Weather for June – 2022 in Izhevsk: the rains will continue and the inhabitants of Udmurtia will be hot – Weather

What meteorologists, Internet services and signs say about this

Forecast for the first month of summer. Photo: Sergey Grachev

May did not please the inhabitants of Udmurtia with the weather: the rains and the dew did not allow them to fully enjoy the blooming nature. Many have already begun to fear that we are facing a repeat of the cold summer of 2018, when it snowed on June 1st.

No rain or drought

According to meteorologists, in general, in the summer we will not expect unusual phenomena, such as thunderstorms or drought. Irina Kurteeva, press secretary at the Udmurt Hydrometeorological Center, spoke on Radio Adam (104.5 FM, 12+).

This information is confirmed by Dmitry Adakhovsky, Senior Lecturer, Department of Ecology and Nature Management, UdGU.

It will rain in June, but not very often. Photo: Dilya Akhmadishina

By the way, meteorologists say that it is not worth drawing conclusions about what summer will be like until the last month of spring. So cool enough May should not scare.

When will it be hot?

“This year, the meteorological summer (the transition of the average daily temperature to +15 ° C and above) will come on June 1, with the calendar summer. In the first days of summer, the temperature background will be above the climatic standards and such a temperature regime will correspond to the rules of mid-June “, informs the press service of the Udmurt Hydrometeorological Center.

For the next few days, meteorologists predict the following:

  • June 1-2 – mostly dry.

  • June 3 – short-term rains are possible due to the approach of the front section.

  • June 4-5 – rains, sometimes thunderstorms.

Generally, for the month, if you look at the data of various Internet services, during the day in June it will be from +20 to +23 ° С, at night – from +14 to +18 ° С. However, there is little rain. If you look specifically at the numbers, on June 1-4, Yandex.Weather promises +24 .. + 25 ° С and from June 5 – cooling to +16 .. + 18 ° С. Meanwhile, Gismeteo is more pessimistic in its forecasts: it is 1-2 ° C cooler than promised by Yandex and from June 7 to June 15 it promises even +15 .. + 17 ° С.

It will not be too hot in Izhevsk, but you can count on hot days to go to the beach. Photo: Amir Zakirov

Yandex.Weather forecast +24 .. + 25 ° С after June 20 and a slight decrease until the end of the month. Gismeteo promises heating after June 15, but not higher than +24 ° C.

Meanwhile, Pogoda forecasts average temperatures from +21 to +24 ° C for the whole month and even up to +26 .. + 27 ° C on 22-24 June. It is true that nighttime temperatures are lower – from +8 ° C.

As for the rains, Gismeteo predicts most, but no prolonged bad weather is expected.

Internet services are based on long-term statistics and do not take into account current climate change.

Speaking of average temperatures. The press service of the Republican Committee for Civil Defense and Emergency Situations reports that in June it will be +15 ° C, which is higher than the average annual prices.

The evening and night temperatures in June will be around +14 ° C. Photo: Amir Zakirov

If calculated from the data of previous years, the temperature can be almost 17 ° C. However, you should not completely trust this method, we have already calculated a similar index for May and the difference with the real situation was almost 5 ° C.

What will the summer be like according to popular beliefs?

If we rely on the wisdom of people and their zodiac signs, then also there are no particular discrepancies with the meteorological forecasts.

For example, in the past, a snowy winter was followed by a long spring and a rainy summer. At first, spring came really late, and May was almost all rainy. At the same time, “May is wet – June is dry” – heavy rains in June are not really expected.

In addition, there is a sign that summer was like the weather on May 30th. It was moderately hot and occasionally sunny this day – in fact, as experts promise.

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