The bear destroyed the hives in the apiary in the village of Tomsk, the other pulled the horse

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Experts are watching three bears that went to settlements in different parts of the Tomsk region – one destroyed the hives in the apiary, the other, according to eyewitnesses, pulled a horse, another bear walks near two villages. It is not yet planned to shoot bears, but such a decision can be made if the animals pose a danger to humans, said the regional hunting department.

One of the bears was mentioned earlier – according to locals, the bear appears periodically in the area of ​​the villages of Vershinino and Yarskoye in the Tomsk region for two weeks. Anatoly Istomin, Deputy Chairman of the Commission for the Protection of Wildlife, told the correspondent on Monday that experts continue to monitor the bear.

“Jaggers drove him away from Versinino, shot him in the air to make him leave, now we are keeping the situation under control,” said Anatoly Istomin.

Another bear appeared in the rural settlement of Kornilov – came to the apiary and destroyed two beehives. And the third bear appeared on the farm in the Kolpashevsky area.

“There was a message from the businessman that the bear allegedly attacked the horse and a bull was missing. “But the information is now being checked by hunters in the Chainsky and Kolpashevsky areas – there is a farm on the border,” he said.

Andrey Shkribailo, a hunter in the Kolpashevsky area, told that, according to eyewitnesses, a frightened horse was found near a private farm and a large bull also disappeared from the farm. At the same time, locals reported seeing a bear. The information is now controlled by hunters, including tracking the presence of bear traces.

“I mean, we have three bears in control right now. There are cases where bears come in, behave badly and leave, passing by, then it makes no sense to spot them and adjust their number. But experts estimate that if there is a need, the bear threatens the lives and health of citizens and farm animals, then we make a decision. “But we try to avoid such situations by taking measures so that the bear goes further into the taiga,” said Anatoly Istomin.

He also added that a while ago a bear with cubs appeared in the cemetery in Strezhevoy, but they had already left the area for the forest.

“Earlier, as part of the spring hunt, a bear was shot at the 11th kilometer, even before June 10. And then a bear appeared with young, most likely passing by, but they smelled some food and were late, ate and continued. “Now everything is quiet there,” said the expert.

Earlier it was also reported that last week two teddy bears came to a field in the Kargasoksky district of Tomsk and for several days blocked workers in shifts – climbed into cars, turned parts of various facilities and chased workers. Regional hunter Ivan Novoseltsev said that in a few days they plan to take the young to the forest. However, this was not necessary – a bear came for the little ones and took them to the thicket.

In general, bears in the Tomsk region now, according to Anatoly Istomin, are actively circulating and therefore, with the presence of tempting odors from landfills, they can also enter settlements.

“The situation in the bear area is tense now, they are actively moving, because in June there is a failure when the males are looking for females and vice versa. At the same time, they can enter into settlements in one case – when they feel there is something to benefit from. If there is no food, he will not enter and be in the settlement, he will leave or pass. The most important thing in this case is that there are no landfills – the bear smells all these smells ten kilometers away and goes to them. “Therefore, it is very important to prevent the landfills from spreading and to be eliminated,” Istomin said.

Food in the forest for the bears, he said, is now enough.

“The main food now is vegetables, grass, bunch – such a tube of sugar, which they eat very well. Bears are omnivores. Of course, they need protein and find it, even to the point of catching mice. “In the forest, they can be easily fed,” he added.

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