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In Saratov, on June 18, the action “Green Step” Living Forest “” will take place for the clearing of the forest in the village of Yubileiny. Volunteer Maria Karbysheva invites citizens to take part in it.

He said it in 10 minutes. from the new park built in Yubileiny, there is almost 10 hectares of land with oaks, maples and springs, but the forest is in a neglected state: “Landfill from rare resorts and sewage are the most important problems of this place. I totally refuse to look at what like a living forest a few meters away dies to me.

The garbage collection campaign starts at 10 a.m. For the participants, a master class was prepared by the Wise Rukh Wildlife Fund, a survival lesson by the traveler and author of the #bike challenge Alexander Dombrovsky, the opening of the Oak-Giant art object.
Organizer phone: 8-987-300-68-08.

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