In London, the favorite restaurant of Princess Diana and Madonna, which belonged to psychics, closed.

The famous Italian restaurant San Lorenzo opened its doors to all celebrities, but became famous for the fact that Lady Dee met her lovers here

In London, the San Lorenzo cult restaurant, much loved by Liz Hurley, Sophia Loren, Twiggy, Prince Rainier of Monaco and Grace Kelly, closed and Princess Diana met her lovers here. The Daily Mail writes about it.

The Knightsbridge’s aristocratic establishment opened in October 1963. Its owners, Lorenzo and Mara Berni, served traditional Italian food and traditionally large portions, dishes made from family recipes such as polenta and anchovy pasta like their grandmothers. The restaurant quickly became a sensation and celebrities started visiting here.

Celebrity model Twiggy celebrated her 21st birthday here, actress Gloria Swanson was so excited about the kitchen that she ordered avocado sandwiches at her hotel, Prince Rainier of Monaco and Grace Kelly came to dine omelette’s and Eli McGraw ordered campari and bake here.

But Princess Diana brought special glory to the restaurant. Here she met her lovers James Gilby and James Hewitt. Car dealer Gilby knew Diana even before she became Prince Charles’s wife, so after their relationship resumed and the press suspected Cavalier Hewitt of being the father of Prince Harry for a long time, noting their striking resemblance.

Princess Diana leaves the San Lorenzo restaurant

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The location of the restaurant – just a 10-minute drive from Kensington Palace, as well as four easy-to-retire dining rooms – favored secret meetings.

Also, the owners of the restaurant kept the secrets of their famous guests. Mara and Lorenzo have never been honest with the press, noting briefly that “they love all their guests equally.”

However, Princess Diana became friends with Mara, called her a “confessor mother” and even mentioned it in an interview.

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Mara Burney – psychic owner of the restaurant San Lorenzo

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Their friendship began when Mara Burney, who believed she had psychic powers, went to her table one night, grabbed Diana by the wrist and mourned her unhappy marriage to the Prince of Wales. This happened at a time when her relationship with Prince Charles had not yet been made public.

Diana loved this place so much that six-year-old Prince William, distressed by his parents’ divorce, wanted to cheer up his mother so much that he booked a table for her in San Lorenzo, knowing it would cheer her up. . a little bit. It is true, ironically, Lady Dee stopped going here when she herself made the institution popular and was crowded at the entrance because of the paparazzi.

It is also known how the psychic Mara brought Madonna the good news of her pregnancy when she went out to eat with Guy Ritchie in 2000.

He looked at Madonna and announced, “You are pregnant.” Shortly afterwards, Madonna discovered that Mara was right and in August of that year, she gave birth to Rocco Ritchie.

Other famous guests at the restaurant included John Lennon and Paul McCartney, as well as Gregory Peck, Charlton Heston, Frank Sinatra and Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Queen Elizabeth’s sister – Princess Margaret and her husband Tony Snowdon. , Hugh Grant and Liz Hurley, Gwyneth Paltrow, Elton John, Sting, Beckham and members of the Rolling Stones, who could call at 3:00 a.m. and demand an urgent ravioli signature delivery.

Princess Diana, restaurant san lorenzo, london restaurant, celebrity restaurant, Diana's favorite restaurant

San Lorenzo Restaurant

Photo: The Times

However, the golden days of the cult were over when Mara Berni died in 2012 and her husband Lorenzo retired. The restaurant was run by their daughter Marina, but the foundation’s business was crippled by the coronavirus pandemic when all restaurants closed due to quarantine. Many reopened, but not San Lorenzo.

So Londoners are sad that another page of their city’s history will disappear, as will their signature prosecco with freshly squeezed raspberry juice.

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