What foods should be excluded from the summer diet to stay in shape: doctor advice

In summer, we tend to switch to lighter foods, we try to eat more fiber foods. Seasonal vegetables and fruits are champions in fiber content. However, you should not completely focus on plant foods, as even in the heat the body still needs not only vitamins but also trace elements. Therefore, you should continue to consume both fats and proteins and carbohydrates, just rebalance. Plastic surgeon Leah Gavasheli spoke about this in a conversation with Evening Moscow.

The body’s protein needs in the summer are about 50-55 percent of the total daily diet. These proteins can be plant and animal, the expert noted. For example, in hot weather, if a person is lactose intolerant, it is very helpful to consume fermented dairy products. As for fats, their percentage is equal to 20-23 percent. In summer, of course, you should try to consume not only animal but also vegetable fats. The amount of carbohydrates should ideally be less than 20 percent – it is better to get the most carbohydrates in the summer from seasonal fruits.

– In this context, I recommend eating fast carbs (potatoes, pasta, rice) in the summer only at lunch and for dinner, cook protein foods (low-fat poultry, seafood) with vegetable salads, vegetable ovens. This will maintain the necessary balance of trace elements and useful substances and will not begin to accumulate excess weight, said the doctor.

If we are talking about forbidden foods in the summer, some of them are not recommended for use all year round – this, of course, is a variety of fast food, fast food, sweets, Gavaseli added.

– For those who keep fit, any pastries are added to this list due to their calorie content and the fact that this food is quite heavy. “In general, the restrictions, if we are talking about weight, are all-weather”, the expert noted.

At the same time, according to the doctor, there are some products that should be limited as they contribute, for example, to edema or dehydration. These are two problems that most people face most often during the summer season and which in one way or another can affect not only physical well-being but also the arrow of the scale:

Salt. Of course, you need to reduce the amount of salt you consume. In the summer we often make salads, pieces of vegetables, which many people flavor with a lot of salt. Salt is one of the foods that contribute to bloating, weight gain and health problems.

My advice: if you take care of yourself, significantly reduce the amount of salt or eliminate this product altogether.

Carbonated upsoft drinks. In the heat, you want to drink a lot, so the demand for carbonated drinks in the summer increases significantly. But soda, in my opinion, is not the best choice for fluid replenishment, as it contains a large amount of sugar, and this is a direct route to weight gain. It is not always worth drinking a lot of water, as due to the thermoregulation process, you may experience increased sweating.

My advice: switch to fresh juices, homemade lemonades, natural / homemade fruit drinks, herbal teas, dried fruit tea (+ fiber). All of these drinks perfectly replenish the water balance during the day and, of course, start the morning with a glass of plain non-carbonated water.

A good choice to quench your thirst and at the same time maintain the balance and weight of the water is the popular Sassi water. It is very easy to prepare: you need to take a liter of water, half a lemon / lime, ginger root, cucumber, mint. Sassy is very refreshing. It is recommended to drink it in small portions. Kept in a refrigerator.

Coffee. This popular drink contributes not only to a good mood, but also to dehydration, which negatively affects the well-being in the heat and contributes to dehydration. Therefore, it is better to reduce coffee consumption in summer to a minimum and replace it, for example, with good quality green tea.

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