Rostourism presented to SPIEF a new project for the creation of a network of national tourist routes in the country

Rostourism 16 June 2022 19:36

A network of national tourist routes, equipped according to the quality standards of the Federal Tourism Service, comfortable and safe for tourists, will appear in all federal districts by 2024. At the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Rostourism presented the first 5 routes , full information about which is now available at the National Tourist Portal of Russia. There are currently 24 more routes operating.

National tourist routes are developed by Rostourism along with regions and businesses. Each point of the route is designed to the expectations of the tourist, according to approved standards. Therefore, national tourist routes are routes with a quality mark, in which everything is studied – logistics, hotels, program.

Each route after launch will continue to be developed and equipped. This year, 1.2 billion rubles have been allocated for all routes under development, next year – already 3.1 billion rubles as part of the grant program of the National Project “Tourism and Hospitality Industry”. By choosing a trip for each route, the tourist will be able to use either the services of a tour operator, or go alone. To do this, you will be able to find all the necessary information on the Russia.Travel portal.

In the presentation of the national tourist routes, the head of the Federal Tourism Service, Zarina Doguzova, spoke about the first five such routes that are already available to everyone. You can meet them at the national Russia.Travel portal right now at the link.

According to Zarina Doguzova: “Our new project is, first of all, tourist routes to the most beautiful parts of our country, combining cultural, historical, natural, ethnographic, gastronomic and other impressions that are important for everyone to know. Russian . At the same time, such routes should be logically designed, safe, comfortable and meet the needs of a modern tourist. And, of course, the holiday route in Siberia is a very special route, which really has no analogues. It crosses the territories of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Khakassia and Tuva and is called the Siberian Holidays. It combines incredibly beautiful nature and very bright ethnicity of the Siberian peoples, unique objects – Scythian gold, majestic tombs of the leaders of the prehistoric kingdoms of Middle Genesis, Buddhist religious sites in Tuva and much more. Included along the way is a marvel of engineering, the majestic HPP Sayano-Shushenskaya. The first groups of tourists will travel along it in July. I also plan to go on the route this summer. ”

List of national tourist routes presented:

1. The Road of the Sovereign. The legendary route between St. Petersburg and Moscow, the road between the two capitals was the first equipped road in the modern sense (it was the first with a hard surface) and, of course, the most popular since the 18th century. In just one week you will pass 4 areas of Moscow, Tver, Novgorod, Leningrad and you will discover sights with a history of more than three centuries. Along the way: noble estates, imperial travel palaces, the beauty of nature – Zavidovo, Valdai, ancient cities – Tver and Veliky Novgorod, cozy Torzhok and Vyshny Volochek.

2. Zhiguli weekend. Option for a glamorous trip for a long weekend. You can only spend 4 days on the Volga, in the Samara region, which has recently attracted more and more tourists. The idea of ​​the route is built around the famous brand – “Zhiguli” – this is the famous car factory and the oldest brewery, and the Zhiguli Mountains, mountains of extraordinary beauty – something that is unusual for flat Russia. Therefore, the program includes a museum of retro cars and Zhiguli beer tastings and walks in Samara with its authentic Art Nouveau architecture and, of course, the beauty of the Volga, with walks on the river. And, by the way, it was in this part of the Volga, in the Samara region, that Repin wrote his famous Barge Haulers.

3. Kuzbass – fire in the heart. This route breaks the stereotypes for the industrial areas of our country. Not only the aesthetics of the industrial landscapes, the opportunity to visit a real coal mine, but also the very beautiful nature and culture of Mountain Shoria, with legends, shamans and delicious Siberian cuisine. And industrial history is also a very interesting and modern tourism product, with its own aesthetics and a very creative approach. Route organizers and local businesses are so creative in discovering the area’s main brand for the tourist – that even ice cream there can be tasted by adding charcoal.

Holidays in Siberia. Rostourism launches a tourist tour to places where the President likes to relax. This is one of the 5 national routes that have already passed the examination, crosses the territories of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Khakassia and Tyva and is called Siberian Holidays. This, one might say, is a journey to magical places – to the geographical center of Eurasia, about which we know little, but it is beautiful and can certainly become a cult tourist destination for our country. The duration of the route is 8 days, and its length is about 1200 kilometers. This route is for those who want to make a real trip that will be remembered for a lifetime. You will visit the impenetrable Krasnoyarsk taiga and the vast Tuvan steppe, you will be able to climb peaks and lakes, rafts in the Yenisei, go fishing on the taiga river, see marble mountains and cedar remains. A rich cultural and educational program will introduce you to the diversity of the cultures of the local peoples, to the amazingly beautiful nature of the region and will also immerse you in the history of the development of Siberia, from the time of the Scythians until today. Shepherds’ camps, songs around the neck, and Buddhist objects await you.

5. This is where the day begins. This is a route along the most remote and, probably, the most exotic island of Sakhalin. A unique “alloy” of Asian traditions, with all the subtleties, nuances, beauty of nature, Asian cuisine and a complex story, with his own drama, discovered by Chekhov in “Sakhalin Island”. The idea of ​​the route is to show the tourist such beauty that no one wants to compare, something that is difficult to describe, you just need to see it at least once. This is a beauty trip for lovers of energetic, exotic outdoor recreation, who are ready to walk a lot, to appreciate the beauty of wildlife and the incredible contemplative sense of power and energy that it charges.

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