots, equipped water slopes and observation platforms will be installed here, sunbeds will appear, bridges, wooden decks and stairs will be created.

About 1,000 mature trees and 1,000 shrubs will be added to the existing embankment ecosystem. An alley with large limes will be planted, which will become a natural obstacle from the road along the embankment. Lilac alleys and eunuchs, as well as young adult weeping willows, will be added to existing willows across the coastline. The entire coastline will be strengthened.

Other hiking trails will take place on a hill deep in the Primavera Ecological Park. To preserve the existing topography of the area, the project architects laid out part of the footpaths along the lines of the former Tushino Airport racetrack. Along the routes there will be playgrounds, relaxation areas for yoga and secluded reading, dog walking areas, as well as a variety of plants and trees that will complement the picturesque natural ecosystem of the embankment.

Oleg Shapiro, founder of Wowhaus:

“When large residential complexes are developed near a protected green space, it is very important to handle it as efficiently and carefully as possible. It is clear that the river bank will be used by people in any case – after all, this is a city! Therefore, together with the developer, we have developed a project that will make this impact distinctive: people will be able to use this urban area – walk on the river, walk in the park. And, hopefully, seeing how everything is carefully organized here, these same people will come together in communities, take care of the area, be proud of it, preserve it and, most importantly, multiply. After all, nature, especially now, is a great value! “

The selection of trees and shrubs for the ecopark was made taking into account the change of seasons in our lane. Guests at the embankment will be able to enjoy flowering lilacs and apple trees, green wreaths of linden and willow, herbs and bright flower arrangements in spring and summer, and evergreen conifers, textured birch and bright red fruits in winter.

All the playgrounds at Primavera Ecopark will be created to develop children’s interest in exploring the environment, exploring and learning about the landscape and nature through visual and tactile contact, and will also be divided according to age group and interests of children. They are located far enough away from the pet promenades to create a comfortable environment for all visitors to the ecopark. Pet spaces are also zoned to allow separate large breeds of animals and tiny pets to walk indoors.

For jogging, cycling or rollerblading, there is a separate route that runs through the entire territory of the Ecopark Primavera and will be equipped with a special shock-absorbing coating for safe sports. Training facilities, basketball games, grass soccer and sand volleyball will be set up. For adults and elderly visitors, a separate area will be created, equipped with equipment for muscle training and joint mobility. All sports venues will be thrilled with shady canopies and leisure areas.

It is worth noting that the sports sites of the ecological park were revised during the work on the project and were designed under the strict guidance of Denis Saratov, the world champion in strength training. The sports equipment has been selected taking into account the different physical condition of the guests and a wide range of age groups.

In winter, the terrain of Ecopark Primavera allows you to use this beautiful ice skating rink and cheesecakes, and the trail turns into a cross-country ski run.

Ekaterina Tein, Executive Director of Marketing and Sales, SZ Spartak Stadium:

“It is worth noting that the specialized development company Spartak Stadium will be the first to start the improvement of the Pokrovskaya Embankment in the Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo area and will complete the work before the start of the premium Club City project on the Primavera River. Thus, residents and visitors of the Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo peninsula will soon be able to enjoy a modern and picturesque ecological park, walking along the shores of the Moscow River. The Ecopark Primavera will become an example of harmonious interaction between nature and man and a point of attraction for leisure, walks and sports “.

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